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VICTORY: University Settles with Christian Julea Ward After Court Rules "Tolerance is a Two-Way Street"

Excellent news from the Alliance Defending Freedom: Eastern Michigan University has agreed to settle an Alliance Defending Freedom lawsuit filed on behalf of Julea Ward, a graduate student whom the university expelled from a counseling program for abiding by her religious beliefs. As a result, a federal district court issued an agreed-upon order of dismissal Monday.  […]

Michigan House Passes "Julea Ward" Bill to Prohibit Religious Discrimination

We’ve reported on Julea Ward’s story in the past. Now, state legislators in Michigan are doing something to help her situation and to help others who face discrimination over their pro-marriage views: The Michigan House has passed a bill meant to prohibit religious discrimination against college students who study counseling, social work, and psychology. The […]

Breaking News: Major Victory for Julea Ward!!

We’ve been following Julea Ward’s story since last March, and today we’re thrilled to report that the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has found in her favor, as David French at NRO reports: So far, 2012 has been a good year for religious liberty in federal court. Two weeks ago the Supreme Court unanimously ruled […]

Video: Julea Ward on being forced out of counseling program for her Christian views

Julea Ward was forced out of her School of Counseling graduate program at Eastern Michigan University for refusing to counsel a man in a homosexual relationship, citing her Christian views. She tells her story to Speak Up University: The Michigan Attorney General has also gotten involved in the case, coming to the defense of Mrs. […]

Who's Afraid of the Supreme Court? Find Out Here! NOM Marriage News

Dear Marriage Supporter, “It’s time for the Supreme Court to correct some wrongs!” That’s what I told Fox News in the wake of the Supreme Court’s surprise decision last Friday to take up the Prop 8 case, as well as the DOMA cases: There is no constitutional right to redefine marriage. Our Founding Fathers didn’t […]

Everything We Fight for Is at Stake, NOM Marriage News, October 11, 2012

This week, I want to announce a brand-new website we’re launching today. The Marriage Election: A Look at Marriage and Presidential Politics is a service NOM will be providing throughout the rest of the election season, to educate voters on how marriage fits into the national debate over who will be our country’s next President. […]

ADF on EMU Counseling Student: "Tolerance Is a Two-Way Street"

Jeremy Tedesco, Alliance Defense Fund legal counsel for Andrea Ward (more about her story here), writes in the Detroit Free Press: “Tolerance is a two-way street.” These five simple, yet profound, words come from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit’s recent opinion in a case involving Eastern Michigan University’s expulsion of Julea […]

Detroit FreeP: EMU Counseling Student Wins OK to Sue

The Detroit Free Press on Julea Ward’s victory at the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals: An Eastern Michigan University student who was expelled from a counseling program because she refused to counsel gays and lesbians about their lifestyles won a key victory today in the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. A three-member panel of […]

Michigan Seeks to Protect Counselors’ Rights

CitizenLink: As the case of Julea Ward, a graduate student expelled from Eastern Michigan University for referring to another counselor a lesbian seeking help with her same-sex relationship, wends its way through the federal courts, Michigan legislators are considering a bill to keep others from suffering the same way in the future. On Oct. 5 […]

Shining the Light of Truth - NOM National News 3/24/11

Defend DOMA now! This week, NOM launched a powerful new campaign to defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)–the one federal law that protects marriage as the union of husband and wife. Thanks to Rep. Vicky Hartzler, who introduced the resolution condemning Pres. Obama for failing in his Constitutional duty to defend and uphold the […]