GOP Congressman Stands with Pelosi to Shut Down Faith-Based Adoption Agencies

Dear Friend—Freshman Republican Scott Taylor of Virginia campaigned as a conservative but has behaved like liberal extremist Nancy Pelosi when it comes to issues impacting religious liberty, families and the church. Just recently, he sided with Pelosi to try to kill legislation that would have prevented government from punishing religious charitable adoption groups who believe that marriage is the union of one man and one woman and that hold a religious belief that children are entitled to the love of a mother and a father.

Please sign our petition letting Rep. Scott Taylor know you oppose his desire to force Christian adoption agencies to abandon their religious beliefs if they want to provide adoption services to children in need.

Scott Taylor should be ashamed of himself. Across the country, people of faith are being targeted, punished and pushed to the margins simply because they believe what the bible says, that marriage is one man and one woman. Increasingly, LGBT extremists are working to shut charitable groups down, portraying their religious beliefs as "hateful," "bigoted," and "discriminatory." Groups like Catholic Charities and Bethany Lutheran Services have had to stop providing adoption services because they are simply unwilling to sacrifice their religious beliefs to the demands of government agencies doing the bidding of LGBT extremists.

But contrary to claims of discrimination against homosexuals being thrown about by people like Congressman Scott Taylor, the real victims of discrimination are religious charities that are being forced to choose between their beliefs and their desire to help families.

Sign the Petition Today!

Fortunately, Rep. Taylor's unjustified and unprincipled attack on faith-based adoption providers failed, and legal protections for these providers were added to a key funding bill, making passage of the provision by the House of Representatives likely. And let's be clear about something: contrary to what Rep. Taylor and his ally Nancy Pelosi claim, nothing in the adoption inclusion provision prevents gay and lesbian couples from adopting children. There are plenty of adoption agencies that are willing to adopt children to LGBT households. But it is wrong to say that every adoption agency must adopt children to LGBT households, especially when doing so violates a group's deeply held religious beliefs.

It's important for Rep. Scott Taylor to know that we don't appreciate his betrayal of conservative principles and his decision to side with extremist voices like Nancy Pelosi against good and decent people of faith who want nothing more than to help children according to the tenets of their religious beliefs.

Please sign our petition letting Rep. Scott Taylor know that you stand with faith-based adoption agencies and want to make sure they are free to help children and families while remaining true to their religious beliefs.

Thank you for your assistance.



Brian S Brown
Brian S. Brown

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Proposal Supporting Children AND Religious Liberty Advances

Dear Friend—An important legislative proposal in Congress supported by NOM has been adopted by a key committee in the House and is poised to be enacted soon. The provision protects the ability of faith-based foster care agencies to adopt out children to couples who believe in marriage as the union of one man and one woman. LGBT extremists have been angling to shut down religious based adoption agencies, preferring to promote their extreme political agenda over the best interests of children. The pro-adoption amendment was authored by Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-Alabama) and was included in the funding bill for the Department of Health, Labor and Education.

This is a critical element of NOM's overall strategy to protect marriage supporters from discrimination by government simply because of a belief in marriage being the union of one man and one woman. Typically, the Left is going berserk over the victory for marriage supporters, falsely claiming that it allows "discrimination" against LGBT couples. But nothing in the legislative provision restricts the ability of LGBT couples to adopt children. To the contrary it was traditional marriage supporters who were being discriminated against by LGBT activists who sought to shut down any faith-based agency that, because of their religious beliefs, declined to adopt out children to same-sex couples.

Support Faith-Based Child Welfare Providers Today!

Rep. Aderholt, the author of the proposal, said the amendment would “encourage states to include all experienced and licensed child welfare agencies so that children are placed in caring, loving homes where they can thrive. We need more support for these families and children in crisis, not less.”

Sadly, the amendment was opposed by freshman Republican Scott Taylor of Virginia who, despite running as a conservative, stood with pro-gay extremists who desire to shut down religious charitable groups like Catholic Charities and Bethany Christian Services because these Christian groups adhere to their biblical faith principles that children are entitled to the love of both a mother and a father.

NOM has been working behind the scenes in Washington to support the adoption provision and encourage its adoption by Congress. Now that it is part of a critical funding bill for the Department of Health, Labor and Education, it will go to the full House of Representatives for consideration. NOM will urge the House to pass the provision.

This is a great victory for children, families and religious liberty. Please help us continue to fight for the rights of all marriage supporters in the adoption field and throughout society by making a generous financial contribution to NOM today.


Brian S Brown
Brian S. Brown

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A Constitutionalist Who Will Be Strong On Our Issues

Dear Friend—

As you know, President Trump last night officially nominated Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court. He described Kavanaugh as "a judge's judge" and praised his intellect, legal credentials, judicial record and reputation. Most importantly, President Trump extolled Kavanagh's judicial philosophy saying, "What matters is not a judge’s political views, but whether they can set aside those views to do what the law and the Constitution require. I am pleased to say that I have found, without doubt, such a person."

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) supports Judge Kavanaugh's nomination and will work hard to secure his confirmation.The reasons we support him are several fold, but include:

  • He has a philosophy and track record of relying on the text of the Constitution as drafted by the framers and opposes judges inventing "rights" that do not exist in the Constitution itself. He has said, "[R]ead the words of the statute as written. Read the text of the Constitution as written, mindful of history and tradition. Don’t make up new constitutional rights that are not in the text of the Constitution. Don’t shy away from enforcing constitutional rights that are in the text of the Constitution.”
  • He has a strong record of fighting to protect religious liberty. While in private practice, Kavanaugh chaired the Federalist Society's Religious Liberty Practice Group and fought for the religious liberty rights of people of faith. On a personal level, he is a devout believer in Jesus, an active member of his church, and a volunteer in many faith-based and community groups.
  • His track record as a judge is as a staunch conservative and, like Justices Scalia and Gorsuch, someone who applies the Constitution and the law as written, not legislating from the bench to impose his own political views. He has over a decade of service on the Court of Appeals, authoring over 300 opinions, and has proven himself to be a man of principle, able to resist pressure from liberal judges and interest groups.
  • A number of top legal experts for whom we have enormous respect, including the Federalist Society's Leonard Leo and Ed Whalen of the Ethics and Public Policy Institute, sing Judge Kavanaugh's praises as a strong, reliable conservative who can be counted upon to apply the law and the Constitution as written. Their views are echoed by Sarah Pitlyk, a former Kavanaugh law clerk and Special Counsel for the Thomas More Society, a legal group that fights for life, family and religious liberty.

If as a Supreme Court justice, Kavanaugh rules as he says judges should rule ("Don't make up new constitutional rights that are not in the text of the Constitution") then I am confident that he will join an opinion to overturn gay 'marriage' and restore traditional marriage to our nation's laws. Obviously, there is no provision in the text of the Constitution that requires gay 'marriage.' Such a philosophy also suggests that he would be inclined to overturn Roe v Wadesince there is no right to abortion in the Constitution either.

The confirmation process will be brutal, and we need to be ready to fight with everything we have to support Judge Kavanaugh. We need your help. Here's what I am asking you to do:

  • Join our Marriage Hero campaign agreeing to work at the grassroots level to support the confirmation. This costs nothing other than a little bit of time. You can read more about what's involved here. The bottom line is we need several thousand supporters to step up and help us at the grassroots level in this critical work.
  • Actively promote our & campaign on social media, underscoring the true nature of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. We need to keep this truth before the American people.
  • Please consider making a financial donation to NOM to help us maximize our effectiveness. We need to conduct more outreach in critical states represented by Republicans who might waver, and by Democrats in states carried by President Trump. We'll be targeting half a dozen states for additional organizing work, and we need financial support to do so.

This is a tremendously important time for our movement. Now more than ever, we need to rally the American people behind someone who will fight for and defend the Constitution of the United States, and reverse course from the disastrous direction that the liberals have fashioned, using the judicial system to impose policies that are not supported by the Constitution and that take the country in the wrong direction.

Please join with us today by becoming a Marriage Hero, helping to support the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh at the grassroots level. And if you are able, please consider making a financial contribution of whatever amount you can afford so that we are able to ensure that our campaign is fully functional nationwide, and especially so in key states with potential swing Senators. And if you are active on social media, please constantly promote the & campaign to keep the truth about the nature of marriage before the American people.

This is a great time to be fighting for marriage – let's do this!


Brian S Brown
Brian S. Brown

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Become a Marriage Hero

Dear Friend—Today at 9 PM eastern time, President Trump will announce his nomination of a judge to the US Supreme Court to replace the retiring Anthony Kennedy.  We believe that any of the candidates rumored to be finalists – Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh, Thomas Hardiman and Raymond Kethledge – would be excellent on our issues. They are all constitutionalists like Antonin Scalia and Neil Gorsuch who believe in interpreting the constitution based on its wording and original meaning. Once the nomination is made, a historic and unprecedented confirmation battle will ensue, the likes of which the nation has never seen. Control of the US Supreme Court for generations to come will be at stake, and cases wrongly decided by prior courts, such as the imposition of gay 'marriage' and unfettered abortion on demand, will be ripe to be overturned.

The importance of this nomination to the Supreme Court cannot be overstated. For the first time since the Court illegitimately redefined marriage in the Obergefell decision of 2015, NOM and all marriage supporters will have a clear path forward to restore marriage to our nation's laws.

To ensure that we fully capitalize on the moment at hand, we are launching the Marriage Heroes campaign. Our objective is to recruit thousands of individuals who will commit to take specific actions to support the confirmation of a Supreme Court justice. We need a massive outpouring from the grassroots to ensure that control of the Supreme Court swings to our side.

Will you be one of thousands of Americans to stand with us as a Marriage Hero? Please sign up today.

As a Marriage Hero, we'll rely on you to help us in a number of critical ways, including:

  • Participate in calling attention to the true nature of marriage – one man and one woman – through support of our & campaign. Click here for more info.
  • Call and write key US Senators urging them to support confirmation of President Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court.
  • Submit letters and comments to your local newspaper and influential publications supporting the nominee (NOM will provide key talking points along the way).
  • If you are a user of social media, be an active supporter of the nominee, disseminating key points and rebutting the misinformation that is sure to be generated by the other side (again, we will provide content for you to use).
  • Band together with friends and allies for periodic public displays of support, such as sign waving events at busy intersections.

We are about to embark on the most important period of time in all of NOM's history. It's rare for a group like ours to be able to survive when dealt a blow like we were in the illegitimate and anti-constitutional Obergefell ruling redefining marriage. But thanks to you and thousands of others who have stood with us, NOM has not only survived, but thrived. We've had some incredible accomplishments in the Trump era, and with this new Supreme Court nomination, are poised to have a legitimate opportunity to undo the Obergefell decision in the near future.

But securing the confirmation of President Trump's nominee will not be easy because the left knows full well that this confirmation battle could shape the future of marriage, life, religious liberty and everything we care about for generations to come. The nation has never seen what it is about to witness from the left. They will stop at nothing to derail President Trump's nomination.

But as wealthy and influential as LGBT extremists and their allies on the left and in the media may be, they are no match for the grassroots power of those who believe in the sanctity of marriage, the cause of life, and the right of religious liberty.

Our Marriage Hero campaign is absolutely critical as we harness and unleash the power of the grassroots. Will you help by agreeing to become a Marriage Hero?

The few hours we will ask you to devote to winning this confirmation vote will be just a moment compared to the tremendous lasting good that will come from a US Supreme Court that is guided by the constitution and not by the opinion of elites who seek to impose their own views on the American people.

Please act today by signing up to be a Marriage Hero, someone willing to help us as a grassroots champion to do the critical work needed to counter the left and secure a majority of justices on the Supreme Court who will restore marriage, stand for life and protect religious liberty.

I couldn't be more excited about the future. Please help us secure that future by becoming a Marriage Hero today.

Brian S Brown
Brian S. Brown

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Freedom, Right, Truth

Dear Friend—Today we celebrate our nation’s independence, and the freedoms we enjoy as citizens of this great nation. These freedoms are expressed in our country’s founding documents. In the great Declaration of Independence we read of those “inalienable rights” of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” In the first of the Bill of Rights adopted in amendment to the Constitution are delineated our freedom of religious exercise, our freedom of assembly, and our freedom of expression.

It’s good to take time today to be grateful for these freedoms, grateful to live in a land that protects them. Our Founders recognized that the protection of these freedoms was the purpose that spurred our nation’s inception. The Declaration and our Constitution do not create these rights, but safeguards and assures them. The freedoms themselves are born of the “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God”they are ours as human beings made in God’s image.

But just as the Founders recognized that America does not create and bestow these freedoms, they recognized as well that these rights came bound up with responsibilities. When, at the end of the Declaration, the Founders proclaimed the United States’ independence from Great Britain, they claimed those “free and independent” States’ right “to do all… Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do.” There are limits on what a State may “of right” do, just as there are limits on what a person may “of right” do.

In the First Letter of Peter in the New Testament, we are exhorted: “As servants of God, live as free people, yet do not use your freedom as a pretext for evil.” The freedoms we enjoy are not freedoms to do as we would, but freedoms to do as we should.

As defenders of the truth of marriage, we know how important it is to get this understanding of freedom right. In the Obergefell decision, the Supreme Court claimed a freedom to do precisely one of those things which a State may not “of right” do: to redefine marriage as created by God, the unique union of one man and one woman. It enshrined in law a “freedom” for men and women to do as they want rather than the true freedom to do as they ought. It put the desires of adults above the rights of children, and tried to supplant God’s law with a law of human making, thus using freedom as pretext for injustice and wrong.

On this Independence Day, I hope you will join me in recommitting yourself to the cause of freedom, which is nothing less than the cause of Truth, including the truth of marriage. It was not Peter, but the One to whom he committed his life, who outlined this connection between freedom and truth: “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Let us thank God that we live in a nation where we are free to do what we should, where that freedom is protected and upheld in our founding documents. And let us ask God for his help in using our freedom not as a pretext for evil, but always in service of the truth on which our freedom is ultimately founded.

Wishing you and your family a joyful and restful Independence Day,

Brian S Brown

Brian S. Brown

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This is our moment...

Dear Friend—In less than a week, President Trump will announce his nomination of a judge to the US Supreme Court to replace the retiring Anthony Kennedy. There are lots of rumors as to whom the president might select. All of those being prominently mentioned look like they would be excellent on our issues. You can count on the left to vigorously oppose anyone that President Trump might nominate because they know there is a good likelihood that the person he selects will vote to overturn illegitimate, anti-constitutional rulings like Roe v Wade, and the Obergefell case that imposed gay 'marriage' on the nation.

We've got to be ready to do everything in our power to get President Trump's nominee confirmed. This is our moment. For the first time since the Supreme Court redefined marriage in 2015, we finally have a clear path to restoring marriage to our nation's laws. We can't spare any expense or resource in this battle, because it could shape the future of marriage, life, religious liberty and everything we care about for generations to come.

Will you stand with us at this critical moment in history to make an emergency financial contribution so that we can pour everything we have into this fight?

This confirmation battle will be harrowing and not for the faint of heart. The nation has never seen what it is about to witness from the left. They will stop at nothing to derail President Trump's nomination.

The road to confirmation is fraught with peril. Several weak Republicans are already being targeted by the left and the media. They are also working overtime to put pressure on some Democrats who might vote to confirm the nominee. The stakes in this battle just couldn't be higher.

We will soon be announcing a new initiative to help confirm President Trump's nominee. It will represent a maximum effort on our part to support the nominee. But to be successful, we need to raise thousands of dollars in the next week.

If you are able to help us today at this critical moment, we would be extremely grateful.

Thank you for your support. I couldn't be more excited about the future, and the path that is before us.

Brian S Brown
Brian S. Brown

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What an amazing couple of weeks…

Dear Friend—The last couple of weeks have been an absolute whirlwind as we've racked up accomplishment after accomplishment at the US Supreme Court. Let's review:

  • Two weeks ago we won an incredible victory with the Masterpiece Cakeshop decision from the Supreme Court, which found that Christian baker Jack Phillips was not guilty of discrimination and if anything had been discriminated against by the state of Colorado which had cavalierly dismissed his religious objections to designing a custom 'wedding' cake for a same-sex couple. The Colorado ruling against him was overturned, a great win for supporters of marriage. NOM worked hard on this case to support Jack's rights, and the rights of all people who believe in true marriage.
  • A week ago, the US Supreme Court vacated the devastating ruling of the Washington State Supreme Court punishing Barronelle Stutzman, a Christian florist and a grandmother, because she declined to create floral arrangements for a same-sex 'wedding' that violates her religious beliefs about marriage. The US Supreme Court directed the state of Washington to reconsider the case in light of its ruling for Jack Phillips. Again, NOM has been a staunch ally of Barronelle Stutzman throughout her ordeal.
  • Though not related to marriage, the Supreme Court also overturned an insane California law that required pro-life pregnancy centers to post information promoting abortion services available from the state.
  • Then yesterday, Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the Court at the end of July. Kennedy regularly supported pro-abortion decisions, and was the leading justice on the Court pushing the gay agenda, including authoring the illegitimate ruling imposing gay 'marriage' on the nation.

I can't but feel that there is a move of the Holy Spirit at work here. Not only did we achieve these great victories even with Anthony Kennedy on the Court, we have a realistic likelihood that President Trump will nominate a staunch conservative, someone like Justice Neil Gorsuch who is pro-life and pro-marriage, and who believes the constitution means what it says and cannot be used as a tool to advance a political agenda. Once that happens, here is what the future could look like in just a few years:

  • There would be a realistic path to restoring traditional marriage to our nation's laws as we would have a majority of justices who agree that the Obergefell ruling was illegitimate and without legal basis.
  • Similarly, there would be a realistic path to overturning Roe v. Wade and its progeny, ending the scourge of abortion on demand in every state in the union.

The importance of this upcoming fight to receive the nomination of a true conservative like Gorsuch, and then the confirmation fight simply cannot be overstated. I am asking you to take two simple, but important and concrete steps to help at this critical moment in history:

  1. Please post this image  on all your social media accounts, and share it with your friends and contacts. NOM's & Campaign is a great way to protest the illegitimate imposition of gay 'marriage,' which happened three years ago this week, while reinforcing the core element of marriage – it is the union of one man and one woman. You can download the & Campaign image here.
  2. Please make an immediate donation to NOM so that we can marshal the resources we need to fight for a new justice, someone with the intellect and judicial philosophy to uphold the constitution and overturn Obergefelland Roe.

We are entering one of the most important periods of time in each of our lives. This is one of those rare occurrences which rise far above the normal clatter of political causes to assume a position of monumental importance in history. In this moment, we have the power to change the direction of our entire nation. We have the ability to powerfully push back against cultural insanity that is destroying the American values gifted us by the Judeo-Christian tradition.

I can't think of a more important time in my life to pour everything into winning this upcoming fight over control of the Supreme Court. It's certainly the most important battle in NOM's history, and we are going to do everything we possibly can to be victorious in seeing a conservative, constitutionalist jurist replace Justice Kennedy on the Court.

Please help us by downloading this image, and by making an urgently-needed financial contribution to support our work during this critical time. Thank you!


Brian S Brown
Brian S. Brown

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BREAKING: Anthony Kennedy Retiring from Supreme Court

In a major announcement that could change everything about how the US Supreme Court looks at marriage, religious liberty, life and gender, Justice Anthony Kennedy has just announced that he will retire from the US Supreme Court at the end of July. President Trump has pledged to begin the process of selecting a replacement immediately.
Help Us Fight For A Conservative Nominee
It is impossible to overstate the importance of this moment. If President Trump nominates someone like Neil Gorsuch, which we will strongly urge him to do, and the nominee is confirmed by the Senate, then we will go from a 5-4 split that redefined marriage to a 5-4 pro-marriage majority. It will give us a legitimate opportunity to remove the lie of same-sex 'marriage' that was illegitimately imposed on the nation. A constitutionalist like Gorsuch replacing Kennedy also will greatly strengthen legal recognition of a vast array of religious liberty rights, not to mention the pro-life cause, and the fight for recognition of the truth of gender.

Anthony Kennedy, frequently called the "swing vote" on the Court, was a disaster on many of the issues we care most about. He wrote the majority opinion in Obergefell, imposing gay 'marriage' on the country. He also joined in many pro-abortion rulings over the years, and was a leader in creating special gay "rights" in the law.

We are going to have a huge fight on our hands. 

First, we need to encourage President Trump to nominate someone who, like Neil Gorsuch, is in the mold of the late Antonin Scalia, a justice who will apply the original meaning of the constitution as written, and not attempt to mold the constitution to suit his or her own agenda.

Second, once the right nominee has been put forward, we will have a titanic fight to secure his or her confirmation. Control of the Supreme Court will be at stake, so you can bet that the left will devote everything they have to defeating a conservative nominee.

We will be announcing plans in the next day or two to engage you and all of NOM's members in this momentous fight. In the meantime, please act immediately with an emergency donation so that we can aggressively fight for the nomination and confirmation of a justice who will uphold the constitution and restore marriage to our nation's laws.


Brian S Brown
Brian S. Brown

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& - Marriage is #1ManAnd1Woman

Dear Friend—Three years ago, the US Supreme Court issued one of the most illegitimate, anti-constitutional decisions in history, imposing same-sex 'marriage' on the nation by a single vote in a 5-4 ruling. Today we are taking a symbolic action to continue our opposition to this illegitimate decision by launching the & campaign.

Here are the three things I'm asking you to do today as part of this simple campaign:

  1. Post the & logo as your profile picture on Facebook and Twitter. Click here to download the logo.
  2. Follow me on Twitter at @BrianSBrown. And follow the National Organization for Marriage on Twitter (@NOMUpdate) and Facebook (NationForMarriage) as well. We need help spreading our message!
  3. Pray that the truth of marriage will be restored to our laws and our culture.

This campaign is a simple and straight-forward thing we can do to emphasize the core, immutable, universal nature of marriage – marriage is one man and one woman. Man AND woman. Period. Marriage brings the two halves of humanity together for their own benefit, and for the benefit of any children born of their union. Marriage cannot be redefined by any politician, judge, legislature or court.

Please keep the & up on your social media and help spread this message of simple truth about the good of marriage. You will be in good company as we hope for the & to be displayed to millions of people.

This is a small but important step to show that NOM will never give up on our commitment to marriage and to restoring marriage to the law. Please post the & to all your social media platforms, and share it with your friends, family and contacts by email.

Thank you for showing your support for marriage.


Brian S Brown
Brian S. Brown

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Will he do it?

There are just two official "decision days" left on the 2018 Supreme Court calendar. There are some important cases for the Court yet to decide, but there is a decision we are awaiting that is even bigger than any current pending case – the decision by Justice Anthony Kennedy whether to retire from the Supreme Court.

Why is that so important? Because Kennedy has been the swing vote on so many cases, including the illegitimate Obergefell decision that he authored imposing gay 'marriage' on the nation. If Kennedy retires as many people expect, it will set off one of the most consequential battles of our lifetime. NOM will need to devote every waking hour and deploy every available  resource to impacting the nomination and confirmation process.

Help NOM Restore Marriage to Our Laws

We've enjoyed a close relationship with the Trump administration and have had considerable success in pushing our issues with them. But the battle over the next Supreme Court vacancy will be the biggest test yet of whether President Trump will fight for the constitution and nominate someone like Antonin Scalia or Neil Gorsuch to replace Kennedy should he retire.

We think President Trump will nominate someone in the Scalia/Gorsuch tradition, and if he does we need to do everything we can to secure the confirmation of that nominee. But we have to realize that Mr. Trump will be under tremendous pressure from Democrats and the media to nominate someone in the mold of Anthony Kennedy, and we can't stand for that. If he succumbs to that pressure, we have to do everything we can to scuttle the nomination and prevent that nominee's confirmation.

The drama over the potential Kennedy retirement is just one of many reasons why the success of the mid-year membership drive we are completing is so critically important. Thanks to a faithful supporter, every gift we receive until midnight tomorrow night will be matched dollar for dollar.  This is a tremendous blessing, but we are way behind our goal and time is running out. Will you make an immediate membership contribution of $35 or more knowing that whatever you give will be matched dollar for dollar?

>>>      I will make a membership gift of $35

>>>      I will make a membership gift of $50

>>>      I will make a membership gift of $75

>>>      I will make a membership gift of $100

>>>      I will make a membership gift of $250

>>>      I will make a membership gift of $500 or more

We have just about a day and a half left in this critical matching campaign, and we've got a huge challenge in front of us. We are about $25,000 short of our goal, and we're running out of time. It would be an absolute tragedy to leave even a dollar on the table given the importance of the work we are in the midst of and the historic significance of a possible Anthony Kennedy retirement from the Supreme Court.

I'm asking every NOM supporter to step up with an emergency financial contribution so that we take full advantage of every dollar in matching funds that is available to us.

Please take a moment to put the situation we face into context, considering what LGBT extremists thought would be happening in 2018. These people were sure that Hillary Clinton would be president, that she would advance their extreme agenda by way of aggressive executive action, and that she would remake the Supreme Court in her hard-core leftist image, cementing their victories on marriage, life and gender, and even advancing them.

Instead, primarily because of the support provided to Donald Trump by people of faith, the environment has totally changed. With the election of Donald Trump, we are unraveling the Obama/Clinton agenda, dismantling policies like transgender bathrooms in public schools and transgenders serving in the military, and advancing strong religious liberty protections for people of faith. And if Anthony Kennedy retires as many people expect – we could quite literally get his decision within two weeks – we can remake the Supreme Court in a conservative, constitutionalist mold.

Think about what that could mean – reversing Obergefell and restoring marriage to our nation's laws, reversing Roe v Wade and upholding pro-life policies, enhancing legal rulings to protect religious liberty, etc., etc. These are game-changing issues that could shape the nation for generations to come.

Will you help us at this critical time? Your donation of $25 will mean we receive $50, your gift of $50 will mean we receive $100.

So much is on the line, and time is short. We’ve got to raise $25,000 by midnight tomorrow night, a big undertaking.

Hundreds of people have responded to this critical mid-year pledge drive, and I am very grateful to each and every one of them. If you have already given, thank you! But even if you've contributed once, I'm asking you to consider an additional sacrificial gift today. I pray that you and every NOM member will step up and respond to our needs as the hour approaches that will mark the end of this matching gift opportunity.

Whatever you can afford to contribute, please act today. We have only hours left in this matching gift challenge, and we're short of our goal. Will you help right now?

Your support of NOM at this critical time will make a difference. Thank you for anything you can do!


Brian S Brown
Brian S. Brown

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PS—I also ask you to say a prayer that the US Supreme Court will grant review in the Baronelle Stutzman/Arlene's Flowers case. This is the 70-year old grandmother who politely declined to participate in a same-sex 'wedding' that violates her Christian religious beliefs about the nature of marriage. She has been targeted by the despicable Attorney General of Washington State, Bob Ferguson, who has weaponized same-sex 'marriage' to target Baronelle and every other person of faith. The Court could decide whether to accept her case this Thursday, or the following Thursday. Please pray that they intervene to stop this injustice and stop her outrageous persecution.

The Emperor and the Sprinters

The push by LGBT activists and their allies to redefine gender has accelerated so fast that it now has reached the territory of the absurd. The other day in Connecticut, two high school athletes finished first and second in the girls' 100 meter state track and field championship. Both are boys. The winning boy set a state record – for girls.

Watch this short video of the race and see the dejection on the face of the real girls who were beaten by these biological boys (men, really).

Help NOM Push Back Against the Assault on Gender!

Everything about the transgender movement is a lie, reminiscent of the tale by Hans Christian Anderson called, "The Emperor's new clothes." In the fable, the Emperor purchases a suit of clothes, but is told by the weavers that only people worthy of their position can see the suit. It will be invisible to those who are unworthy. Of course the reality is that the Emperor is wearing no clothes, but the townspeople are too captured by political correctness to say anything, too afraid of being labeled "unworthy" because the suit is invisible to them. Finally, a young child in the crowd cries out the obvious, "But he isn't wearing anything at all!"

Predictably, the Connecticut sports officials responsible for this travesty tried to avoid answering for their policy to allow boys to compete against girls, hemming and hawing about things like "inclusion." It's too bad that a child wasn't in the crowd to cry out the obvious – "But they are boys and this competition is for girls!"

Young girls who compete in high school athletics devote a great deal of time to perfecting their form, getting into peak physical condition, training and competing. All they ask is a fair chance to compete. But high school sports officials have succumbed to political pressure from LGBT activists and ruled that biological boys can declare themselves to identify as female, and thus compete against the girls. As we saw in Connecticut, the girls stand little chance of winning against the young men claiming to be girls.

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NOM is the proverbial child in the crowd crying out that the Emperor is wearing no clothes, holding the transgender movement accountable, pushing back against their deception and lies. At times it has been a lonely and difficult battle, as other conservative voices have remained silent, wary of angering the Emperor, or offending the crowd.

We need your help to continue the fight. NOM is approaching the end of a critical mid-year membership drive and we ask for your help now more than ever. Thanks to a faithful supporter, every gift we receive until midnight on Thursday will be matched dollar for dollar – a tremendous blessing. Will you make an immediate membership contribution of $35 or more knowing that whatever you give will be matched dollar for dollar?

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We have just two and a half days left in this critical matching campaign, and we are only about half way to our goal. We've got a huge battle in front of us to raise the remaining $27,000 that is available to be matched thanks to a generous donor.

I'm asking every NOM supporter to step up with an emergency financial contribution so that we don't leave a single dollar in matching funds on the table.

Will you help us at this critical time? Your donation of $25 will mean we receive $50, your gift of $50 will mean we receive $100.

Time is short. If you are concerned, as we are concerned, about the impact the push to normalize transgenderism is going to have on your children or grandchildren, and on future generations, please help us before it is too late. Your support of NOM at this critical time will make a difference. Please act today.


Brian S Brown

Brian S. Brown

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The sad case of Jazz Jennings...

You may have heard of Jazz Jennings, a gender-confused boy who has chosen to live as a girl. Born to Jewish parents and apparently named Jared, the boy exhibited signs of gender dysphoria at a young age, telling his parents that he felt like he was a girl. At the extraordinarily young age of five, he was diagnosed as gender dysphoric. His parents encouraged him to pursue his feelings and facilitated him living the outward appearance of a girl.

But Jazz and his parents took things further, actively seeking publicity about his situation. An interview with Barbara Walters aired. He became a YouTube star. More media exposure followed. Soon the young boy with the appearance of a girl was a celebrity. Eager to use him as an icon of the LGBT movement, the boy was fêted as a champion by gay activist groups. The TLC cable channel produced a "reality" television series starring the young celebrity called, "I am Jazz." A book of the same name was published and pushed by LGBT activists into the schools. Both the show and the book are intended to normalize transgenderism and develop public support and sympathy for those who claim transgender status, and the broader LGBT movement.

Help NOM Fight for the Truth of Gender

To help prevent developing a masculine appearance, the boy was put on powerful hormones called puberty blockers. Later as he entered his teens and desired to obtain a more feminine look, his body was subjected to cross-sex hormones, tricking it into developing as if it were female. Because of the hormones, the boy grew breasts and took on other feminine physical characteristics.

Over time public interest in Jennings began to wane. Though he had secured lucrative commercial endorsement deals, viewership of the television show was small and declining.  But last week Jennings was back in the news with a sad and ironic announcement. He has decided to complete his "transition" and will undergo surgery to remove his male genitalia and have surgeons attempt to create a false vagina in its place. Always the LGBT symbol, the teen has announced that his surgery will take place on June 26th to mark the third anniversary of the US Supreme Court's imposition of same-sex 'marriage' on the nation in their illegitimate Obergefell ruling.

Cue the music and applause from Hollywood and the left.

In announcing his plans, Jennings also revealed the tragic news that the hormones he's been taking have apparently destroyed his sexual libido. “I haven’t experienced any sexual sensation,” Jennings said after the surgeon talked to him and his parents about that topic. “It is possible that hormone suppression has affected my libido. I don’t have the same signals coming from my genitalia to my brain and I don’t have those hormones driving me on.”

How very sad. We’ve known for years that anyone who subjects himself to cross-sex hormones for any period of time will be forever sterile, but Jennings apparently may pay an even higher price for pursuing his desire to live as the opposite sex - denying himself one of the primal urges of the human condition.

NOM has been at the forefront of helping lead the fight to oppose attempts to normalize the transgender movement for several years. We've publicized critical ground-breaking research on gender dysphoria, conducted a highly-contentious bus tour promoting the truth of gender (where our bus was attacked and our staff assaulted), supported ballot measures to stop the spread of the transgender/gender-identity movement in the schools (thus protecting the privacy and security of all students), and worked in the courts and with the Trump administration to undo Obama-era regulations forcing this agenda in public schools and the military.

Your Donation to NOM Will Instantly Double!

At times it has been a lonely and difficult battle, as countless organizations and conservative voices have remained silent, wary of putting themselves in the way of a barreling cultural freight train that threatens to run them over, branding them as bigots, haters and reprobates.

We need your help to continue the fight. NOM is in the midst of a critical mid-year membership drive and we ask for your help now more than ever. Thanks to a faithful supporter, every gift we receive until midnight this coming Thursday will be matched dollar for dollar – a tremendous blessing. Will you make an immediate membership contribution of $35 or more knowing that whatever you give will be matched dollar for dollar?

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We fight this attempt to redefine gender for many reasons, not the least of which is the impact this movement has on children. We fight for those children who have to conform their thinking and conduct about gender (giving up their privacy in intimate areas like bathrooms; forced to use inaccurate and nonsensical pronouns; risking discipline including possible expulsion; forced to undergo instruction about the lie of transgenderism; forced to deny or ignore the truth of gender taught to them by their religion and family; etc.). But we also fight to help those who are victimized by the incessant transgender push, gender-confused kids who suddenly find themselves pushed onto a dangerous treadmill of gender counselors and clinics that lead them down a tragic path.

How much impact is the push to redefine gender having? Consider this:

The reality is that, at most, the transgender community makes up about one half of one percent of the population. They are an infinitesimally small segment of society. Yet according to a recent study published in the journal Pediatrics, fully 3% of teens now say they are transgender of do not identify with their gender at birth. That is a 600% increase in the portion of teens who now say they are transgender or do not identify with their gender at birth.

There are an estimated 56 million school-age children in the United States. If the Pediatrics study cited above is accurate, nearly 1.7 million kids today could have confusion about their sexual identity and be at risk of being encouraged to consider themselves to be transgender and to pursue a path that promises them happiness and fulfillment, but will deliver nothing but tragedy and sadness.

Fighting for the truth of gender is an important part of our work, but we need your financial help to be effective. Until this coming Thursday at midnight, your contribution to NOM will double in size and effectiveness. There's never been a better time to support our work. Will you help?

Time is short. If you are concerned, as we are concerned, about the impact the push to normalize transgenderism might have on your children or grandchildren, and on future generations, please help us before it is too late. Your support of NOM at this critical time will make a difference. Please act today.


Brian S Brown
Brian S. Brown

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A big win... but much more must be done!

As you know, we won a major victory this week when the US Supreme Court issued their ruling in the critically important Masterpiece Cakeshop case. The Court ruled in favor of Christian baker Jack Phillips, holding that the state of Colorado inappropriately gave short shrift to his religious liberty rights not to be compelled to participate in a same-sex 'wedding' that violated his deeply help religious beliefs. This is a big win for marriage supporters, but much more needs to be done to build on this decision.

Help Us Fight For The Rights Of Marriage Supporters

The best part of the Supreme Court's 7-2 ruling was that the justices found that people of faith are entitled to have their religious beliefs considered respectfully and fully, and fairly weighed against state laws that purport to require them to violate their beliefs in order to comply with state non-discrimination laws. To do otherwise, as the state of Colorado did in Jack Phillips' case, violates the constitution's free exercise of religion guarantee.

It is hugely significant that a strong majority of the US Supreme Court has acknowledged that acting on one's religious beliefs in opposition to gay 'marriage,' is a protected view and in some cases a "protected form of expression." Ever since the Supreme Court illegitimately imposed gay 'marriage' on the nation, LGBT activists and their allies have taken the position that it was illegal for a business or individual to distinguish between gay 'marriage' and traditional marriage for any reason, religious or otherwise. The Supreme Court has now clearly said such a perspective is wrong. Opposing gay 'marriage' can be a "protected form of expression."

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court wrote their decision in such a way that it primarily applies to Jack Phillips' case. So while we are thrilled for Jack – NOM worked overtime to help him, including rallying public attention to his cause and filing a critical legal brief with the Court – many of the issues at play were left for another case to be decided at some point in the future.

What this means is that we should savor our victory, but we must get immediately back to work to fight for the broad principle that the US constitution prohibits government from punishing anyone who sincerely opposes gay 'marriage' because it violates his or her religious beliefs.

NOM is in the midst of a critical mid-year membership drive, and we need your help now more than ever. Thanks to a faithful supporter, every membership gift we receive until the middle of the month will be matched dollar for dollar – a tremendous blessing. Will you make an immediate membership contribution of $35 or more knowing that whatever you give will be matched dollar for dollar?

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I want to share something that many may find to be impolitic and indiscrete, but it's the truth:

Unless and until we win a decisive victory in the courts or in Congress and state legislatures, we will be at risk of financial and reputational ruin at the hands of gay and lesbian activists. That's because it's obvious that nothing short of our total destruction will satisfy the LGBT advocacy crowd.

Help NOM Fight For The Rights Of Marriage Supporters

I've written to you on multiple occasions about countless examples of people of faith being targeted by LGBT activists for punishment and persecution. Jack Phillips is just one of many. There are so many others similarly situated – florists, photographers, innkeepers, restaurant owners, manufacturers, small businesses, bed and breakfast operators, pastors, wedding venues, art gallery owners, etc., ad infinitum.

The string of examples of LGBT targeting can be numbing, and the personal devastation that often ensues lost in the process.  But make no mistake about it – those impacted are often ruined. Their reputations are destroyed. They are made to feel as if they are criminals. Their finances, and futures, are bankrupted.

Your Contribution to NOM will Double,
Helping Us Fight LGBT Attacks Against Marriage Supporters

But even that understates the true impact of the LGBT jihad against people of faith who support traditional marriage.

NOM is the only organization in the country that is 100% dedicated to fighting for the truth of marriage and the protection of the rights of marriage supporters. We are counter-cultural, operating against powerful interest groups like the grossly-misnamed Human Rights Campaign and mega-wealthy corporations who have joined the opposition in order to curry favor with LGBT activists.

I'll be honest – we need your help. Will you give today, knowing that your donation will be doubled?

Let me share with you an example of how personal, and how nasty, the fight for marriage and the rights of marriage supporters has become.

A few years ago, NOM held a rally for marriage in Providence, Rhode Island. It was one of several pro-marriage rallies we held that summer. I was speaking to several hundred supporters about the beauty of marriage, the ideal institution God created to bring the two halves of humanity together to raise children, when an angry gay activist stormed the stage and confronted me, trying to commandeer the microphone, screaming angry, violent threats.

The Providence police did nothing.

A few minutes later, my beautiful wife Sue was approached by some gay activists as she was caring for our young children. One of them menacingly looked at my young daughter and spoke to her, "Is mommy raising a good little bigot?"

I know that many in the conservative movement are of the view that we need to find a "compromise" with LGBT activists. They speak of seeking "balance" in legislative proposals, and public policy debates.

But let me tell you something, when your political opponents seek nothing short of your total destruction, there is no compromise possible, there is no balance to be achieved. I wish this weren't the situation we faced, but it is.

I'm asking you to stand with NOM at this critical moment so we can build on our victory in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case. Your generous donation to NOM will be matched dollar for dollar.

We will never shy away from this fight. We will never shirk our responsibility to fight for the restoration of marriage to our national laws, or stop our urgent pursuit of protections for marriage supporters so they are not punished or persecuted by LGBT sympathizers in government, academia, or the corporate world.

Time is short to take advantage of this incredible matching gift opportunity. Please act today.


Brian S Brown
Brian S. Brown

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The US Supreme Court just issued its ruling in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case, and they sided with Jack Phillips! The Court ruled that Jack's deeply held religious beliefs about marriage were entitled to neutral consideration by the state of Colorado, but instead the commission that ruled against him showed signs of deep bias against religion. This is a great victory for Jack Phillips and for religious liberty.

NOM played a significant role in this case, bringing critical public attention to Jack's plight by producing informative videos, sponsoring rallies in front of the Supreme Court, working with the media, and filing a critical legal brief in support of religious liberty and the right of marriage supporters like Jack to be able to live out their religious beliefs about marriage at work and in their daily lives. We even launched an entire communications offensive, called the First Freedom Initiative, to bring attention to this case and others similar to it.


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Unfortunately, the decision in this case has unmasked anti-religious bigotry by some justices of the Supreme Court. Notably, Justice Elena Kagan wrote that it was perfectly fine for the Colorado Civil Rights Commission to have ruled that other bakers could refuse to create a cake that opposed gay marriage, but that Christian bakers like Jack Phillips could not refuse on religious grounds to bake a cake that celebrated gay marriage.  This is the kind of insane thinking you get from an uber-liberal Obama appointed ally.

We will have more to say about this case and its implication for the cause of religious liberty. For now, enjoy this great victory for Jack and religious liberty. Your support of NOM made a difference in this critical legal battle.



any day now...

Media reports over the weekend point to the critical month ahead in the U.S. Supreme Court where several potentially transformative cases impacting religious liberty are pending a decision. One of those critical cases, Masterpiece Cakeshop v Colorado Civil Rights Commission, deals directly with marriage and could provide the protection from persecution we've been fighting to achieve for many years.

NOM has been an active defender of Jack Phillips, a Christian baker who respectfully declined to devote his artistic talents to designing and producing a custom cake for a same-sex 'wedding.' His objection to this was rooted in his Christian faith. The bible teaches us that marriage, created at the beginning of time by God, is the union of one man and one woman. Jack Phillips has devoted his business to honoring God, and he could not be involved in something like a gay 'wedding' that dishonors biblical teaching.

Help Us Fight For The Rights Of Marriage Supporters

Simply for standing true to his Christian beliefs, Jack was targeted and punished, ordered by the state of Colorado to participate in gay 'weddings' despite what the bible teaches about marriage. He and his staff were ordered to undergo "sensitivity training" and file compliance reports with the state of Colorado. Failure to comply risked fines and other punishments.

Let's be clear: the LGBT extremists who target people like Jack are not out to get someone to bake a gay 'wedding cake.' After all, there are countless bakers who would have been perfectly fine baking a cake for the homosexual couple. Instead, they target people of faith to send a message that acceptance of same-sex 'marriage' is mandatory and resistance, even when based on the bible, is futile.

NOM has been supporting Jack since the beginning, helping to bring public attention to his case, and filing an import legal brief with the US Supreme Court on his behalf. We've done so because it's the right thing to do, but also because there is so much more at stake than whether a Christian baker must bake a gay 'wedding' cake. This case impacts the fundamental religious liberty rights of every American to be free to live out their religious beliefs at work and in their daily lives.

Your Donation to NOM Will Instantly Double!

The LGBT community enjoys a big financial advantage in this titanic struggle over the rights of Christians and other people of faith. Backed by billionaires and wealthy corporations eager to curry favor with gay activists, they amass resources in an unprecedented scale. Yet despite being massively outspent, NOM is able to rack up critical victories because we have truth on our side and a strong grassroots army of supporters standing alongside us.

We are in the midst of a critical mid-year membership drive that will set the stage for what we can accomplish during the balance of this year. Thanks to a faithful supporter, every membership gift we receive will be matched dollar for dollar. This is a great blessing, which is why I am asking you to make a sacrifice by making an immediate membership contribution of $35 or more knowing that whatever you give will be matched dollar for dollar. Will you help?

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We're got a lot on our plate no matter what the Supreme Court decides in Jack Phillips' case. If we win, which we are hopeful will be the case, there will be a strong pushback from gay activists and their allies in the media, entertainment and corporate boardrooms that the decision "licenses discrimination." We'll have a fierce fight to defend the decision. And if the Court goes the wrong way, we will have to immediately spring into action in Congress and the states to seek legislative relief, including enactment of the First Amendment Defense Act. We'll also be pressuring the Trump administration to issue additional executive orders to protect people of faith.

There's so much at stake. We’re fighting with everything we have, but our resources are modest, especially in comparison to our opponents. That is why this mid-year membership matching gift opportunity is so critical.

Please help us today by making a membership contribution of $35 or more, knowing that your gift will instantly double in size. If you donate $35, we will receive $70 thanks to this generous matching gift offer.

We are nearly at the half way point of this critical mid-year membership drive, but we're behind the pace we need to set. Please act today with your most generous membership gift so that we get the full benefit of the matching grant that has been made available to us.

Some NOM members are on a fixed income or live with a tight budget and can only give $10 or $15. Others are blessed with financial resources and can contribute at a higher level -- $100, $500 or even $1,500 or more. Whatever your circumstances are, whether you can give $15 or $1,500, we welcome your support because it will instantly double and give us a much needed boost.

Thank you for your help at this important time. Please know that any gift you can make today will make a huge difference.

Brian S Brown

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