Maryland Vote for SSM - Not a Done Deal


As I write, the Maryland House Judiciary Committee has still not been able to vote to pass same-sex marriage, despite threats and arm-twisting from leadership.

(Or, as the gay press is reporting, “Maryland delegates ready to vote on gay marriage bill; NOM mailers spread fear”!!!)

In Maryland, the House of Delegates was supposed to be an easy vote for gay marriage. Done deal, they all said, like they always do.

Well, as our favorite political guru likes to say, “If it was a done deal, it would be done already.”

NOM swung into action, helping impressive Maryland leaders, including Bishop Harry Jackson and the Maryland Catholic Conference, alert the people that their politicians were pushing gay marriage.

The reaction has been extraordinary! The black church in particular has risen to this occasion in an extraordinary way. Whose vision and whose values count to the Democratic leadership in the Maryland legislature, black pastors are asking? Well, maybe this week they will find out!

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