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CORRECTION - Stand and Pray for Marriage in Richmond TOMORROW

Please note: by mistake this message was sent out earlier with the wrong date for the rally in Richmond.

The rally will be tomorrow, May 13th, at the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals (1100 E. Main St., Richmond, VA 23219), from 8:30am - 12:30pm.

Please make note of this error, and if you're planning to attend, then plan to join us tomorrow as we gather in unity in Richmond to demonstrate and pray for the protection of marriage in Virginia!

Hope to see you there tomorrow!



Original message:

National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Please, if you are able, join me at The Stand and Pray for Marriage Rally in Richmond this Wednesday.

You can find out more details about this great event on The Family Foundation's website.

They've also made a wonderful promotional video which you can see at the link below.

I sincerely hope to see you Wednesday as together we stand and pray for marriage, in Virginia and across our great nation!


Brian S. Brown

Join Me in Richmond on May 13th!

National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Please join me for a rally in Richmond hosted by a coalition of pro-marriage groups on May 13th.

Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals
1100 East Main Street — Richmond, VA 23219

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014
8:30 AM — 12:30 PM EDT

I hope that you are able to join me at this great event!

Please share this information with your friends and family in Virginia, and invite them to attend as well.

You can read more about this event online here, or join the event on Facebook.

I hope to see you there!


Brian S. Brown

National Organization for Marriage Responds to Decision in Virginia Marriage Case

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 14, 2014
Contact: Elizabeth Ray or Matille Thebolt (703-683-5004)


The following statement may be attributed to Brian Brown, President of the National Organization for Marriage:

"This is another example of an Obama-appointed judge twisting the constitution and the rule of law to impose her own views of marriage in defiance of the people of Virginia. There is no right to same-sex 'marriage' in the United States constitution. In fact, the U.S. Supreme Court has said that states have the preeminent duty of defining marriage. The people of Virginia did just that in voting overwhelmingly to affirm marriage as the union of one man and woman. That decision should be respected by federal judges and we hope that the U.S. Supreme Court ends up reversing this terrible decision. This case also leaves a particular stench because of the unconscionable decision of Attorney General Mark Herring to not only abandon his sworn duty to defend the laws of the state, but to actually join the case against the very people he is duty-bound to represent."


To speak with Brian Brown, President of the National Organization for Marriage, please contact Elizabeth Ray, [email protected], or Matille Thebolt, [email protected], at 703-683-5004

Paid for by The National Organization for Marriage, Brian Brown, president. 2029 K Street NW, Suite 300 Washington, DC 20006, not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. New § 68A.405(1)(f) & (h).

Virginia's Two Catholic Bishops issue Op-Ed on Attorney General Herring

In an op-ed piece penned for The Virginia-Pilot, the heads of the Diocese of Richmond and Arlington, Bishops Francis DiLorenzo and Paul Loverde, issue a joint call to action, writing that they "call upon the attorney general to honor the oath he took, as [they] call upon all Virginians to defend marriage."

The hard-hitting and powerful piece is worth reading in full; here is just a snippet:

VAbishopsWhile declining to defend the state constitution without even appointing outside counsel is unusual enough for the state's top attorney, his decision to actively challenge the state's definition of marriage - a definition he voted for when serving as a state senator - is shocking and reckless.

Much has been written already about the responsibility attorneys general have to defend state laws, whether they agree with those laws or not. We join many others in calling on Herring to do the job he was elected to perform.

But what is at stake here far surpasses the issue of the attorney general's role and integrity. Most fundamentally, what is at stake is the preservation of the family, the fundamental and foundational unit of society.

Though long-recognized in church and civil law, marriage did not originate in church or state but in nature. Long before nations or organized religions, the institution of marriage existed as the union of one man and one woman.

Marriage has been shown throughout history to be civilization's irreplaceable building block, benefitting children and society at large. No religion, government or individual has the right or legitimate authority to alter the original design of marriage. Likewise, neither the attorney general nor the courts have the authority to impose a new definition of marriage on society.

We applaud these heroic Bishops for standing up in defense of marriage in Virginia!

Stand for Marriage in Norfolk Tomorrow

National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Our friends at The Family Foundation are holding a rally tomorrow, February 4th at 9:00 AM outside the Federal District Courthouse in Norfolk, VA to stand up for marriage and for the defense of the Constitution of Virginia! The court will be holding its hearing of a legal challenge to the marriage amendment passed in 2006 by an overwhelming majority of Virginians.

The Family Foundation and others gathered hope to express their support for the amendment and also their disapproval of Attorney General Mark Herring's decision not to defend the Constitution in this critical court case.

You can RSVP here on Facebook if you are able to attend the rally. The Family Foundation is also giving the opportunity for people to participate who cannot make it to the rally in person, by adding their voice.

Whether or not you can attend personally, please help spread the word! Share the details about the rally with your friends and family in Virginia using the social sharing buttons below.


Brian S. Brown

Former U.S. Attorney: Herring's Announcement "Impeachment Material"

Citing VA Attorney General Mark Herring's recent abandonment of his oath of office and reversal of a campaign promise to uphold Virginia's laws, a former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia caleld Herring's recent reversal "impeachment material" in a radio interview yesterday.

VA Attorney General HerringFrom The Blaze [emphasis added]:

Joe diGenova, a former U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, said Herring’s announcement highlights a politicized selective enforcement of the law taking place at the federal level....


“What he has done, he has lied...,” diGenova said. “This is a big legal issue. This isn’t some piece of legislation. This is a constitutional amendment to the Virginia commonwealth constitution. He has now said that the will of the people, which he said he would make every good faith effort to defend, he is now going to ignore. This is impeachment material. It is also recall material.

Read the rest of the article and listen to the radio interview here.

Of course, we here at NOM also find Herring's actions a complete disgrace to his office, and yesterday issued our own call for him to be impeached.

Virginia's Catholic Bishops Say Herring Should "Do the Job He Was Elected to Perform"

In a joint statement issued by the two Catholic dioceses of Virginia, the Bishops of Arlington and Richmond "expressed extreme disappointment" with Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring's decision to abandon the defense of Virginia's marriage law in court and instead join the radical attack against it.

The statement read:

VAbishopsVirginia voters put this provision in the Constitution, and no politician should be able to reverse the people's decision. We call on the Attorney General to do the job he was elected to perform, which is to defend the state laws he agrees with, as well as those state laws with which he personally disagrees. We will continue to defend marriage between a man and a woman, an institution whose original design predates all governments and religions. The Government of the Commonwealth of Virginia should preserve and defend this original design because the constituent majority that supported the constitutional amendment understands the unique benefit that marriage between a man and a woman provides to individual families and society at large.

Click here to view the release from the Diocese of Arlington or to see media contact information.

National Organization for Marriage Calls for Impeachment of Virginia's Attorney General for Malfeasance and Neglect of Duty, Abandoning His Oath of Office and Betraying the People of Virginia

Contact: Elizabeth Ray or Matille Thebolt (703-683-5004)

"Attorney General Herring swore an oath to defend the constitution of the Commonwealth, yet now he is participating in a lawsuit against the very people he is sworn to represent, the citizens of Virginia who preserved marriage in their constitution. This malfeasance and neglect of duty is not only a disgrace, it's an impeachable offense under the constitution." — Brian Brown, NOM president —


Washington, D.C. — The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today called for the impeachment of Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring for "malfeasance" and "neglect of duty" and violating his sworn oath of office to support the constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Instead of defending the Commonwealth's duly enacted marriage amendment, Herring is supporting a federal lawsuit by gay activists to redefine marriage in Virginia's constitution.

"The Attorney General swore an oath that he would 'support...the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia' and faithfully discharge his duties, which include defending duly enacted laws like the state's marriage amendment," said Brian Brown, NOM's president. "Yet now Attorney General Herring is participating in a lawsuit against the very people he is sworn to represent, the citizens of Virginia who preserved marriage in their constitution. This malfeasance and neglect of duty is not only a disgrace, it's an impeachable offense under the constitution."

Section 17 of the Virginia state constitution provides that the Attorney General may be impeached for "malfeasance in office, corruption, neglect of duty or other high crime or misdemeanor."

Attorney General Herring announced today that not only would he abandon the defense of Virginia's marriage amendment, he would be filing a brief in federal court advocating the redefinition of marriage against the express decision of the voters of the commonwealth, who in 2006 voted overwhelmingly to amend their state constitution to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Professor John Eastman, Chairman of NOM's Board of Directors and a highly-regarded constitutional law expert called Herring's decision "lawless." He said, "The attorney general's decision to advocate against the state's marriage law is an egregious violation of his duty. Here you don't merely have the attorney general abandoning the defense of the law and remaining neutral - a decision which itself would be based on very dubious grounds. No, this goes further: Herring is staying involved in the case, and advocating directly for the side opposed to the interests of his clients, the people of Virginia. Any other lawyer pulling that kind of nonsense would be disbarred."

Eastman is a former US Supreme Court clerk and is a professor of constitutional law at Chapman University's Dale E. Fowler School of Law, where he formerly served as Dean. He also heads the Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence at the Claremont Institute.
Brown noted that Herring's actions are reminiscent of what happened in California, where the state Attorney General refused to defend Proposition 8 and it was struck down by a homosexual trial judge in San Francisco. The US Supreme Court ruled that the backers of Prop 8 did not have standing to appeal the decision of the district court judge. Brown praised former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli for helping ensure that other governmental defendants would be able to represent the interests of the Commonwealth in federal Court.

"Thanks to the foresight of Ken Cuccinelli, there is a governmental entity who is defending the law now that the Attorney General has abandoned his constitutional responsibility. Prince William County Circuit Court Clerk Michele McQuigg is in a position to defend the law and appeal a decision if need be. We call on the General Assembly to make sure that she has the financial and legal resources and expertise needed to effectively defend the law. We also encourage the General Assembly itself to intervene to defend the people's decision to preserve marriage."


To schedule an interview with Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage, or John Eastman, Chairman of the National Organization for Marriage please contact Elizabeth Ray (x130), [email protected], or Matille Thebolt (x143), [email protected], at 703-683-5004.

Paid for by The National Organization for Marriage, Brian Brown, president. 2029 K Street NW, Suite 300 Washington, DC 20006, not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. New § 68A.405(1)(f) & (h).

Voters and Executives Must Prepare for More Illegitimate Rulings

The fallout from Judge Shelby’s ‘ruling’ overturning Utah’s Marriage Amendment is only just beginning.

Yesterday, Bruce Parker of The Daily Caller penned an important piece, “Utah’s lesson for the other 33 pro-marriage states.”  In it he wrote:


In a 53-page ruling, which could best be described as a work of judicial fiction, District Court Judge Robert J. Shelby began by conceding that marriage law is “the province of the states,” but he proceeded to void Utah’s marriage law in a naked power grab that he admitted was not within his purview to do.

By the end of the ruling, Judge Shelby had overturned Utah’s definition of marriage by judicial fiat and replaced it with the one provided by LGBT activists.

The event was not an isolated incident. Within days, a federal district court judge in Ohio issued a similarly contrived judgment against that state’s constitutional marriage amendment. Moreover, according to the ACLU’s web site, copycat acts of judicial legislating are underway in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, and a dozen other red states, as part of the group’s national “Out for Freedom” campaign against state sovereignty [emphasis added].

What does this brazen usurpation of power and rejection of the democratic process mean for the other 30-plus states with amendments or laws defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman?

UtahFirst and foremost, state Governors and Attorneys General must reject these illegitimate rulings, and the people of these states must hold their elected officials accountable to do so.  Parker writes, “Indeed, when the two-thirds of Utahns who supported the state’s marriage law awaken from their holiday festivities and realize their constitutional sovereignty has been stolen, the phones at the offices of the governor and attorney general should ring off the hook” [emphasis added].

Parker concludes by quoting NOM president Brian Brown saying, “Our country has seen illegitimate decisions before, going back to Dred Scott. And in the past, when a court has fallen so far afoul of the Constitution itself, executives have had to stand up and say no.”

The people of Utah are up-in-arms and demanding action, to their credit. The sad reality is that, if the ACLU is to be taken at their word, it looks like the voters in 30 other states should start preparing their own plans to fight back in the near future as well.

A Marriage Case to Watch

City Hall, Old Town AlexandriaAn article at USA Today draws attention to "A Case With All the Angles" - a legal challenge to the Virginia marriage amendment adopted by the voters of that state in 2006 by an overwhelming majority.

The article explains, "The case of Bostic v. Rainey could become the standard-bearer for the same-sex marriage movement as it emerges from last summer's victories at the Supreme Court."

Why is that?

For starters, it challenges a state constitutional amendment that's all-inclusive in its exclusions: It bans same-sex marriages, civil unions and domestic partnerships, and denies recognition in Virginia for those performed legally in other states.

The purpose of the amendment, the state says in its brief at the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, was "to prevent Virginia judges from changing the definition of marriage under the state Constitution as state judges had done elsewhere."

NOM will certainly be keeping an eye on this case, and you should too.

National Organization for Marriage Congratulates Chris Christie; Says Failure of GOP Elite To Adequately Support Ken Cuccinelli Is Primary Reason For His Narrow Loss

Contact: Elizabeth Ray or Matille Thebolt (703-683-5004)

"The GOP elite wants candidates to be silent about their views on marriage and other social issues, but election results show that is exactly the wrong thing to do." — Brian Brown, NOM president —


Washington, D.C. — The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today congratulated Governor Chris Christie on his reelection and harshly criticized the Republican Party's national leadership for failing to adequately support Ken Cuccinelli, which they said is the primary reason for his narrow loss.

"NOM congratulates Chris Christie on his solid reelection win yesterday," said Brian Brown, NOM's president. "While we have disagreed with some of his decisions in office, Christie has been a strong supporter of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Ken Cuccinelli also is an outspoken supporter of traditional marriage, but his race was woefully shortchanged by the national Republican leadership, and that’s the main reason he narrowly lost."

Cuccinelli nearly pulled an upset in the Virginia governor's race against Democrat Terry McAuliffe despite being outspent by at least $14 million.

"Too many leaders of the Republican Party have drunk the Kool-Aid of the consulting class that they should abandon conservatives like Ken Cuccinelli because they have taken principled stances on social issues such as preserving marriage and protecting life," said Brown. "How many elections do they need to lose before they realize they are implementing a disastrous election strategy and ruining their chances of success?"

Brown noted that when the marriage issue has been on the ballot, it has outpolled the Republican ticket by a significant margin. Support for traditional marriage polled an average of seven points higher than Mitt Romney did in the four states it was on the ballot in 2012.

"The GOP elite wants candidates to be silent about their views on marriage and other social issues, but election results show that is exactly the wrong thing to do," Brown said. "Election after election has shown that voters across America, including in deep blue states, support traditional marriage by a significantly higher margin than they support the GOP. For the second election in a row, Republican leaders and consultants have pursued a flawed strategy of urging silence on social issues that has cost their candidates. If they don’t wake up, they could face disaster next year."


To schedule an interview with Brian Brown, President of the National Organization for Marriage, please contact Elizabeth Ray (x130), [email protected], or Matille Thebolt (x143), [email protected], at 703-683-5004.

Paid for by The National Organization for Marriage, Brian Brown, president. 2029 K Street NW, Suite 300 Washington, DC 20006, not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. New § 68A.405(1)(f) & (h).

Victory is Just Hours Away

National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

In just a few hours, the polls will open in Virginia and voters will make their decision on electing their next Governor. The race is very close between Ken Cuccinelli, a principled pro-marriage, pro-life champion, and Terry McAuliffe, the discredited former chief of the Clinton Administration. Turnout is key and every vote counts.

Please vote tomorrow, and vote for Ken Cuccinelli, along with his running mate, E.W. Jackson for Lt. Governor.

The importance of this race goes far beyond the borders of the Commonwealth of Virginia. It will help set the tone for the 2014 midterm elections, and will be closely watched and analyzed by candidates, consultants and party leaders on both sides of the aisle.

Electing a pro-marriage champion like Ken Cuccinelli would be a great blessing. It would make it easier for other conservatives to attract support from national party leaders and donors. Though he appears to be narrowly behind, Cuccinelli could pull ahead with a strong turnout of conservatives.

Please do not let anything prevent you from getting out to vote tomorrow for Ken Cuccinelli and E.W. Jackson, and urge all your friends, neighbors and colleagues in Virginia to do the same.

Help get out the vote! Share this email:

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Brian S. Brown

Support Ken Cuccinelli - a True Champion for Marriage and Life

National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

NOM is honored to support Virginia's Attorney General — Ken Cuccinelli — in his campaign for Governor of the Commonwealth. Cuccinelli is facing off against Clinton crony Terry McAuliffe, an ardent pro-abortion, pro-marriage-redefinitionist. The election is one week from today — on November 5th.

Many of the polls show that McAuliffe leads Cuccinelli by 7-8 points, but that's a close race in an election like this. It all comes down to turnout. Historically, turnout in an "off" year election consists of older, more conservative voters who can be expected to support Cuccinelli in larger numbers.

But whether Ken Cuccinelli was ahead by 7 or 8 points, or behind by 70 points, NOM would be proudly supporting him regardless. Why? Because Ken Cuccinelli is a man of principle.

Won't you please stand with NOM by supporting Ken Cuccinelli with a gift of $25, $50, $100, $500 or more today?

I've had it with politicians who tell us one thing when they are being interviewed or completing a candidate questionnaire, but then when the pressure is on can't be counted on to keep their word.

Ken Cuccinelli is a trusted leader who will stand for the truth of God's design for marriage no matter the season. He knows that children have the best opportunity to thrive when they are raised in a loving home by a mother and a father. He knows that marriage as the union of one man and one woman has served society well for thousands of years. And he respects the voices of Virginia's voters, who overwhelmingly approved the state's marriage amendment back in 2006.

Terry McAuliffe? He was against gay marriage...before he was for it. Or was he? He attacks Ken Cuccinelli for supporting true marriage, but then refuses to answer reporters' questions about his own position. All he can manage to say are platitudes such as "it's not my priority" ... "It's not something I am going to focus on" ... and, "the state constitution is not going to change on my term."

I thought we were done with "Slick Willie" back in the 90's.

I also want to commend the principled leader running alongside Cuccinelli for the office of Lieutenant Governor — E. W. Jackson. Dr. Jackson is a not only a man of faith, he's a brilliant and highly regarded conservative leader. He is a Baptist minister who studied at Harvard Divinity School, and holds a law degree from Harvard Law School. He graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Massachusetts. He's an accomplished author and lecturer, and has been a conservative leader for decades.

This drives the left batty, because Dr. Jackson is also African American. The left can't stomach the idea of an African American conservative, especially one who is as knowledgeable and persuasive as Dr. Jackson.

This importance of this race for governor in Virginia stretches beyond the borders of the Commonwealth itself. It will help set the political tone as we head into the crucial mid-term elections of 2014.

If Ken Cuccinelli is able to pull out a victory with our help, it will be impossible for the media to make the claim that only moderate or liberal Republicans like Chris Christie can win election. But if Cuccinelli is not successful and Christie is, the media spin will be unrelenting. We'll have months of hearing from media such as the New York Times and people like Karl Rove — who lost virtually every election he was involved with in 2012 — about how the GOP must "moderate" its views on social issues like marriage and life if Republicans are to win.

Please join us in rewarding principle and send a true conservative leader to the governor's office in Virginia. Please give generously to Ken Cuccinelli by donating online today.

Thank you.


Brian S. Brown

Paid for by the National Organization for Marriage. Not authorized by any candidate.

A Small But Important Victory

According to reports, “The Richmond City Council gave itself at least another month to think over a proposal to allow spousal health benefits for non-married partners of employees.”

Victory in VAThat’s the quote, but the truth is they gave themselves another month to think over a proposal that would redefine marriage in the City of Richmond if and when the Commonwealth of Virginia did the same.  Don’t be fooled, this seemingly innocuous proposal is not about benefits but about the definition of marriage. 

The proposed ordinance would simply be playing politics and using the bully pulpit to promote a radical agenda, inviting out-of-state influences and special interests into Virginia during a critical Gubernatorial election season.

But what gave the Council pause?  It was the noble effort of a small coalition of local faith leaders led by Bishop Darryl Husband, Bishop Leon Benjamin, and Pastor Michael Hirsch. These men stood up for marriage in front of City Hall and delivered the resounding message that marriage is the union of one man and one woman because that's the way it best serves society, and especially our society's most precious members, our children. They delivered this message boldly and clearly, and they were heard!

But you were heard as well!

NOM asked our supporters to speak truth to power on this issue, and rallying them to call, email, and visit City Council members expressing their opposition to the proposal - and hundreds of you responded!  Thank you to all who stood strong for marriage in this small but important skirmish.

By What Authority?

National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Three members of the Richmond City Council have introduced an ordinance that would recognize same-sex 'marriages,' in violation of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia!

This is the latest in a string of nationwide efforts by the same-sex 'marriage' lobby to circumvent the law and impose a genderless marriage regime on the American people against their will.

We can't let this happen in Virginia! Virginians made it crystal clear that they believe man is between one man and one woman when they approved the State Constitutional Amendment in 2006 by a 57 percent majority.

Please stand with us today and demand that the Richmond City Council obey the law of the Commonwealth and the express will of the people!

Here are three things you can do to protect marriage in Virginia:

First, no matter where you are in Virginia, send a message to the City Council urging them to uphold the express will of the people of Virginia and reject Ordinance #2013-154.

Second, if you are anywhere near Richmond, attend the meeting of the City Council Committee on Government Operations where the ordinance is being crafted. Details are below.

The Richmond City Council Government Operations Committee will meet on Thursday, September 26th to discuss this matter. The meeting will take place from 3:00-5:00PM at the Richmond City Hall (900 E. Broad Street), in the large conference room on the second floor.

You do not have to reside in Richmond to speak. Any member of the public may testify.

I hope you will make an effort to attend this meeting and tell the Richmond City Council that it has NO AUTHORITY to undermine the express will of the people of Virginia who voted in 2006 to pass an amendment to our constitution defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman!

Third, you can call the members of the Government Operations Committee and urge them to scrap this ordinance rather than even bring it before the full Council for consideration. Their names and contact info are as follows:

  • Cynthia Newbille, Committee Chair — (804)-646-3012

  • Ellen Robertson, Committee Vice-Chair — (804)-646-7964

  • Jonathan Baliles, Committee Member — (804) 646-5349

  • Kathy Graziano, Committee Alternate — (804)-320-2454

When you speak with these Councilpersons' offices, or if you testify at the meeting on September 26th, here are a couple of points to mention:

  • The proposed ordinance (2013-154) is a toothless law and a waste of taxpayer time and money. The Council should be spending its time serving their constituencies and not toying with a radical agenda pushed by a powerful special interest lobby.

  • Since the ordinance is incumbent on Virginia state law changing to allow same-sex marriage, the only reason it is being proposed now is to make a media event of the issue, and to put pressure on public officials and judges to ignore the will of Virginia voters who passed the Virginia Marriage Amendment by a strong majority in 2006.

  • The City of Richmond does not have the authority or purview to surreptitiously undermine the law of the entire state in the way, when voters throughout the entire State believe marriage is solely the union of one man and one woman!

Remind the Council, too, that everywhere marriage is redefined, society suffers: people of faith are stigmatized in the public square, bullied at their businesses and places of work, and religious organizations and individuals are forced to violate their conscience or shutter their doors. This cannot be allowed to happen in Virginia.

So please, consider attending the important meeting on September 26th, and taking action today to email and call the City Council. When you've finished, please use the buttons below to forward this email to your family and friends — or share it on Facebook and Twitter — so that the values and beliefs of Virginia's pro-marriage majority are heard loud and clear in Richmond!

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Brian S. Brown