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Need More Proof? Just Read This Shocking New Attack on Religion in America!

Dear Marriage Supporter,

As if we needed any more evidence that the Supreme Court ruling on marriage is an absolute debacle for America, there was further proof earlier this week.

A group of 130 nonprofit organizations sent a letter to President Obama asking him to throw away a policy that protects the religious rights of other groups. They want to mandate that organizations that receive government funding cannot refuse to hire someone who does not share their religious beliefs. This is a blatant effort to force acceptance of same-sex marriage!

Bottom line: our tax dollars will be refused to any organization that exercises the religious rights guaranteed by our Constitution.

It is shocking! We must not allow this to happen! And to do that, the National Organization for Marriage needs your immediate financial gift of $25, $35, $50, $75 or $100 or more to fight the most critical battle of our history.

To make matters worse, the reason they gave the president for overthrowing this policy is that failure to do so will "tarnish the legacy of your work."

Can you believe it? Their reasoning is not about the Constitution and the rights it guarantees to all Americans — it's about a way a single person will be remembered in history.

I don't know about you, but the only legacy we should care about is being remembered as a strident defender of the Constitution. I hope to be remembered as a person that refused to back down, even when others claimed my defense of the Constitution was "out of touch" with contemporary values.

Are you standing firm with me to help protect our constitutional rights? If so, please make a gift right now — $25, $35, $50, $75 or $100 or more — so NOM can continue the fight for you . . . and for America!

Here's how NOM is investing your generous donations in this all-out battle for Americans Constitutionally guaranteed rights:

  1. NOM is on the frontlines of the battle for the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA). This Act cannot survive the efforts of those who are opposed to religious freedom unless we stand strong and united. Urged on by NOM, thousands of people have already contacted their federal representatives to urge them to sign onto this critical legislation.
  2. Help us get the word out to everyone who cares about religious freedom in America. Give now!

  3. We are leading the effort to reverse the illegitimate Supreme Court decision by electing a pro-marriage champion as our nation's next president. We created the presidential pledge and already, four candidates have emerged as Marriage Champions — Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Rick Santorum, Governor Bobby Jindal and Dr. Ben Carson.
  4. We need our next president to make an ironclad commitment that he or she will take specific actions to restore marriage in America. Help us continue to lobby presidential candidates to take a stand for Marriage in America. Donate today!

  5. We are also working hard to see FADA become law at the state level. Our initiatives include advancing FADA at the state level, publicizing cases of those already being victimized by the redefining of marriage, and engaging the grassroots through nationwide education and outreach.

Nothing will change unless you and I speak out and stand firm! Our work depends on you! Make your gift now!

What is possible when you stand with NOM today? Everything! We will be heard. FADA will become the law of the land. Our next president will be a strident supporter of marriage. Religious freedom will be preserved in America!

But NOM's efforts take money. We can't do this without your support. We are completely dependent on you and others to contribute to this effort. Those opposed to religious freedom are throwing every dime they have into the fight to make sure FADA fails in Congress and at the state level.

Do not let those who hate religious freedom win. Give today to save America's commitment to religious freedom.

Why give today? Because every dollar you give will be matched dollar for dollar! Your money will go twice as far in the battle for America's religious freedom. Today is a perfect time to support NOM and watch your investment double!

I'll make a donation of $25 which will double to $50

I'll make a donation of $35 which will double to $70

I'll make a donation of $50 which will double to $100

I'll make a donation of $75 which will double to $150

I'll make a donation of $100 or more which will double to $200 or more

There is no time to waste. Those opposed to marriage are not standing back, waiting to see what happens. We must match them dollar for dollar, action for action. Because what is at stake is the very freedom that sets America apart from so many other nations on earth.

President Ronald Reagan said, "I know that we share a belief that all people, no matter where they live, have the right to freedom of religion. This is not a right that is any governments to give or to take away. It's our right from birth, because we're all children of God."

Please don't stand on the sidelines and let our government destroy this right. Support NOM today so we can protect your rights and the rights of all Americans.


Brian S Brown

P.S. — Remember! Every dollar you give will immediately be matched! This is a critical time — we cannot stand back and do nothing. We must fight for our religious rights. We can win. We can preserve our first amendment rights. We can turn America back to a nation that respects differences in opinion and the sanctity of traditional marriage. Be part of the solution and support NOM today!

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The Double Standard of "Equality"

The rash of bakery-closings on account of charges of "discrimination" has been appalling. Now, same-sex marriage activists have plans to shut down all Chick-fil-A locations in Denver—an act in the same vein as closing bakeries, but on a much larger scale. The Federalist explains the twisted logic behind this movement:

Photo Credit: Chris Potter/Flickr

Photo Credit: Chris Potter/Flickr

Now, in an effort to save everyone some time, the cultural imperialists at the Denver City Council—which, to be fair, have long exhibited authoritarian impulses—have decided to skip the pretense of some trumped-up injustice and jumped right to discriminating against a businesses solely because of the beliefs of its CEO.

The Denver Council’s Business Development Committee has stalled a seven-year deal with Chick-fil-A because CEO Dan Cathy spoke out against gay marriage back in 2012. Cathy, after being flogged for this misconduct, backed off , saying he regretted getting involved. But that won’t do. There are no prisoners in this culture war. So the council will meet in couple of weeks to take up the topic again. Not so the members can take time to chew over the significance of a city punishing its citizens for their thoughts and beliefs, or even to weigh the importance of tolerance in a vibrant city like Denver. They’re waiting to have a closed-door committee hearing with city attorneys, who will brief them on the legal implications and practicality of shutting down apostates.


Denver Councilman Paul Lopez, who is leading the intellectual charge for the ban—a task that meshes poorly with his skill set—says that, in the end, opposition to the chain at DIA is ”really, truly a moral issue.” Now, when the Founders told us that government can make no law respecting an establishment of religion, I took it to mean that the belief system of a union-installed sock puppet on a city council would be completely irrelevant in matters of expression and faith. Really, truly.


Now, everyone is free to boycott and protest whomever they please. Citizens and elected officials have every right to work to cut off taxpayer funding to businesses and institutions they find morally distasteful. But if the city council of Anytown, USA were to concoct reasons to deny permits to gay business owners who supported same-sex marriage, many Americans would find that rightfully appalling. If you’re okay with the idea of a city council denying orthodox Christians who believe in traditional marriage the same freedom, you’re a massive hypocrite—and probably worse.

There is a glaring double-standard when it comes to "equality." When it comes to marriage, the idea of equality only exists for those who agree with a redefined understanding of marriage: those who disagree are to be punished. This is another example of why Congress and the states need to pass the First Amendment Defense Act to protect people from discrimination for supporting marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

See The Federalist for more.

Marriage Champions Emerge From Presidential Field

Dear Marriage Supporter,

I am pleased to announce that NOM has identified four Republican presidential candidates who have emerged from the crowded presidential field as "Marriage Champions" for having signed NOM's Presidential Pledge, which commits them to take several specific actions as president to restore marriage to the law and protect people of faith from discrimination because of their support for traditional marriage. Here are NOM's Marriage Champions:

These are the candidates you can count on to support a constitutional amendment protecting marriage, work to overturn the illegitimate Obergefell ruling imposing gay 'marriage' on the nation, prevent pushing this ruling throughout government including the public schools, work for the passage of the First Amendment Defense Act and direct the Department of Justice to investigate attempts to harass marriage supporters. Read NOM's Presidential Pledge here.

As we said earlier today in a national press release, "Electing a president in 2016 who is a true champion on marriage is a critical priority, something that is essential if we are to overturn the outrageous, illegitimate decision of the US Supreme Court imposing same-sex 'marriage' on every state in the nation…While many of the GOP candidates talk the talk about supporting marriage, these four candidates have distinguished themselves as true champions, having pledged to the American people to take very specific actions to advance the cause of marriage. NOM is committed to educating people about the importance of electing a true marriage champion as President of the United States."

As you know from reviewing our five point plan, electing a marriage champion as president is our top priority. It is the quickest way to ensure that the illegitimate decision of the Supreme Court redefining marriage is overturned, and that supporters of marriage are protected from government discrimination and harassment. We are counting on your help to educate the American people by making an urgently needed donation to support our work.

I'll make a quick donation of $10

I'll make a quick donation of $20

I'll make a quick donation of $35

I'll make a quick donation of $50

I'll make a quick donation of $100 or more

Please think twice about supporting any candidate who has not pledged to the American people to take specific actions as president. NOM has invited every Republican candidate for president to sign our pledge, and we encourage those who have not yet signed to do so as soon as possible. You can stay updated on which candidates have signed the pledge by clicking here.

If you are considering supporting a candidate who has not yet signed our pledge, we urge you to contact them and encourage them to sign our pledge right away. NOM will not support a candidate for president who has not pledged to the American people to take specific actions in support of restoring marriage to our law and protecting people from government discrimination over their beliefs that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.

It is imperative that we elect a marriage champion as president. Imagine how different things would be if we had someone in the White House on our side of the marriage issue: calling for a constitutional amendment to restore marriage, protecting people of faith against discrimination, stopping the advance of special rights for gays and lesbians, reversing actions of the Obama Administration that undermined marriage, appointing constitutional conservative judges to the federal bench, protecting religious liberty, etc.

Please help us ensure that a true marriage champion emerges from the crowded Republican field as the GOP nominee for president by giving us the resources we need to educate the American people about who has signed our pledge, and who has not. We're off to a great start because, thanks be to God, some of our supporters have come together to match dollar for dollar anything you give us in the next 30 days!

I'll make a quick donation of $10 so that NOM receives $20

I'll make a quick donation of $20 so that NOM receives $40

I'll make a quick donation of $35 so that NOM receives $70

I'll make a quick donation of $50 so that NOM receives $100

I'll make a quick donation of $100 or more so that NOM receives $200 or more

Several candidates have issued strong statements in support of marriage but have decided not to sign any pledges as a candidate. Governor Mike Huckabee covered marriage in his own pledge to the American people and Gov. Scott Walker has promised to support a constitutional amendment restoring true marriage.

It's unfortunate that some candidates have adopted a blanket position against signing pledges because it puts them at a tremendous disadvantage in seeking our support when there are strong candidates who have pledged to us and our supporters to take very specific and important actions as president.

We are far past the point where we will simply rely on generalities and broad statements from a candidate; we need to know with specificity what actions they will take as president. As President Reagan once said, we must 'trust, but verify.' Accordingly, we urge these candidates to reassess their stance and sign NOM's pledge. If your favorite candidate has not yet signed our pledge, please contact them and urge them to do so.

We are entering a critical period now that the presidential cycle has begun. The first debate has already occurred with another set for next month. In just five months, voters in Iowa will cast the first ballots to select a nominee. It is imperative that the Republican nominee be a strong marriage champion.

We are counting on you to help us educate the American people about which candidates are true marriage champions and which ones are mere pretenders. Working together, we can ensure that the next president is someone who not only appreciates the critical importance true marriage means for society and children, but will take specific action to advance it.


Brian S Brown

PS — Please remember that any donation you give will be matched, dollar for dollar, by some of our best supporters who realize that we are at an absolutely critical juncture. Failure is not an option. Please make a generous donation today.

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It Won't Stop - Unless You & I Speak Out

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Anyone who thought the June 26 decision by the Supreme Court was about as bad as it could get was sadly mistaken. In fact, in the seven weeks since then it has become clear that the activists responsible for convincing the Court to illegitimately redefine marriage have set their sights on another foundational American value — religious liberty — something we all hold sacred.

You see these same-sex 'marriage' activists have adopted what is essentially a totalitarian regime — they want every American to be forced to accept gay 'marriage' and are prepared to invoke the full power of the federal government to force everyone to accept the sham ruling the Court handed down.

Do you object to being involved with a same-sex 'marriage' because of religious convictions? If the same-sex 'marriage' advocates get their way, you could have a lawsuit brought against you threatening your livelihood unless you conform.

Does your faith teach you to love the sinner but not the sin? Then many SSM advocates consider you to be a bigot who should be prevented from holding a governmental job, getting a grant, operating a tax-exempt ministry or engaging in any number of other activities.

Bottom line: If the advocates of redefining marriage get their wish, religious freedom will become extinct in America.

At the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) we are rallying the American people to say "No!" to the new marriage totalitarians. And Americans are responding to our cause in record numbers.

Need proof? Pat Caddell, a Democratic pollster, conducted a national survey that found that there is overwhelming support in our nation for key provisions of the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA). Backed by NOM, FADA is critical legislation to protect our rights as Americans.

>>> Help us get FADA passed in Washington D.C.

Please consider a donation to protect our freedom as a nation!

I'll make a quick donation of $15

I'll make a quick donation of $25

I'll make a quick donation of $50

I'll make a quick donation of $100

Here's what Americans are really saying about the demands that everyone go along with the sham US Supreme Court ruling:

  • 82% of Americans believe that a wedding photographer who has deeply-held religious beliefs in opposition to same-sex "marriage" should be able to decline to photograph the ceremony.
  • More than two in three Americans are opposed to forcing an individual or business to participate in something like a same-sex "marriage" ceremony against their wishes.
  • Seven in ten Americans believe that both protecting gay couples from discrimination and protecting religious liberty can happen simultaneously.

And Congress is listening! Already we have commitments from 183 members of Congress to support FADA. That's more than forty percent of the entire Congress!

This makes our work even more urgent! We must have a majority in both the House and the Senate for FADA to become law. And then, we have to make sure the same kind of legislation is passed by each State so our religious freedoms are protected at every level of government.

FADA is about protecting our very basic rights as Americans —freedom of speech, freedom of the press, our right to peaceably assemble, our right to complain against the Government without fear of punishment —as well as our right to exercise our religious beliefs. Nobody should be forced to give up their God-given constitutional rights because they believe in the truth that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.

I am not willing to sacrifice those rights. Are you?

Protect our First Amendment Rights! DONATE NOW and help get FADA passed!

After Labor Day, Congress will return from their recess. We must make sure that FADA is front and center —and that we have the support to get this passed into law. Passage of the First Amendment Defense Act is absolutely crucial.

Despite the overwhelming support of Americans to protect the religious liberty of people who believe in traditional marriage, I have no doubt that the Obama administration will fight to keep FADA from becoming the law of our land. They have made their agenda clear: any person or any institution (like a church or religious organization) that opposes same-sex "marriage" could potentially be targeted for punishment. They've already signaled that "it's going to be an issue" for faith-based groups and charities to keep their tax-exempt status unless they fully embrace same-sex 'marriage.'

Any way you look at that, it is clear that the approach adopted by the gay 'marriage' totalitarians and likely to be pursued by officials in the Obama administration it is NOT religious liberty! And that is why NOM is so committed to standing firm!

Please stand with us to fight for your freedom to recognize marriage, as it has always existed — one man and one woman — without fear of governmental reprisal or punishment. Please DONATE NOW so NOM can fight to ensure our freedoms are secure for the next generation!

To be perfectly clear . . .

  • FADA will stop the government from targeting marriage supporters and it will protect our right to freely exercise our religious faith.
  • Support in Congress for FADA is strong. But we must gain even more support to see this become law.
  • The opposition to FADA is determined to kill this legislation. Their goal is to use the power of the current Administration to force us all to submit to their agenda.

Together —you and NOM —can make sure FADA becomes law.

Our goal is to raise $100,000 in the next two weeks. Why? This is what we must have to launch a massive campaign when Congress returns from its recess. We need gifts of $25, $50, $75, $100 —or whatever is possible —from every supporter of traditional marriage in America!

Give today and your gift will be matched $1 to $1 thanks to some generous supporters who realize that we are in a fight that we must absolutely win.

I'll make a quick donation of $15, which doubles to $30 with the matching gift!

I'll make a quick donation of $25, which doubles to $50 with the matching gift!

I'll make a quick donation of $50, which doubles to $100 with the matching gift!

I'll make a quick donation of $100, which doubles to $200 with the matching gift!

Please give generously. What's at stake? Our religious freedoms!

Personally, I refuse to stand by silently while a loud, aggressive mob demands that my First Amendment rights are taken away. I will keep fighting for my rights — and for yours — as long as there is one person still standing with me.

Are you committed to this fight as I am? If so, please stand with NOM and thousands of your fellow Americans to show your support and give today!

Thank you. We count on you —and I am personally grateful to know you are with us.


Brian S Brown

P.S. For just a few more days, your gift will be matched dollar for dollar. Don't wait! The match is critical and we must claim the full amount of this gift.

When you give $50 today, it will add $100 to our battle fund. It you can give as much as $75, that doubles to $150. And when you stretch and give $100, it is immediately worth $200 in our battle for religious liberty! Please give as generously as you can. Thank you for caring so much about America and our rights as Americans.

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Why Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Will Never Live Up To The Real Thing

Two authors have penned an article at The Federalist pointing out several key reasons “why marriage deserves special attention from government – and its redefinition does not”:

ThinkstockPhotos-783213991. The Species Only Survives Because Of Heterosexual Relationships
Marriage produces more taxpayers. By providing a social stamp of approval and public policies friendly to marriage, government is encouraging the survival of the human species and the creation of more tax dollars in the environment that—study after study has found—is best for children.


2. Children Benefit From Marriage—Not Same Sex Marriage
[C]ontrary to popular reports, people raised by same-sex couples are not as well developed as those raised by married parents. Comprehensive research published earlier this year by Catholic University of America researcher Dr. Paul Sullins found that ‘emotional problems were over twice as prevalent for children with same-sex parents than for children with opposite-sex parents.’

3. Marriage Is Physically Healthy; Same Sex Marriage Is Not
In 2011, a survey of 90 studies found that single men die eight to 17 years earlier than married males. Life spans for single women decrease by seven to 15 years compared with their married counterparts.

Conversely, a number of studies have found lower life expectancies for same-sex sexual couples. While the invention of anti-retroviral drugs has narrowed the gap, anal sex between men has led to this small segment of society making up at least two-thirds of all HIV/AIDS cases in America.

. . .

Taxpayers have a right to not be held financially accountable for poor life decisions with predictable consequences.

4. Society Is Empowered By Marriage And Weakened By Its Redefinition
[T]he families that come from marriage create communities that empower each other. Bonds are formed, friends are made. As has been seen in Europe, Canada, and a number of U.S. states, however, redefining marriage brings persecution, reduction in liberties of speech and religion, and threatens the very fabric of equal treatment under the law.

. . .

The burden of proof to expand the government’s definition to “earn social approval, tax benefits, etc.,” of marriage is on same-sex couples. Like anyone who wants to receive a degree or a certificate, same-sex couples must make the case that they add benefits equal to those of marriage.

Alas, based upon the available science, the many benefits of marriage are not transferrable to its redefinition for same-sex couples.

Many people who advocate redefining marriage act as if it is a political institution, something that can be changed to suit changing societal whims. But marriage has intrinsic meaning – it is the union of one man and one woman – and it witnesses eternal truths: that men and women are complimentary, naturally made for each other, that only the union of men and women can create new life, and that children thrive when they receive the love of both their mother and their father.

See The Federalist for more.

Heartbreak, Lessons, and Encouragement Emerge from Religious Liberty Rally

Last week, in Des Moines, Iowa, a group of people persecuted because of their beliefs about marriage gathered for a religious liberty rally organized by Sen. Ted Cruz. Of those present, many spoke publicly about the hardships they face, as well as their faith in God. The Daily Signal reports on the event:

Iowa couple Dick and Betty Odgaard, who are Mennonite, told  how they were forced to close their business, the Gortz Haus – a wedding venue located in an historic church.

The wedding venue also served as an art gallery, flower shop, and restaurant. After declining a gay couple’s request to use their venue for their wedding in 2013, the couple became the target for attacks.

Asked why they didn’t host the same-sex wedding, Betty said, “We could not celebrate a sin.”

The Odgaards were fined $5,000 last year. In July, the couple closed the doors on the business.

. . .

Those speaking on a panel at the event included former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran, Oregon bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein, retired Air Force Senior Master Sgt. Phillip Monk, and Washington florist Barronelle Stutzman.


Iowa-based radio host Steve Deace moderated the discussion.

All of the panelists shared their stories of heartbreaks, lessons, and encouragement.

“I was never in a court,” said Aaron Klein, who has been fined $135K after not baking a wedding cake for a lesbian couple.

The Klein family owns Sweet Cakes by Melissa.

“Before all of this happened, I had a very large lack of trust in my God. I hate to admit that, but I did," Melissa Klein said. "And through this and through standing for him, I have learned to trust him so much.”

This week the Klein family baked 10 cakes to send to LGBTQ groups to show love for these individuals, even though the Kleins do not support gay marriage.

“I would just encourage you all,” Melissa continued, “stand for God and be strong because He can move in your life like you have never seen Him move before.”

The US Supreme Court has made a grave mistake in imposing same-sex ‘marriage’ on the nation. Until we are able to take the steps necessary to reverse this illegitimate decision, it is imperative that there be no more victims of persecution or punishment of people simply for standing up for the truth of marriage. We call on Congress and the states to pass the First Amendment Defense Act prohibiting government from discriminating against people who support marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

See The Daily Signal for more.

Do You Believe that Christian Military Chaplains are Unfit to Serve, Cowardly and Losers?

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Of course you don't think that! Every decent American realizes that military chaplains are heroes who devote themselves to service to both God and country.

Yet some radical activists who champion support for gay 'marriage' in the military have demanded that military chaplains who stand up for traditional marriage be dismissed from military service, told by the government to "get the hell out of the military chaplaincy" and calling them "human reprobates" and "intolerant filth."

And to think that these people once had the gall to claim that redefining marriage would never impact anyone else!

These radical activists have been emboldened by the US Supreme Court's ruling redefining marriage in all 50 states, and on every military installation as well, and they are determined to strip the military of any vestige of faith-based belief in marriage.

This is another example why passage of the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) is so critically important. Without it, these activists will be able to pressure the Obama Administration to drum out of military service anyone who does not support their radical agenda of redefining marriage.

You can stop this assault on religious freedom and traditional morality by helping NOM pass FADA, urgently-needed legislation to protect individuals, small businesses, religious groups, military chaplains and others from persecution and harassment simply for believing that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. Please give a generous contribution to NOM of $25, $50, $75 or $100 or more so that we have the resources needed to fight against these radical activists on behalf of all Americans, including our military chaplains, who believe in the truth of marriage.

NOM is the only organization in the country that is entirely dedicated to advocating the truth of marriage and to protecting those individuals and institutions that sustain it. We have a five point plan in place to contain the damage of the US Supreme Court decision redefining marriage and to pursue a path that will lead to the reversal of this illegitimate ruling.

Passage of FADA is absolutely critical. Without it, people like military chaplains will be at risk of losing their livelihood, being put out of business, having their ministry revoked and threatened with everything the federal government can muster to force them to abandon their deeply held views on marriage.

What are we doing to pass FADA? For one thing, we are leading the effort to get thousands of people to show up at congressional forums to campaign for FADA. We are in the midst of a critical period when lawmakers are back home during a Congressional Recess, meeting with constituents to discuss priorities. Many have already held town hall meetings and NOM has been able to encourage thousands of marriage supporters to attend these events to ask for support for the First Amendment Defense Act.

There may still be an opportunity for you to speak personally with your federal representative. Here is a full list of remaining town hall opportunities that we have identified. If your representative is on this list, please attend the event and ask that he or she support the First Amendment Defense Act.

Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-MO 4)
Aug. 26, 2015 Format: In-person
Sedalia Iran Town Hall — Sedalia, Missouri

Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX 32)
Aug. 25, 2015 Format: In-person
Richardson Town Hall — Richardson, Texas

Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX 6)
Aug. 25, 2015 Format: In-person
Ferris Town Hall — Ferris , Texas
Aug. 26, 2015 Format: In-person
Arlington Town Hall — Arlington, Texas
Sept. 3, 2015 Format: In-person
Ennis Town Hall — Ennis, Texas

Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA 4)
Aug. 25, 2015 Format: In-person
Coarsegold Town Hall — Coarsegold, California
Aug. 26, 2015 Format: In-person
Ione Town Hall — Ione, California
Sept. 2, 2015 Format: In-person
Truckee Town Hall — Truckee, California

Rep. Susan Brooks (R-IN 5)
Aug. 31, 2015 Format: In-person
Connect with your Congresswoman One-on-One — Tipton County — Tipton, Indiana

Rep. Keith Rothfus (R-PA 12)
Aug. 24, 2015 Format: In-person
Coffee with Keith — Beaver — Beaver, Pennsylvania
Aug. 24, 2015 Format: In-person
Ice Cream with Keith — Ellwood City — Ellwood City, Pennsylvania
Aug. 25, 2015 Format: In-person
Coffee with Keith — Ebensburg — Ebensburg, Pennsylvania
Aug. 27, 2015 Format: In-person
Ice Cream with Keith — Pittsburgh — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Aug. 28, 2015 Format: In-person
Ice Cream with Keith — Pittsburgh — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Aug. 29, 2015 Format: In-person
Ice Cream with Keith — Aliquippa — Aliquippa, Pennsylvania

Rep. Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN 6)
Aug. 27, 2015 Format: In-person
Coffee with Your Congressman — Washington County — Forest Lake, Minnesota

Whether you can attend one of these important town halls or not, I hope that you will stand with NOM to fight for the rights of people who support true marriage, and make a contribution of $25, $35, $50, $75, $100 or even $250 or more.

In the past we've written to you about all those in the wedding industry who have been targeted for punishment because they refused to go along with the idea that marriage can be redefined. Bakers, florists, inn keepers, facility operators, printers and others have all been threatened with massive fines and other punitive measures because they will not violate their faith to participate in something they cannot support.

But those who are vulnerable go far beyond the wedding industry. Religious groups and charities have had to close ministries rather than compromise their beliefs. In countries that have had longer experience with same-sex 'marriage,' pastors and priests have been arrested and threatened with jail time for preaching what the bible teaches about sexuality and marriage. Here in the US, Christian colleges have already been put on notice that they could lose their tax exempt status if they refuse to accept gay 'marriage.' Certainly military chaplains and anyone directly employed by the federal government is at grave risk.

NOM is fighting for each and every American who believes that marriage should exist as God designed it — the union of one man and one woman. Marriage is a beautiful and immensely worthwhile institution, one that should be preserved not redefined.

Our five-point plan will put us on a path to contain the damage that's been done by the Supreme Court, and then begin the arduous process of reversing their illegitmate decision.

Donate and Defend Marriage

We don't have billionaires and the elite on our side. We depend on you for support. Fortunately, some of our best supporters have agreed to match anything you give, dollar for dollar (up to a total match of $250,000) for the balance of the month. That means that your gift will be doubled — if you give $50, NOM will receive $100.

As a grassroots organization, the summer is always a difficult time for us because many of our supporters are enjoying vacation with their families and I confess that finances can get tight. This year we have the added urgency of dealing with the fallout of the US Supreme Court's lawless decision to impose a radical view of marriage on the nation.

That's why I hope you will step up with a financial contribution of whatever you can afford — $25, $50, $75, $100 or even $250 or more — which will be doubled thanks to some of our best supporters who will match anything donated to NOM through the end of the month (up to a total of $250,000).

But whether you can make a donation or not, it is critical that you contact your federal representatives now to urge them to support the First Amendment Defense Act. We have an incredible opportunity to push this urgently-needed legislation forward and we need every one of our supporters to ask their member of Congress to support the legislation.

Thank you for all you are doing to support marriage. Working together, we can protect Americans from being punished for standing for the truth, and begin to restore marriage to our national laws.


Brian S Brown

PS — Don't let Christian colleges, military chaplains, religious adoption agencies and so many other organizations be punished for standing up for the truth of marriage. Please work to pass the First Amendment Defense Act by contacting your federal representatives, and consider making a gift of whatever you can afford to NOM so that we can continue to push this legislation forward.

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Marriage and Family: You Can't Have One Without the Other

Shortly after the Supreme Court legitimized “same-sex marriage,” the noted New York Times columnist, David Brooks, wrote a piece calling for what he termed “conservatives” to give up the fight for marriage and focus on what he viewed as a different culture war: the fight for the family.

Dr. Thomas Lickona, in an open letter to Brooks responds to Brooks' call for conservatives to end the fight for marriage:

200226088-001The two great Gospel values are truth and love.  They’re not only compatible; they’re inseparable.  If you wish to speak the truth, you must do so with love (as Christ did).  If you love someone, you must speak the truth to them.  John Paul II said we are “called to build the civilization of truth and love.”  When competing values have a claim on our conscience, It’s never either or, but always both and.

. . .

The family is the foundation of society and the first school of virtue.  The sexual revolution has been an unrelenting assault on that foundation.  Can we achieve the stable families you say we need without people who make an enduring, sacrificial commitment to each other and the children they bring into the world? Research findings suggest otherwise, with negative effects on children – as you note.

. . .

When our Center addresses educating for character in the sexual domain (not our main focus but an important part of our work), we often begin with things that are likely to create common ground.  For example, nearly all people feel that more should be taught to our young about the emotional dangers of premature sexual involvement—something that gets short shrift in most sex education.

Most people, liberals and conservatives alike, are also concerned about the sexualization of children. Stories that illustrate the sexual corruption of children by our hypersexualized culture move them to take stock of our sexual culture and the unanticipated fallout of the sexual revolution.

The best way to protect the family is to protect the institution of marriage as a union between one man and one woman. The family is the safeguard of children, so the protection of marriage and the protection of the family are interrelated. We cannot have a stable one without the functioning other.

See Aleteia for more.

Kentucky Clerk Continues to Fight for Her Right to Refuse to Issue Marriage Licenses

Kim Davis, a Rowan County Clerk, has been granted a temporary stay on account of her refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Until the case is resolved, Davis is not compelled by law to wed same-sex couples. If she loses her case against the state though, Davis could face fines and possibly jail for contempt of court. Kate Scanlon of The Daily Signal, explains Davis’ objection:

ThinkstockPhotos-451417063In an interview with The Daily Signal, Davis’ lawyer, Roger Gannam, senior litigation counsel at Liberty Counsel, an organization that provides free legal assistance in religious liberty cases, said that Bunning’s temporary stay is a “minor reprieve” for his client.

Gannam said that Rowan County’s marriage licenses are issued “under her name and her authority, so that is her religious objection.”

Gannam argued that the Supreme Court’s ruling requires only that states treat same-sex marriage as they do traditional marriage. Under Kentucky law, marriage licenses issued in any county are valid statewide. Therefore, there are over a hundred offices where the plaintiffs could obtain a marriage license.

“It’s certainly not the case that the plaintiffs are unable to get married.”

Gannam said that Davis’s religious beliefs should be accommodated.

. . .

Roger Severino, the director of the DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society at The Heritage Foundation, said, “When North Carolina faced a similar problem with its clerks, it passed a law allowing civil servants with religious objections to recuse themselves from all marriage licensing functions while at the same time ensuring that every qualified couple would still receive a timely marriage license.”

“It was a win-win and shows that the conscience rights of civil servants can and should be respected even after the Supreme Court’s sweeping redefinition of marriage,” Severino said.

As the States move forward from the Obergefell decision, judges and legislators need to treat everyone with equality. We must uphold the First Amendment and allow those issuing marriage license to recuse themselves when they feel they could personally breach their deeply held religious beliefs.

For original article, please visit The Daily Signal.

Judges Can't Follow Their Conscience?

Can judges act in accordance with their consciences and still hold public office? Are judges who oppose same-sex marriage fit to serve their country? Roger Severino, reporting for The Daily Signal, records the Ohio Court Board’s decision, a resounding “No”:

ThinkstockPhotos-470954011According to the [Ohio] Board, a judge who performs civil marriage ceremonies cannot decline to perform them for same-sex couples no matter what the judge’s religious beliefs or moral convictions on the matter.

Had the Board stopped there, the Ohio courts could have come up with a system, like in North Carolina, that ensures that every qualified couple receives a timely license and solemnization ceremony while also protecting the conscience rights of objecting clerks and magistrates by allowing them to recuse themselves from all marriage licensing.
There would be no losers under such a system.

But instead, the Board slandered judges who seek to opt out of marriage ceremonies by saying they would create the appearance of “bias or prejudice” against gays or lesbians and should be disqualified from hearing any cases touching upon sexual orientation. But it simply does not follow that a refusal to accept marriage as a genderless institution indicates a bias or prejudice against gays and lesbians.

Nevertheless, the Board warned that a judge who “publicly states or implies a personal objection to performing same-sex marriages” and seeks recusal from performing all marriages violates the state mandate against judicial “impropriety.” In other words, the commonsense compromise adopted by North Carolina is unethical.

The Ohio Court Board’s opinion represents a gross discrimination against people of faith. Excluding such people from the Justice Department is both imprudent and divisive. Severino explains:

That religious freedom is a fundamental right does not mean that the interests of believers always win. States now have a judicially imposed obligation to issue same-sex marriage licenses, and judges and clerks that cannot in good conscience participate in same-sex wedding ceremonies have a responsibility to their employer to make their objections known and seek guidance before it becomes an issue. That the case precipitating the Board’s action involved a same-sex couple actually being denied marriage solemnization perhaps explains, but does not justify, the Board’s extreme response.

As Professor Robin F. Wilson of the University of Illinois Law School notes in her scholarship, citizens entitled to state services “do not necessarily have a claim to receive the service from a particular public servant.” Accordingly, the Board should have stepped back and allowed recusal from all marriage solemnizations as a religious accommodation that everyone can live with. Instead, it effectively cast doubt on the fitness of people of faith to be judges in a sweeping opinion.

The Board’s action fits a growing pattern of myopic exclusion of people of faith from positions of public trust that creates bad precedent and bad blood and makes for bad policy. We can do better.

See The Daily Signal for more.

This Is What's Coming Unless We Pass the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA)

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Many people still have their head in the sand when it comes to the damage that the US Supreme Court's illegitimate ruling redefining marriage will eventually mean for religious liberty and people of faith. Let me just say it directly, this is what is coming:

Your pastor or priest could be arrested and jailed for preaching the gospel.

Think I am exaggerating? Think again: A high ranking Catholic Bishop, His Excellency Vitus Huonder, Bishop of Chur, Switzerland, is now facing criminal charges brought by a homosexual advocacy group that could result in him being incarcerated in prison for three years because he publicly defended the Church's teaching about marriage.

We're going to eventually see this kind of persecution here in the United States unless we pass the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) to protect ministers, churches, religious organizations, nonprofit groups, individuals and small businesses. We need your immediate financial gift of $25, $35, $50, $75 or $100 or more to pass this critical legislation.

Bishop Huonder's 'crime' was to speak at a conference on marriage entitled "Marriage: Gift, Sacrifice and Commission." He explained that Christian moral teaching squarely rejects the idea of homosexual unions, citing among other scriptural references two passages from Leviticus (Lev. 18:22, 20:13) to support his proposition that, "There is no plurality of models for marriage and family. To even speak of such is already an attack on the Creator, as well as on the Savior and Sanctifier, that is, on the Trinitarian God."

The homosexual advocacy group Pink Cross claims this amounts to sowing hated and inciting violence because a later passage of the Leviticus verse mentioned by Bishop Huonder says that anyone who has homosexual relations should be put to death. (The same chapter of Leviticus calls on the people of Israel to put to death adulterers and those who have sex with family members.)

By quoting this passage from the Bible, Pink Cross says that Bishop Huonder crossed a "red line" because as a senior church official his words "could be followed obediently" leading Christians to kill gay people.

How preposterous! The Pink Cross charge ignores the fact that Bishop Huonder went out of his way to make clear that Christians have an obligation to minister to people with same-sex attraction to provide a "source of comfort." In short, he didn't call for murder, he called for ministry, and for love.

But this doesn't matter. Now that the charge has been filed, Bishop Huonder will be forced to defend himself before a secular state body, with a prison sentence hanging over his head.

This is what the future will look like right here in the United States unless we pass the First Amendment Defense Act to protect people of faith, churches and religious groups from persecution simply for standing for the truth of marriage. Your contribution of $15, $25, $50, $75, or $100 or more is urgently needed and will be put to immediate use to fight for your religious liberty, and that of every pastor, priest, church and nonprofit group in the country to act in concert with the belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.

Some countries in Europe are a decade into this disastrous experiment with same-sex 'marriage' and this isn't the first time a European pastor has been criminally charged with a hate crime for preaching the Gospel. Rev. Ake Green of Sweden was previously sentenced to jail for preaching against gay unions. Only a procedural ruling saved him from being incarcerated by Swedish authorities.

This is happening in North America as well. In Canada, another high-ranking official of the Catholic Church, Alberta Bishop John Henry, was hauled before a Human Rights Commission to defend himself against charges of hate speech for communicating the Church's teaching on homosexuality that he had expressed in a pastoral letter. Fortunately, he had the resources and public presence to mount an effective defense. Bishop Henry said of his experience, "Human right laws, designed as a shield, are now being used as a sword."

Indeed, Bishop Henry's warning is proving to be prophetic here in the United States. In the city of Houston, five pastors received subpoenas from the city government demanding that they turn over copies of sermons and other communications like emails and text messages that discussed efforts to repeal the city's so-called "equal rights ordinance." This is an ordinance that grants special legal protections to gays and lesbians and was pushed by the city's lesbian mayor. The city attorney said, "it's relevant to know what representations and instructions were given regarding [the] petitions" to repeal the ordinance.

Don't think that the effort to punish people of faith is going to be limited only to bakers, florists and photographers — people directly involved in the wedding industry. They are only the first targets. The real objective is to shut down and intimidate pastors, priests, churches and religious groups who have the courage to teach about God's commands for human sexuality, morality and marriage.

NOM has a five-point plan to achieve two overriding objectives:

  1. In the short term, contain the damage done by the US Supreme Court with their illegitimate, sham ruling redefining marriage; and
  2. Work to overturn this ruling over the longer term.

Enactment of the First Amendment Defense Act in Congress and at the state level is absolutely essential to contain the damage and protect people of faith. This is why we urgently need your financial assistance today.

Fortunately, some of our best donors have come together to agree to match anything you or others give up to a total match of $250,000 during the balance of the month. With the doubling of every donation there has never been a better — or more important — time to give to NOM.

I'll make a donation of $15 which will double to $30

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I'll make a donation of $50 which will double to $100

I'll make a donation of $75 which will double to $150

I'll make a donation of $100 or more which will double to $200 or more

Time is of the essence. Congress is in recess now and many members are back home hearing from their constituents that they want them to support the First Amendment Defense Act. We need to be prepared for a major Congressional push at the end of the month to demand hearings and a vote on this critical legislation. We've got momentum with over 42% of Congress already signed on to support the legislation, but we need a strong education and grassroots lobbying effort to push the legislation forward.

If you want to avoid a future in America where pastors, priests, bishops, ministers, churches, nonprofit groups and individuals can face charges of discrimination and 'hate speech' then please act today to help us push for the First Amendment Defense Act.


Brian S Brown

PS — Every donation you give to NOM over the next two weeks will be matched by some generous supporters to help us push for passage of legislation protecting the right of Americans to act in concert with the belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. Thank you for your support!

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White House Witness

Dear Marriage Supporter,

One of the most encouraging developments since the US Supreme Court issued their illegitimate and wrongly decided ruling on marriage is the degree to which faithful citizens have been stirred to work to reclaim marriage. Countless community-based efforts are underway, developed spontaneously simply because people cannot tolerate a ruling that is so profoundly wrong for society, families and especially children.

I am speaking at one such event this Saturday, August 15th, called "White House Witness." Organized by the faith-based group The Kings Men, we will be gathering hundreds of people in front of the White House to do three things:

  1. Pray for the restoration of marriage. We'll pray the Rosary in front of the White House and urge Americans to pray daily, fast weekly and sacrifice for the truth of marriage.
  2. Demonstrate in the public square. It's not enough to act privately in support of marriage; we must demonstrate in the public square our support for the truth of God's design for marriage. That will be a key element of our gathering on Saturday.
  3. Witness to God's plan for marriage by offering an authentic witness to the public about the true nature of marriage, how the gift of children can enrich family life and the sheer goodness that marriage provides society.

I am looking forward to addressing these outstanding supporters of marriage. If you can attend, please join us at the White House this Saturday from 10am until noon (eastern time).

Santorum, Jindal Stand Tall for Marriage in Presidential Debate

Sen. Rick Santorum has been a leader for the cause of preserving marriage his entire career in public service, a dedication that earned him NOM's prestigious Marriage Champion Award which we presented to him last month at our annual Marriage Gala dinner in Washington. In the presidential debate last week, Sen. Santorum was asked if the US Supreme Court decision made gay 'marriage' settled law. His answer was powerful and true, a resounding rejection of judicial Supremacy, demonstrating his commitment to lead the nation to restore marriage to our laws. Watch his compelling answer to the question.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, another strong supporter of marriage, took the opportunity in the presidential debate to express his support for protecting the religious liberty rights of marriage supporters. When asked to detail the executive orders he'd issue as president, Jindal pledged to sign an executive order protecting traditional marriage supporters, just as he has done in Louisiana. You can view his comments here.

We commend both Sen. Santorum and Gov. Jindal for their principled comments and urge all the presidential candidates to similarly speak out on the campaign trail in support of marriage, our most important social institution.

NOM has challenged all the presidential candidates to sign our Presidential Marriage Pledge, committing to take specific actions to restore marriage to the law and our culture. More news on the pledge will be announced soon.

Urge Your Federal Representatives To Support The First Amendment Defense Act

Members of Congress are home in their districts for several weeks where they have the opportunity to hear directly from constituents. Please take this opportunity to urge your federal representatives to support the First Amendment Defense Act (HR 2802/S. 1598). One of the best ways to do this is to attend a town hall meeting if your representative has one scheduled. Call his or her office to inquire, and then make every effort to attend.

We've been very successful so far in generating support for FADA, with 183 sponsors and cosponsors already signed onto the legislation — 42% of the entire Congress. But we need to push harder if we're going to secure passage of this critical legislation.

Without FADA, the Obama Administration will be able to turn the federal government into a powerful tool in the hands of same-sex advocates to punish people who support marriage. A push will be made to deny individuals and groups who support marriage access to federal grants and contracts, accreditation, tax exemptions, tax exempt status, and many other punitive measures.

FADA is "must pass" legislation and it is critical that we all contact our representatives to urge their support.

NOM Is Leading The Fight To Restore Marriage

These are challenging times in the cause to preserve marriage. As illegitimate as it was for the US Supreme Court to have imposed same-sex 'marriage' on the nation, it is a very arduous task to reverse it. However, reversing it is possible — and NOM has a five-point plan to do so.

Donate to Defend Marriage

Despite the challenges, we are optimistic about the future. We know the truth of marriage will prevail, and we know that a majority of Americans are on our side. But to prevail, we need Americans like you not only on our side, but to financially support our work. We are a grassroots organization that relies on support from average Americans.

Please consider making a donation to NOM today. Fortunately, some of our best supporters who recognize the importance of our work have agreed to match any contribution you give, dollar for dollar up to a total of $250,000, making this a perfect time to support NOM. Your gift of $25 will result in us receiving $50, which we will immediately put to use fighting for marriage in the halls of power, in the courts, in the court of public opinion and in the culture.

Marriage is too important for us not to do everything possible to restore it to our laws. Please act today with a generous contribution, which will double in size thanks to the matching campaign by some of our supporters.


Brian S Brown

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Good News! You and NOM are having an Impact!

Dear Marriage Supporter,

I received some great news that I just had to share with you — because without your support of the National Organization for Marriage, it may not have happened.

Here's the great news — a national survey by Pat Caddell (a pollster and a Democrat) revealed overwhelming support for key provisions of the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA). Backed by NOM, FADA is critical legislation to protect our rights as Americans.

We're getting the message across to Americans! Here's the proof:

The poll revealed that more than two in three of Americans are opposed to forcing an individual or business to participate in something like a same-sex "marriage" ceremony against their wishes.

An even more staggering 82% of Americans believe that a wedding photographer who has deeply-held religious beliefs in opposition to same-sex "marriage" should be able to say NO to photographing the ceremony.

And seven in ten Americans believe that protecting gay couples from discrimination and protecting religious liberty can both happen simultaneously.

This makes our work even more urgent!

Keep up the momentum and DONATE NOW! Your gift of $50, $75, $100 or more matters! Your gift will be put to immediate use.

Congress will return from their August recess soon and NOM must be in a position to keep pushing hard for passage of the First Amendment Defense Act. Why? Because this legislation will protect people of faith from government punishment simply for believing that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. I know you agree with me that this is absolutely critical legislation!

Despite the overwhelming support of Americans, you can be certain that the current administration will be looking for opportunities to punish supporters of traditional marriage. They will be actively seeking to force us to drop our opposition to same-sex "marriage."

Need proof? Their top lawyer already told the Supreme Court they'd be looking at whether Christian Colleges could continue to enjoy religious tax exemption if they don't recognize homosexuals as married even though doing so violates their deeply help beliefs.

That's unacceptable! And we MUST stop it NOW!

Don't give up — stand with us on the battle lines and DONATE NOW!

I'll make a quick donation of $25

I'll make a quick donation of $50

I'll make a quick donation of $100

I suspect FADA scares the current administration. Why? Because FADA will stop the government from targeting marriage supporters. It will protect our rights to act on our beliefs in the public square.

Support for FADA is very strong and widespread! We have already secured the support of 183 members of Congress who are sponsoring or cosponsoring this important legislation. That's 42% of the entire Congress supporting FADA!

Show your support, too, and DONATE NOW! Your gift of $50, $75, $100, or whatever you can offer will be put to immediate use.

But we still face an enormous challenge to pass this legislation. The opposition to FADA is fighting us with all they have and using their wealth to influence elected officials. Their goal is to use the power of the federal government to force us all to submit to their agenda.

We MUST NOT let them get away with it!

We must fight them word for word, dollar for dollar. It is critical for NOM to raise $100,000 in the next 15 days so we can launch a massive education campaign when Congress returns from its recess. We need gifts of $50, $75, $100 — or whatever is possiblefrom every supporter of traditional marriage in America!

And there's more great news! Your generous gift will be matched dollar for dollar, thanks to generous NOM supporters who know how crucial it is that we have a large contingent of supporters behind us. These donors have stepped up as an encouragement to you to give your very best gift right now.

Please don't let us down. More importantly, don't let America down! America needs you now more than ever. Give generously — and let's make sure religious freedom in America is protected — for us, our children and our grandchildren.

We can't win the battle alone. We need you. Will you give today? Together let's stand for America!


Brian S Brown

P.S. Remember, every dollar you give toward this immediate need will be matched dollar for dollar thanks to a generous matching grant from committed donors. So your gift of $50 will add $100 to our battle fund. $75 doubles to $150. And your gift of $100 will immediately become $200 for this urgent fight. Please give what you can — and thank you for standing with me.

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More Evidence that Americans Reject Supreme Court Marriage Ruling

Dear Marriage Supporter,

A new national poll, this one conducted by Democratic pollster Pat Caddell, becomes the fourth to show that the American people are rejecting the ruling of the US Supreme Court in the Obergefell case, which redefined marriage for every state in the nation.

Specifically, the poll looked at religious liberty issues in the fallout of the Supreme Court ruling. Caddell found:

  • 71% of Americans believe that religious liberty can be protected while also protecting gay couples from discrimination.
  • 68% of Americans are opposed to forcing an individual or business to participate in something such as a same-sex ceremony against their wishes.
  • 79% of Americans disagree with the idea that the federal government should be able to determine legitimate religious beliefs.
  • 82% of Americans say that a wedding photographer who has deeply-held religious beliefs in opposition to same-sex 'marriage' should be able to say NO to a same-sex couple who demands he or she photograph the ceremony.
  • When forced to choose between protecting religious liberties and the rights of gay couples, four times as many (31% of Americans) say they would protect religious liberty as those (8% of Americans) who would protect gay rights.
  • 53% of Americans told Caddell they believe that the federal government should never have the ability to restrict the conversations, counseling and prayer of military chaplains, while only 19% say the government should be able to somewhat or to a great extent restrict military chaplains regarding the counseling, conversations or prayer they provide.

Fox News Bumbles on Marriage

The nation watched the first debate of the presidential cycle this week, as Fox News hosted the affair from Cleveland on Thursday evening. As many NOM supporters have observed, the mainstream media rarely treats the marriage issue with the importance it deserves, and even Fox News has been reluctant to give it fair and balanced coverage.

Regrettably, this was evident in their handling of the marriage issue during the presidential debate. Only two candidates were asked about marriage, and it was phrased in an adversarial way, pitting support for traditional marriage as being at odds with support for a gay family member. How ridiculous!

Ohio Governor John Kasich told viewers he supported traditional marriage, explaining that he's old fashioned, but then stumbled badly when he said the Supreme Court decision had settled the issue. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul didn't add much substance to the subject but did manage to get in a quip that, "I don't want my marriage or my guns registered in Washington...When the government tries to invade the church to enforce its own opinion on marriage, that's when it's time to resist."

In contrast to the made-for-TV event organized by Fox News, the real American debate is taking place across the land and that debate definitely includes the illegitimate ruling of the US Supreme Court redefining marriage. For example, recently in Iowa the major presidential candidates were on stage for one-on-one interviews at the Family Leadership Forum, which was co-sponsored by NOM. As we have detailed, the candidates who took a forceful stand against the Supreme Court marriage ruling got a huge audience reaction, including standing ovations, from the nearly 3,000 Republican leaders who attended the event.

It's these leaders and activists who will help select the next Republican presidential nominee. Fortunately, voters in Iowa have the opportunity to see and hear from the candidates directly as they campaign up and down the state. Many voters in other states don't have that luxury of meeting the candidates face-to-face, which is why they depend on the news media for an opportunity to learn about the candidate's values and positions. Sadly, when it came to the marriage issue, Fox News bumbled badly. We hope that future debates will give the candidates a fuller opportunity to expound on their views about protecting marriage and the actions they will take as president to reverse the illegitimate ruling of the Supreme Court.

NOM is committed to helping the American people separate out the marriage champions from the pretenders by issuing our Presidential Marriage Pledge. A number of candidates have signed onto our pledge, and we will be announcing those names soon.

Ask Your Federal Representatives To Support The First Amendment Defense Act

Support for the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA — HR 2802/S. 1598) continues to grow. Currently there are 146 sponsors or cosponsors of FADA in the House of Representatives, and 37 sponsors and cosponsors in the US Senate. That means that 42% of all members of Congress have already lent their name to this critically important legislation.

With Congress now in their August recess, it's a perfect opportunity for you to ask your federal representatives if they will support this critical legislation to protect people of faith from being discriminated against by the government simply for standing firm for the truth of marriage. Check with your US Senator and House Representative to see if they have any community forums planned, and then show up to urge their support of FADA. If they don't have any forum planned, please write them a letter or send an email asking them to sign on to support the First Amendment Defense Act.

And please be sure to email me any feedback you get from your representatives so we can factor that into our efforts in Washington, DC.

Please Support NOM

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is a grassroots organization that depends on average Americans for our existence. If you agree that marriage should be defended and preserved in the law, then we hope you will support NOM with a generous financial contribution. Unlike those who want to rip the truth of marriage from the law and culture, NOM doesn't have deep-pocketed billionaires or advocates in the media to count on. That's why I am asking you to consider making a contribution of $15, $25, $50 or even $100 or $250 to support our work in Congress, at the state level, in the courts and in the court of public opinion.

Donate to Defend Marriage

The other side has many advantages and big money, but we have you! Fortunately, some of our supporters have banded together and have agreed to match anything you give, dollar for dollar, in the next thirty days. If you donate $25, we will receive $50; if you give $50, we will receive $100. So there has never been a better time to support NOM than right now!

Please join us in defense of marriage as God designed it and has humanity has experienced it — the union of one man and one woman for the good of the couple, the good of children and benefit of all of society.


Brian S Brown

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How to Argue in Defense of Marriage

What will proponents of the proper definition of marriage in the United States do now? How will we defend our religious freedoms? How can we convince legislators and our neighbors to accept marriage as the union between a man and a woman for the purpose of procreation and the protection of children? Taking holistic approach toward the issue of marriage, Ryan T. Anderson’s new book, Truth Overruled: The Future of Marriage and Religious Liberty, answers all of these questions.

ThinkstockPhotos-483371054The Supreme Court’s Obergefell decision was hasty, unpolished, and has ultimately made it possible for many more illicit attacks on marriage to filter their way through the legal system. Anderson’s book addresses these issues and offers solutions for preserving religious liberty, while seeking to overturn the Court’s decision. He offers three key points of immediate action:

1. We must call the court’s ruling in Obergefell what it is: judicial activism.
2. We must protect our freedom to speak and live according to the truth about marriage.
3. We must redouble our efforts to make the case for it in the public square.

In addition, his book takes an in-depth look at the history of marriage itself and affirms its biological truths. Taylor Brown of Juicy Ecumenism, aptly qualifies Anderson’s book:

Truth Overruled is a must-read.  It is a must-read for Christians who want to cogently, winsomely, and respectfully defend both traditional marriage and religious liberty. It is a must-read for non-Christian, religious Americans who also seek reasoned and well-informed defenses of marriage and religious liberty.  It is a must-read for those on the fence about marriage.  It is simply a must read all around.  Anderson presents a well-researched and well-rounded argument for the continued importance of both traditional marriage and the strong protection of religious liberty.  And he does all of this while being eminently respectful to those on the opposite side of the issue.  Anderson’s work is the polar opposite of “hateful,” “bigoted,” or “homophobic.”  It is a prime example of the Christian imperative to “speak the truth in love.”  Though it is the first book to be published on the SCOTUS ruling, it is in no way a lightweight treatment. With the e-book version currently available from Amazon and the print version due out by the end of August, I would highly recommend you pick up a copy.  It will be well worth your time.

If you’re looking to defend marriage in your home, workplace, or church, pick up Anderson’s book as soon as you can!

See Juicy Ecumenism for more.