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Christian Post: "Traditional Marriage Group Calls for Boycott of JP Morgan Chase Over LGBT Survey"

The Christian Post recently reported on NOM’s new VoidChase boycott of JP Morgan Chase Bank: National Organization for Marriage announced its boycott of the financial company earlier this week due to a survey the company did of employees that many believe was meant to punish employees who disagree with pro-LGBT positions. Joseph Grabowski, director of communications for NOM, told […]

Rick Santorum on Chase Bank Scandal

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum said Friday that he found Chase Bank’s invasive questions to employees about their sexual orientation and loyalty to the LGBT cause “shocking.” In an interview with The Daily Signal, Santorum said, “It seems like there’s an element of  intimidation in trying to shape people’s points of view, and maybe even have punishment for […]

Breitbart News: Chase Bank has Pattern of Partisanship on LGBT issues

Yesterday, Breitbart News reported on some of the history of LGBT activism at Chase Bank, which is currently under fire for an invasive survey that asked employees if they were “allies” of the LGBT community and which retained each respondent’s unique employee ID: The recent exposé of the employee survey that asked probing questions about employee […]

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