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Victory in the Senate!

Last week I let you know about a dire fundraising crisis we're facing, and shared the fact that we needed to raise $25,000 within two weeks. The good news is that we have raised, amazingly, almost exactly half of what we need, and thus have cut our goal for this week in half.

The fact that we raised just over $12,000 last week has already paid dividends with a big victory late last evening. NOM launched a huge mobilization in response to Senator Cory Booker’s attacks on Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State, over Pompeo’s beliefs in traditional marriage. We created a special website, from which we launched a nationwide petition that generated thousands of emails and calls to protest Booker’s shameful actions. Even more importantly, we targeted the key swing vote on the committee, Senator Rand Paul to vote to approve Pompeo. Paul had said he would oppose Pompeo on other grounds, but last evening, Senator Paul listened to our call to action and did the right thing – voting to confirm Mike Pompeo!

We are sure that the pressure we were able to bring to Senator Paul had an impact in this important committee vote, and we were able to deny Cory Booker and his cronies in the LGBT lobby the ability to walk away from the vote claiming that Booker’s beliefs had sunk his nomination. This is a big victory, and shows what NOM can do when we have the funds to do it.

So now I’m asking you to help us close the gap on our fundraising goal: we have more work to do, and it’s critical we raise the remaining $12,500 for our budget or else risk real and lasting cuts to our mission. Will you make an emergency donation to NOM of $35, $50, $100, or $200 so that we can keep up the fight?

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No other group in the country does what we do day in and day out. No other group was able to swing into action and produce a website and petition within hours of Booker’s attack on Pompeo targeting the right person, Senator Rand Paul. We know that our supporters flooded his office will phone calls, emails, and tweets, and that he listened to Americans’ concerns about marriage and religious liberty in casting the deciding vote last night!

Please act at this critical time with a donation to help us continue to fight – and win! – in the battle to restore marriage, to protect the rights of marriage supporters to live out their beliefs at work and in their daily lives, and to promote religious liberty rights of all people of faith. So much is riding on what our supporters are able to do to help us this week.

Please, I hope you will be able to make an emergency donation to jump start our work this week and help us close the remaining $12,500 fundraising gap we face. Thank you for everything you are doing.


Brian S Brown

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Help A Pro-Family Champion Win

As you've seen play out across the country, there is a critical battle for the heart and soul of the Republican Party. Many in the establishment wing want to stop talking about critical social issues like marriage, life and gender identity (among other issues) and focus only on the agenda of big corporations. They expect social conservatives to just be quiet and vote for their candidates. But we're not much interested in doing that; we want to fight for candidates with strong conservative principles on all the issues.

Help A Proven Conservative Win In Pennsylvania

There is a critical battle brewing in the Pennsylvania Republican primary for governor. The establishment is backing Senator Scott Wagner, a pro-gay, anti-religious liberty Republican whose actions in office show a wanton disregard for the rights of Christians and other people of faith. Wagner carried a Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity bill that makes gay rights superior to the rights of other Americans. Then, he made sure that his bill was not amended to include critical religious liberty protections. Among other problems, Wagner's legislation includes "bathroom bill" provisions that will risk the privacy and safety of girls and women by allowing biological men to force themselves into intimate areas like showers and restrooms that are reserved for females.

We have a far better choice in this race. Paul Mango is a principled conservative who has taken a strong stand in support of family values. As governor, he will veto legislation like that being pushed by Scott Wagner. A former Army Ranger, Mango will be a tough advocate for the family, and especially for women and children. Scott Wagner would be a disaster.

Please act today to help Paul Mango win. You can donate directly to his campaign, and I urge you to do so. Then please ask all your friends and family in Pennsylvania to vote for Paul Mango in the upcoming May 15th primary election.

We will have more to say about this race in coming days, but for today please act to donate to Paul Mango and to let all your friends and contacts know that you are supporting him. He's a true conservative on all the issues we care about – social issues, military and security issues, economic issues, etc. – and is precisely the type of candidate that should be encouraged to run.


Brian S Brown

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