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Who will be our next great evangelist?

They are both gone now.

I consider the two most transformative, influential Christian figures to have lived during my lifetime to be Pope John Paul II and the Rev. Billy Graham. With the passing of Rev. Graham last week, these two giants are now gone.

I never personally met either man, but both touched me in profound ways. Ironically, even though I am a Catholic and Rev. Graham was a Southern Baptist, I felt a real connection to him, and my life and career ended up interacting with his in interesting and inspired ways.

My first attraction to Rev. Graham was not on a spiritual level, but a professional one. I've made my career in the business of persuasion, in the field of politics and public affairs, and I had a tremendous respect and admiration for Dr. Graham's enormous communications skills. I remember watching him as a young man preach on network television to these enormous, packed stadiums, in awe of his oratorical skill, connecting immediately with his audience, putting himself on the same plane as them, both sinners. There was some fire and brimstone in his addresses, yes, but his overarching message was always love. He made it clear that no matter what you've done, no matter where you are, God loves you, sent his only son to die for you and you can save your life this very moment by confessing Jesus as Lord and Savior. It was never him, it was his message. It was Jesus, always and everywhere.

It was a different time during Rev. Graham's public ascendancy, a time when religious broadcasts were not relegated to late night or early morning cable channels. The television audience for Rev. Graham's crusades was huge, his addresses were aired in primetime.

My first spiritual interaction with Rev. Graham was in 1983 when he brought his crusade to Sacramento. I was 27 years old and going through a difficult time in my life. I was immensely touched by his message. Experiencing his preaching deepened my faith in God and brought me closer to Jesus in a personal way, appreciating Him not only as the Savior of the World, but as the Savior of My Own Life.

A few years later during another challenging period of my life, I actively explored other presentations of the Christian faith, regularly attending services at several evangelical churches. I eventually returned to the Catholic Church but the impressions left by Rev. Graham though his television ministry and his crusades stuck with me my entire life.

Fast forward now to 2012. I had just been retained by a coalition of groups including the National Organization for Marriage, local pro-family organizations like the NC Values Coalition and a number of church groups in North Carolina to manage a campaign to enact a constitutional amendment preserving marriage in the state as the union of one man and one woman. In my very first trip to meet with the coalition, I stated the obvious - somehow we needed to get Rev. Billy Graham involved in the campaign.

This turned out to be more difficult than you might imagine. Dr. Graham had been retired for many years by then, and was in ill health. Nobody on our team had a direct relationship with him. Some had indirect relationships, and they began the process of networking and putting out the word that we needed his help.

Weeks turned into months. Meanwhile. the LGBT community, with the help of a complicit media, was disingenuously and viciously attacking the measure in a slew of misleading press reports and paid advertisements, eroding support.

The route to reaching Billy Graham was circuitous, to say the least. It was the Holy Spirt who gave us a hand. As I recall, somehow an obscure church secretary in a rural North Carolina church learned that we were seeking Rev. Graham's support. This woman happened to bring the topic up with a visiting pastor who just happened to be preaching in her church at that very time. This pastor just happened to have a connection to the Graham family.

All I know is that as the campaign came down to the final days, we got a call that Billy Graham was, indeed, going to publicly endorse the marriage amendment. And more than that, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association would pay for full page newspaper ads in every newspaper in North Carolina to announce his endorsement.

The North Carolina marriage amendment was enacted with a 61% Yes vote.

One of my most prized career mementos is a copy of the Billy Graham endorsement newspaper ad signed by Rev. Graham himself. His wobbly signature, the result of his battle with Parkinson's disease, was a stark testament to his faith, and his courage to stand for the truth even in his final season of life.

Both Billy Graham and John Paul II were men of history, but also men of the moment who mastered the emerging communications technologies of their day to spread the Gospel.

Neither man shied away from the plain truth of the Gospel. They didn't tout a sanitized "prosperity" version of the Gospel; nor did they did they bend the Gospel to be "seeker friendly" as so avoid any possible offense. They just spoke the plain truth. Our existence here on earth is not a mere way-station along a certain path to heaven, but a testing ground where we have an opportunity to accept Jesus, follow his teachings and thus secure an eternity with Him in heaven. Both men spoke truth from the perspective of a father who loves us like no other.

Who will be the next Billy Graham or John Paul II? I don't know, but almost certainly there will be someone to fill those enormous empty shoes because God is not done with humanity yet. Until the second coming of Jesus Christ, the fight to save souls will be waged in full-throated fashion. And just as Billy Graham and John Paull II mastered the communications technologies of their day (radio and television) to save souls, I am confident the next great evangelist will be a master of the technologies of today and tomorrow.

Rev. Graham's body is appropriately lying in state in the US Capitol in preparation for his burial on Friday. He is one of only a handful of American civilians to have been granted that honor. He was that important to our nation.

It is said that Rev. Graham preached to over 200 million people, more than any other person in history. Russell Moore, head of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention called him, "the most significant evangelist since the Apostle Paul." He was that influential a Christian.

I don't know about the millions of other people he reached during his remarkable career, but I know that Billy Graham reached me. He deepened my faith and helped transform my life. I am extremely fortunate, and grateful, to have known him, even from afar.

Frank Schubert

Frank Schubert
National Political Director

Down the Rabbit Hole

A friend of mine and his wife just got back from taking their youngest granddaughter on her first visit to Disneyland. They had a great time, and their young granddaughter was regularly mesmerized by the characters, costumes, pomp and circumstances. Everything they encountered was carefully staged to create an impression among the children of an engaging and inviting alternative "reality."

While enchanting, the entire experience is staged. Adults know (or at least should know) that it's not reality they are experiencing, but an orchestrated environment designed to present something decidedly not real. To fully enjoy the experience requires the willing suspension of disbelief.

It's one thing to suspend disbelief when visiting a theme park like Disneyland, but it's an entirely different thing to be asked to suspend disbelief when it comes to our laws and public policy. And, increasingly, that's what is expected of Americans when it comes to the agenda of LGBT activists.

We're working hard every day to restore marriage and to protect the rights of people of faith to live out their beliefs in their daily lives. Please support us with a generous financial contribution.

In America today. we're expected to go down a rabbit hole such as that envisioned in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland that leads us to an alternate reality, where up is down, you have to run twice as fast just to stay in place, any road takes you to where you are going, and you can believe in six impossible things before breakfast.

This rabbit hole distortion of reality is regularly promoted by the mainstream media with their coverage of all sorts of things, but particularly in their coverage of the Trump administration. For example, the media and LGBT activists have recently criticized Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for her decision to faithfully implement the law as it exists when it comes to access to intimate areas in schools (showers, restrooms, locker rooms, etc.), rather than enter the rabbit hole to make up laws that don't exist so as to support an agenda that has not been adopted by the American people.

Federal law establishes that intimate facilities in schools where children can be expected to be in a state of undress be segregated based on sex. Our understanding of "sex" is well-established and universal - it's the biological fact of being male or being female, a pretty simple concept. But in the rabbit hole world of LGBT activists and the media, sex does not refer to biology but to something they call "gender identity."

No individual politician, bureaucrat or judge has the authority to redefine sex under federal law to mean gender identity, yet that is what the Obama administration did. They dragged our laws into the rabbit hole, and imposed their vision of reality on every young child in public school, sacrificing their privacy and safety to the wishes of radicals in the LGBT movement.

Betsy Devos has followed President Trump's lead to put a stop to this social engineering in the public schools. She has properly stated, as the law commands, that sex means the biological reality of being male or female, and that there is no right to use intimate school facilities based on "gender identity." For this she and President Trump are being pilloried.

NOM is standing up for Education Secretary Devos and we ask you to sign our petition thanking her for her common sense leadership. Please sign our petition today so that she knows that countless Americans are with her in defending our laws that protect the privacy and safety of young children in school.

This attack being waged on Secretary Devos is just an example of the situation we at NOM consistently face in dealing with the gravitational pull of the rabbit hole. Not a week goes by where we don't have some brewing challenge or an unexpected opportunity to advance our agenda of truth and common sense. This is why a key organizational focus for NOM in 2018 is increasing the base of Sustaining Members who support our work.

If you have not yet become a Sustaining Member of NOM, I am asking you to do so today. Sustaining Members form the financial backbone of our organization by pledging to make a monthly contribution of any amount of their choosing. Will you step up to become a Sustaining Member in 2018?

The success of our 2018 agenda will depend to a significant extent on how successful we are in broadening our base of support among Sustaining Members. Whether it be in advocating positions before the US Supreme Court, being ready to help ensure the appointment and confirmation of a pro-marriage justice to join the Supreme Court when the next vacancy arises, advocating for legislation in Congress and in state legislatures, promoting our positions among the public, developing grassroots programs for supporters to help advance the cause and change the culture, or any of the myriad other things that we are involved in to restore marriage and protect the rights of marriage supporters, we need to have a strong and loyal group of supporters to sustain our operations.

Whether you can step up and become a Sustaining Member of NOM, or prefer to make a one-time donation to support our work, please act today.

Please also pray for our staff and for the success of our 2018 Strategic Plan. We're up against some powerful adversaries, but we know that we are on the side of truth. As long as we have God's blessings, along with your friendship and support, we will continue to speak truth to power, and we'll fight with everything we have to pull our country out of the grips of the rabbit hole of deception and falsity that too often lure Americans.

Thank you for all you are doing.


Brian S Brown

PS — If you have not yet had a chance to sign our petition thanking Education Secretary Betsy Devos for protecting the privacy of our nation's school children, please do so today. Thank you!

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Help Me Expose The Truth About Roe v Wade

One of the most horrific tragedies to befall our nation was the U.S. Supreme Court's infamous decision imposing abortion on the nation in the Roe v. Wade case. Some 60 million unborn children have died as a result of that monstrous decision.

What many people do not know is that the Roe decision is based on a pack of lies, manipulations and outright misrepresentations. Now we have an opportunity to bring the truth behind the Roe v. Wade decision to the attention of the American people with a full-length feature film starring Jon Voight, Stephen Baldwin and Stacey DashRoe v. Wade, the Movie.

Please check it out.

I am honored to be an Executive Producer of the movie, along with Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King. A top production crew is behind the movie, and with Academy Award winner Jon Voight in a starring role, Stephen Baldwin, star of Usual Suspects to Born on the 4th of July, and Stacey Dash, star of Clueless and Renaissance Man and former Fox News Contributor, it's certain to attract much attention at the box office.

I ask you to watch the introductory video from Alveda King, and then act to help make sure that we have the funds needed to complete production. You can donate directly to help ensure that this life-changing movie comes to theaters across the country.

The Roe v. Wade case is the most corrupt court case in American history. This is the first time that the Roe decision has been presented as a feature film, one that captures the drama of the rank manipulation by abortion advocates to mislead the American people, and our court system, about the push for abortion.

This movie can change lives, and alter history. If enough Americans come to learn the truth about how the Roe case was decided, there will be an unprecedented push to repeal it.

Please join me, Dr. Alveda King and Jon Voight, Stephen Baldwin, Stacey Dash in supporting Roe v. Wade, the Movie.


Brian S Brown

PS — You can follow developments with the move on Facebook and Twitter, and

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Say thanks today

If you've followed the news from Washington the past couple of weeks, you'll know that Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has come under fire in the liberal media for supposedly "attacking transgender rights."

Thank Betsy DeVos today!

What the Department of Education has actually done is to clarify the position that it has taken for almost a year now, since February of 2017: that claims of sex discrimination in schools based on Title IX include only biological sex, and not "gender identity." This is simply a sane, common-sense, and legally sound reading of the law which is meant to protect women and girls in the education system.

You see, the Obama Administration in 2016 had the Department of Justice and the Department of Education issue an outrageous instruction that the prohibition against sex-based discrimination in Title IX must now be interpreted to include the right of biological men to use women's-only facilities, like showers and locker rooms, based on "gender identity." This was a preposterous and illegal move by the administration that put the safety and privacy of all students at risk. The rights of girls in schools to feel safe in intimate spaces like bathrooms and changing rooms were thrown aside in favor of the right of "gender nonconforming" students who could simply claim a gender identification with the opposite sex, and then attain access to those spaces without question.

Secretary DeVos deserves our thanks for standing up for the privacy and safety of all students. You can be sure that the Department of Education is hearing from angry, radical LGBT activists who see this as a major set-back to pushing their progressive agenda.

Please sign this petition today, and we'll deliver an email on your behalf to Secretary DeVos expressing support and thanks for ensuring safety and privacy in our schools.

There will be lawsuits coming from radicals who want the transgender agenda enforced at all costs, and the Education Department will need to stand its ground in court as it faces these challenges. They need our encouragement to stay the course!

Sign Now!

Too often in Washington it's the squeaky wheel that gets the grease: the noisiest minority drowns out the silent majority. Most people in this country recognize that boys are boys and girls are girls and that this isn't bigotry, but biology. Most parents in this country don't want their daughters exposed to biological males in the locker room without notification, recourse, or accountability. But if that message is to make it to the halls of power, you need to add your voice today.

Take a moment to sign our petition to send a letter of thanks to Secretary DeVos and her staff.

And when you've done that, please use the sharing buttons below to forward this email and post it to social media so more folks like you and me stand up today and voice support for the truth of gender and the common sense application of laws meant to protect vulnerable people in our society.


Brian S Brown

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Big Wins, Big Mo On Our Side

Four significant victories in recent days have made it clear that NOM is on the march and making tremendous strides to protect marriage supporters and people of faith. We're winning in the courts, with voters and in the court of public opinion.

Please show your support today by making a generous financial contribution so that we may continue the momentum we have achieved.

The narrative of the mainstream media is that same-sex 'marriage' is a done deal, that any attempt to protect religious liberty is a license to discriminate and that public opinion has shifted decidedly in favor of sexual progressives ready to abandon traditional values. This portrayal is a lie — more fake news — and they will never report all the good things that NOM and our allies are involved in. Just consider these great developments in recent days:

  • Last week the nation of Bermuda became the first country in the world to repeal same-sex 'marriage.' We were very active in this victory behind the scenes. I twice met with leaders of the pro-marriage movement in Bermuda to discuss strategies and approaches. We suggested that they push for a national referendum to preserve marriage, which they did, eventually persuading 68% of Bermuda voters to reject gay 'marriage.' After their country's Supreme Court imposed same-sex 'marriage' despite the tremendous electoral outpouring, we advised launching a national petition effort to keep the issue before Parliament, and the coalition followed our advice. Thanks to strong grassroots support for marriage, Parliament passed a new law eradicating gay 'marriage' and it was signed into law last week.

  • In 2016, NOM was a leading national group urging the Mississippi Legislature to enact HB 1523, comprehensive religious liberty legislation designed to protect people of faith from having to personally participate in the lie of same-sex 'marriage.' We rallied thousands of supporters to get involved in the fight, and played a high-profile role in convincing Governor Phil Bryant to sign the legislation in the face of a ridiculous backlash from LGBT extremists and some liberal corporations. The law has been under constant legal challenge, but the other day the US Supreme Court declined to hear a challenge to the law, thus upholding it. This is a tremendous victory for us, the people of Mississippi and common sense.

  • Last week the state of North Carolina was forced to pay $300,000 to a former state magistrate who was forced from office because she could not in good conscience perform same-sex marriages, which violate her religious beliefs. The courts ruled that longstanding federal law required that an accommodation be made for her. Fortunately, no other magistrate will be subjected to this mistreatment, thanks in part to a 2015 North Carolina law that NOM supported to allow magistrates to refuse to solemnize gay 'marriages' that violate their beliefs. This law has also been upheld despite several challenges, a great accomplishment.

  • And just last week in California — California! — a court ruled that a Christian baker did not violate the law when she declined to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple because doing so violated her deeply held religious beliefs. This great victory by our friends at Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund should buttress our position in the similar case of Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado which is now pending before the US Supreme Court. NOM is a leading ally of Jack Phillips and Masterpiece Cakeshop, and we filed an important legal brief with the Supreme Court in the case.

All of this should encourage you that we are on the right path. These big wins are in addition to all the great things we are accomplishing with the Trump administration.

As you can see, we're not only disrupting the false narrative being put forth by the liberal media and LGBT extremists, we're make real progress to level the playing field so that no American is punished for living out their biblical beliefs about marriage. Nobody should ever have to choose between their religious beliefs and their livelihood.

These incredible victories are only possible thanks to the grassroots support we receive from thousands of individuals and businesses each year. If you have not yet become a Sustaining Member of NOM, I am asking you to do so today. That is the best way for us to capitalize on the great victories we've won, because having more Sustaining Members will significantly enhance our effectiveness. Sustaining Members form the financial backbone of NOM by pledging to make a monthly contribution of any amount of their choosing. Will you step up to become a Sustaining Member in 2018?

Show your support today!

It can be frustrating sometimes to see all the advantages the other side enjoys compared to our modest means. They have the media, wealthy corporations, liberal foundations, many of the politicians and nearly all of academia. But despite all these advantages, we are still beating them, as Bermuda, Mississippi, North Carolina and even California shows.

I hope you are as encouraged as I am that we are not only on the right side of eternity, we are on the right side of right now in all these critical battles.

We appreciate your friendship and encouragement, and thank you for whatever financial support you can provide at this critical time so that we can capitalize on our momentum.


Brian S Brown

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They also lie

The other day I wrote about the constant cheating that backers of same-sex marriage and the LGBT agenda engage in, using the power of government to put a thumb on the scales of justice, targeting people of faith for punishment, and manipulating government policy to advance the LGBT agenda through illegitimate decrees and illegal rules.

I want to follow that up with this additional important reminder: They also lie.

Help us continue to fight to restore the truth of marriage to our laws, and to protect the right of Americans to live out their beliefs about marriage at work and in their daily lives.

The biggest lie about same-sex 'marriage' is that it is inevitable. LGBT activists and their partners in the media regularly trot forth with falsehoods such as gay marriage is somehow part of an "arc of history," and that everybody needs to embrace it if they want to be "on the right side of history." They also want people to accept the lie that since the U.S. Supreme Court imposed gay marriage on the nation in 2015 with their illegitimate and anti-constitutional Obergefell decision, that the issue is resolved for all and that it's time to accept it - no, more than accept it, everyone must openly embrace and celebrate it.

This, of course, is a lie. There's nothing inevitable about same-sex 'marriage' and there's no 'arc of history' propelling it forward. In fact, if anything the arc of history reveals that people continue to resist this damaging policy, as was powerfully proven again twice on the world stage this past week. To wit:

  • The country of Bermuda became the first nation in the world to repeal gay 'marriage' this week!

  • A legal ruling threatening to impose same-sex 'marriage' on the nation of Costa Rica totally upended that country's presidential contest, propelling a pro-marriage candidate who pledged to resist the ruling from the middle of the pack in a crowded field to winning Costa Rica's presidential primary.

NOM played a significant behind-the-scenes role in the tremendous victory in Bermuda. Our team advised pro-marriage supporters there on strategies to preserve marriage and I travelled there twice to meet with activists from Preserve Marriage Bermuda to discuss potential strategies. In 2016, Bermuda conducted a national referendum to advise the Parliament on whether gay 'marriage' should be allowed, with 68% of voters resoundingly rejecting same-sex 'marriage.'

Despite the overwhelming voter rejection of redefining marriage, in 2017 the Bermuda Supreme Court imposed gay 'marriage' on the nation. This proved to be a short-lived ruling as the Preserve Marriage Bermuda coalition rallied supporters to demand that marriage be restored. This past December, the Bermuda Parliament passed a law repealing same-sex 'marriage.' This week the British government of Theresa May announced that it would not block the repeal of same-sex marriage (Bermuda is a British territory) and Governor John Rankin promptly signed the repeal legislation into law.

So much for the arc of history.

NOM heartily congratulates the people of Bermuda and the leadership of Preserve Marriage Bermuda. Their efforts are a powerful proof point that the "inevitability" of same-sex 'marriage is a lie and that the fight for marriage can be won, even when the judicial elite think they can impose their will on a country, as tragically occurred here in the U.S.

Show your support today!

Please help NOM continue to fight for the truth of marriage and for our agenda to protect the rights of people of faith to act in concert with their beliefs about marriage. We have an ambitious 2018 Strategic Plan that we're pushing, and we are counting on your support.

We're in this fight for the long term. Whether it takes two years or two decades, we are determined to restore true marriage to our nation's laws. What happened this week in Bermuda is extremely encouraging, and we hope it inspires you to redouble your support for our work.

One of the best ways that you can show your support for NOM is to become a Sustaining Member of our organization. Sustaining Members form the financial backbone of NOM by pledging to make a monthly contribution of any amount of their choosing. Knowing that we have a regular source of funds coming in month in and month out gives us the stability we need to aggressively push forward with our agenda. Will you step up to become a Sustaining Member in 2018?

We've been through some tough times together in recent years, including the disastrous Supreme Court ruling redefining marriage in 2015. But despite that low point, we've continued the fight, overcome adversity and won some incredible victories for marriage and people of faith, particularly over this past year in working with the administration of President Trump. We're on a good path, and what happened this week in Bermuda and Costa Rica shows is that all our goals can be achieved if we trust in God, ignore the lie of "inevitability," and are resolved to continue the fight.

Thank you for all your support. I look forward to working closely with you in pursuit of our 2018 Strategic Plan.


Brian S Brown

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They Cheat

The memo released last Friday detailing some of the disturbing and extraordinary lengths to which the Obama administration went to surveil members of the Trump campaign and transition team are all too familiar to social conservatives. It reinforces one of the most profound conclusions about President Obama's administration that has been made obvious time and time again: They cheat.

The American people have a right to expect that their government will treat them fairly and impartially. They expect the laws to be enforced uniformly without regard to creed, color or political ideology. But President Obama, and leaders of his administration at the highest levels, did not treat Americans fairly and impartially. When it came to conservatives, they regularly cheated, putting a thumb on the scales of justice, issuing countless illegal orders to advance their radical agenda.

NOM has been at the forefront of fighting against President Obama's radical LGBT agenda. We've had some great victories, but much more remains to be done. Please help us continue to fight.

Not only did Obama oppose what conservatives support, his administration systematically targeted conservatives for scrutiny, punishment and even banishment. His Internal Revenue Service under the leadership of Lois Lerner systematically targeted conservative groups for abuse. NOM was the target of IRS harassment when they illegally leaked our confidential donor information to a gay activist who immediately turned it over to one of our chief political opponents, the so-called Human Rights Campaign.

But what Obama never counted on was that NOM would fight back. We sued his administration in federal court, and forced them to admit to their illegal leaking of our confidential tax return information. And they also had to pay a substantial monetary settlement.

We are committed to holding elected officials to account, and making sure that our laws are applied equally and without bias, and undoing Obama-era actions that were illegally or unfairly taken. We need your financial support to do so.

Some of the actions that President Obama took were not only illegal, they were brazen. After months of declaring (correctly) that he did not have the legal authority to unilaterally change immigration policy to protect so-called Dreamers, he turned right around and did just that. After being elected as a supposed supporter of traditional marriage, Obama then reversed course in office to declare marriage to be unconstitutional. And then he took perhaps the most brazen act of all: unilaterally and illegally issuing orders rewriting federal law to declare that "sex" means "gender identity" and not biological reality.

Help us unravel Obama's LGBT agenda!

But he didn't stop there. Obama issued "guidance" to every public school in the country that they must give boys access into intimate areas of school reserved for girls, including showers, locker rooms and restrooms if the boys claim to identify as female. No girl can object to losing her privacy or to concerns about safety when confronted by a biological male in the shower. The girl would be considered guilty of "discrimination." And then Obama went even further, ordering our military to become a laboratory for the so-called transgendered, who could not only openly serve in the military but could force taxpayers to pay for expensive medical treatments, including gender reassignment surgery.

Once famously called "America's first gay president" by Newsweek magazine, Barack Obama used the full power and prestige of his office to press the radical agenda of LGBT extremists wherever possible for eight long years. It won't happen overnight, but we are committed to reversing his radical LGBT actions. Please help us begin to unravel Obama's extreme, often illegal LGBT agenda.

NOM has been working with the Trump administration to restore common sense and the rule of law to our nation's federal government. Already President Trump has issued orders reversing the transgender bathroom rules illegally imposed on public schools, and he's ordered a cessation of transgender people serving in the military (an order being challenged in federal court, meaning our fight is not yet completed on that issue.) We've also helped achieve meaningful religious liberty protections for people of faith, and worked to ensure that pro-marriage, conservative justices are appointed to our courts, including the extraordinary appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the US Supreme Court.

Our work over the past year proves that we can turn around the Obama years if we work hard, and smart. But we need financial help from our supporters to be successful.

If you have not yet made a 2018 gift to NOM, please do so today. And if at all possible, please consider becoming a Sustaining Member of NOM. Sustaining Members make a monthly pledge or any amount of their choosing, which is a huge benefit to us.

Increasing the number of Sustaining Members is a top financial objective for us this year. Doing so will provide added confidence month in and month out that our finances are on a stable foundation, which will allow us to be more effective, strategic and opportunistic being in a position to immediately take advantage of opportunities and deal with challenges that unexpectedly occur.

I thank you for all the support you have given us in the past and look forward to working with you throughout 2018.


Brian S Brown

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