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Neil Gorsuch Delivers

Decisions of the US Supreme Court announced this week establish without question what an amazing contribution that newly confirmed justice Neil Gorsuch will make to the Court, potentially for decades to come. NOM went all in to fight for Justice Gorsuch's confirmation, and our confidence in him was validated this week.


  • Gorsuch was part of the majority in the Trinity Lutheran case which held that states may not arbitrarily deny churches access to public funds they make available to other nonprofit groups. Moreover, he wrote a separate opinion in the case forcefully arguing for a proper understanding of, and respect for, true religious liberty, which is the guarantee to freely exercise one's religious beliefs, not merely hold such beliefs. This understanding of religious liberty is a critical factor in stopping the discrimination that people of faith are routinely facing because of their beliefs about marriage and other issues.

  • Justice Gorsuch dissented in a case where the majority of the Court decided to force the state of Arkansas to list a non-biological LGBT parent on a child's birth certificate. The majority of the Court relied on the Obergefell decision redefining marriage. That Justice Gorsuch was interested in a full hearing and argument of the Arkansas case where the reliance on Obergefell could be challenged is very encouraging.

  • Finally, with Justice Gorsuch now on the bench, the US Supreme Court has granted review in a critical religious liberty case with far-reaching implications for every person who believes that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. The state of Colorado has punished Christian baker Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, for refusing to use his artistic talents to support a gay "wedding" because doing so violates his faith. This case will offer a tremendous opportunity to stop the ongoing governmental persecution of anyone who does not endorse the LGBT agenda.

Show Your Support

While a relative small number of decisions by a justice does not necessarily signal how the justice will rule on other important cases, the actions of Justice Gorsuch thus far gives us great confidence that he has the integrity and the courage to reverse the illegitimate Obergefell decision redefining marriage should such an opportunity come before him.

And such an opportunity could very well come before him sooner rather than later.

While Justice Anthony Kennedy did not announce his resignation from the Court as many had speculated he would do, he or any of the other justices who imposed gay 'marriage' on the nation could retire at any time. And when they do, we will need to fight for the appointment of a Gorsuch-like replacement, someone who is committed to reading the constitution as it was originally constructed, and not reconstructing the meaning of the constitution to suit a personal agenda.

We're very proud of Justice Gorsuch, and we hope you are pleased that NOM fought so hard for his confirmation. If you share our views, please consider making a financial contribution to support our work Your gift of $25, $35, $50, $100, $250 or $500 or more will go a long way to ensuring that we can continue to fight for conservative, "originalist" judges in the federal courts.

Summer is the slowest time of year for fundraising, which creates challenges for our finances. Please support NOM today with a generous gift. Thank you.


Brian S Brown

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Major New Report Raises Alarm About Transgender "Therapy"

With all the publicity surrounding transgender issues and the relentless push by Hollywood and the media to normalize the idea that a person can change their gender to correspond with the sex they "identify" with, it's no surprise that incidents of children claiming to be transgender at an early age is on the rise. Some medical professionals report as much as a 2000% increase in children being treated for gender identity disorders. An entire industry of "gender clinics" is developing where children and very young adolescents are being treated with powerful drugs designed to suppress the onset and development of puberty. These drugs are presented as safe and fully reversible and the treatments portrayed as being compassionate and in accordance with proven and long-established protocols. But an important new report makes clear that these assurances are false, and that countless children are being needlessly endangered by this political gender ideology movement.

The study published in The New Atlantis journal, "Growing Pains: Problems with Puberty Suppression in Treating Gender Dysphoria," was conducted by some of the country's leading medical experts including Drs. Paul W. Hruz, Lawrence Mayer and Paul McHugh. Dr. Hruz is one of the nation's leading endocrinologists and is a professor at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Dr. Mayer is a leading scholar in biostatistics and biomedicine, and Dr. McHugh one of the country's most-esteemed experts in psychiatry. Both are associated with Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

As a preliminary point, it's important to keep in mind that almost all children who experience gender dysphoria will grow out of it by the time they go through puberty. Despite this, a cottage industry of medical clinics to "treat" gender dysphoria has arisen. Many utilize what is called a "gender affirming" model of treatment. Rather than challenge the patient's dysphoric identification with the opposite sex, the therapist accepts the child's stated preference and proceeds along a course of therapy to assist the child to live as the opposite sex. This treatment often involves powerful hormonal therapy to suppress puberty in order to help the child's appearances more closely match the chosen gender.

While parents are told this treatment is accepted and fully reversible, it is considered experimental when applied to most children. Puberty suppression treatments were not developed for those with gender dysphoria, they were developed for children who undergo puberty at too young an age. The study's authors call this treatment for gender dysphoria, "a drastic and experimental measure." Contrary to being safe and reversible, evidence suggests permanent changes to children receiving treatment. This includes height growth rates and bone-mineral density, but one of the biggest consequences relates to the future ability of these children to procreate.

When puberty suppression drugs are used by those undergoing puberty at too young an age, they are typically withdrawn at a more appropriate age for puberty and the patient gradually resumes normal puberty and develops normally. But the evidence that puberty will resume when the drugs are used for gender dysphoria are "very weak." In fact, the evidence suggests that almost all children who are prescribed puberty suppression drugs will go on to receive cross-sex hormones. These cross-sex hormones, in turn, will prevent normal sex hormones from developing, circumventing the most fundamental form of sexual maturation. – the maturation of their reproductive organs.

The result of this course of treatment that runs from puberty suppression to cross-sex hormones is infertility, something that is irreversible.

The study's authors note that none of the major studies published on treating gender dysphoria with puberty suppression drugs report the results of patients who have withdrawn from treatment and resumed normal puberty development. This, they point out, raises the very significant question of, "whether these treatments contribute to the persistence of gender dysphoria in patients who might otherwise have resolved their feelings of being the opposite sex." Because the evidence does show that most children who are diagnosed with gender dysphoria will eventually stop identifying as the opposite sex, "the fact that cross-gender identification apparently persist for virtually all who undergo puberty suppression could indicate that these treatments increase the likelihood that that the patients' cross-gender identification will continue."

Children who suffer from gender dysphoria deserve our prayers and our concerns, as do their parents who often struggle with determining what to do and have only the best of intentions in wanting to help their children. But good intentions are not a substitute for bad medicine. That is why it is so important that medical diagnoses and treatment protocols be based on rigorous scientific examination and evidence, and not politics or ideology.

The study's authors call for significantly more research to be conducted into why gender dysphoria occurs, persists, and desists, and they call on the medical community to be held accountable and to admit that the use of puberty suppression to treat gender dysphoria is experimental.

If parents were informed that most patients with gender dysphoria will eventually resolve their gender confusion, that puberty suppression for the treatment of gender dysphoria is experimental and not an approved use of the medications, and that there may be permanent consequences to their children for following this course of treatment, perhaps parents would feel more empowered to resist the call of Hollywood, the media and gender clinics to embark on this dangerous course.

An article on the report from the Daily Signal is available here.


Brian S Brown

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Pray with us

Great News – We DID Make the Entire Match!!

Marriage Supporter — Yesterday I wrote that we had raised $96,176 during our Spring Matching Campaign, all of which will be matched dollar for dollar. At the time, we believed we were $3,824 short of the full $100,000 that was available to us, meaning we had lost out on $3,824 in matching funds. However, late in the day we were given a tray of direct mail responses that contain at least $5,000 in checks! This means that we will receive the full $100,000 in matching funds that were available during the Spring Campaign.

Again, I am very grateful to all the supporters who stepped forward to help us achieve this tremendous goal. It is very gratifying to know that you are standing shoulder to shoulder with us in this cause. May God richly bless you and your entire family.


Brian S Brown

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...we nearly made it

Marriage Supporter — As you may know, the 2017 Spring Matching Campaign ended this past Saturday evening. During the campaign, every dollar that NOM received was matched by a generous donor, dollar for dollar, up to a total of $100,000.

We are very grateful to all those who stepped up to help us during this critical time. All told, we raised $96,176 during the Spring Matching Campaign. While this is a considerable sum, it is $3,824 short of our goal.

While we are disappointed to lose out on critically needed funding, we nearly hit our goal and did raise a significant amount of money.

Last Saturday was also the 2017 March for Marriage. We had a great event, albeit a smaller crowd than in past years due to insufficient time to promote the event caused by delays in the issuance of local permits. Nonetheless, we enjoyed the presence of many great leaders in the marriage and life movements and committed supporters who came from as far away as California. This year's March for Marriage was co-sponsored by Freedom's Journal Institute, and we enjoyed the presence of several of their top officials, all leaders in the African American community. We are grateful for the energy and commitment of those who attended and look forward to an even larger event next year.

Walter & Lori Hoye
Issues4Life Foundation

Again, we are very grateful for all the support that NOM's members have shown us over these past few weeks during the Spring Matching Campaign. While it is disappointing that we came up a little short of our goal, the fact that so many responded shows that the American people are still in the fight for marriage, and are ready to not only support our efforts to restore marriage to our nation's laws, but to help us protect religious liberty and fight for the truth of gender.

God bless you for everything you've done to stand for marriage, and with NOM.


Brian S Brown

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...36 Hours to Save This

Marriage Supporter —

I hate to tell you this, but we are nearly $12,000 short of our $100,000 goal as we hit the final 36 hours of the Spring Matching Campaign. Once the campaign ends on Saturday night, that's it. Anything that we have failed to raise will be lost forever, and then some. If, for example, we fall $8,000 shy of the goal, that's $16,000 we will miss out on, never to get it back. We not only lose the $8,000 that wasn't contributed, we also lose the match of $8,000. The thought of losing out on that kind of money is heartbreaking, because I know how much good we can do for our cause if only we were fully funded.

That is why it is so important that every NOM supporter who can possibly manage it make a generous contribution in the next 36 hours. Every dollar raised until we hit our goal will be matched dollar for dollar, doubling the impact of your gift.

Will you step forward today with a gift of $25 or more, knowing that your entire donation will be immediately doubled during these final 36 hours of the Spring Matching Campaign? If you can give more than $25 we would be thrilled, but whatever you amount you contribute, please do so today.

I am very excited to be in Washington, DC tomorrow for this year's critically-important March for Marriage. We are expecting an enthusiastic and diverse crowd of marriage supporters who will be there to demonstrate that the American people continue to support marriage as the union of one man and one woman. That's a message the US Supreme Court needs to hear, as does the Trump administration and Congress as they consider religious liberty protections to protect people of faith from discrimination because of their views about marriage, life, gender and similar issues.

Double Your IMPACT Today!

2017 March for Marriage
Washington, DC
Saturday, June 17th
11:00am until 2:00pm

All the details are available at the March for Marriage website.

Join Us at the March for Marriage

If you are able to be with us in Washington tomorrow, please check out the Marriage March website here. You'll find a schedule, map and route information.

But whether you can join us for the March or not, I hope you will take advantage of the remaining 36 hours to make a financial contribution that will literally immediately double in size. Please don't let even a single dollar of the match go unclaimed. We're counting on loyal NOM supporters like you to help us fully capitalize on the tremendous opportunity provided by the Spring Matching Campaign.

Thank you for whatever you can do.


Brian S Brown

Donate Today! all hinges on the next 72 hours

Marriage Supporter — Most likely, you are familiar with our major national initiatives — the March for Marriage, our successful work to repeal President Obama's illegal transgender bathroom rules, our fight for religious liberty, the #FreeSpeechBusTour in support of gender sanity, our work to confirm Neil Gorsuch to the US Supreme Court, etc. But you may not be aware of smaller, more localized battles where we are asked for help in places like Minnesota, Maryland, Georgia, Indiana, Houston and many other locales. Whether national or local, our ability to carry out these battles during the balance of the year all hinges on how successful we are in the next 72 hours when the Spring Matching Campaign comes to an end.

We need to raise more than $18,000 in the next 72 hours to hit our goal. Every donation through Saturday will be matched, dollar for dollar. We need 200 heroes to step forward today with a gift of $25 or more — will you be one of them?

Your entire donation will be immediately doubled during these final 72 hours of the Spring Matching Campaign. If you can give more than $25, that would be awesome, but whatever amount you contribute, please do so today.

As examples of the important regional, localized battles that we regularly undertake, we are currently working in Minnesota and Maryland at the request of local and state allies. In Minnesota, we're supporting the Minnesota Family Council and Hands Across the Aisle Coalition to stop the Minnesota Department of Education from adopting a "Transgender Toolkit" for public schools that will result in boys being able to access intimate areas reserved for girls such as showers, locker rooms, bath rooms and girls' sleeping quarters on overnight trips. In Maryland, we have launched a petition asking citizens to push back against the Frederick County School Board which is attempting to institute a policy that schools must accede to the demands of so-called transgender students "without question." Under this policy, a male who wants to take advantage of young girls by exposing himself in the girls' showers must be allowed to do so without question. What insanity!

Double Your IMPACT Today!

One of the great blessings of being a large national grassroots organization with supporters across the country is that we can influence policy at the national level, and also at the local level. But our ability to be effective is dependent on us having the resources to get engaged. Right now as I look at the balance of the year, we don't have the funds to be able to effectively fight these battles, not to mention our major national initiatives like the upcoming March for Marriage on Saturday.

We need to raise $18,000 in the next 72 hours to stay on track and avoid cutting important elements of our work.

That's why we're counting on marriage heroes — many of whom have already contributed to us in recent weeks — to step forward at this critical time with a contribution of at least $25. It's a lot to ask, I know, but these next 72 hours are critical.

Please be one of the 200 people we need to step up today with a contribution of $25 or more. Thank you for your consideration.


Brian S Brown

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Minnesota Schools to get "Transgender Toolkit"?

The Minnesota Department of Education's "School Safety Technical Assistance Council" (SSTAC) has produced and is in the process of considering a "transgender toolkit" that would advise Minnesota schools to adopt policies advocated in the Obama administration's now infamous "Dear Colleague" letter from the Department of Education and Department of Justice. That guidance letter, based on junk science and radical ideology, was officially rescinded and withdrawn by President Trump's administration earlier this year, but the Minnesota Dept. of Ed. seems to want Minnesota's school to adopt its dangerous policy suggestions anyway.

You can read more information about the SSTAC's "Toolkit" proposal here. The article notes the objection of our friends at the Minnesota Family Council. Spokeswoman Stephani Liesmaki said the toolkit "threatens student privacy, safety and dignity, attempts to erase differences between the sexes, which has a profoundly negative effect on women and girls and drastically undermines parental authority."

The toolkit - a copy of which is provided here (PDF) - ranges from absurd but relatively benign guidance on things like pronoun usage to much more ominous policy ideas, like the opening of normally sex-segregated spaces to students of the opposite biological sex merely because they 'identify' as belonging to a gender other than the one reflected on their birth certificate and in their anatomy.

Altogether, this policy is dangerous, and the Department of Education and SSTAC need to hear from you today that these kinds of policies are dangerous and that they don't belong in Minnesota's schools!

Our friends at Minnesota Family Council have put together a letter to MDE and SSTAC policy-makers opposing this dangerous "guidance" package, and we encourage you to go sign the letter today.


maintaining a certain amount of secrecy, and so it may be voted on as early as this month! The MED and SSTAC need to hear from Minnesotans that object to this secrecy and demand a more deliberative and circumspect process.

The letter designed by MFC notes, in part:

While compassionate accommodations can and should be extended to students who struggle with biological realities, such accommodations must be made in a manner that does not compromise the privacy, safety and dignity of all students. This toolkit is not the solution. The toolkit would privilege students who struggle with biological realities above all other students and at the expense of all other students. It is your responsibility to ensure the privacy, safety and dignity of all public school students and I am urging you to embrace this responsibility by preventing final approval and distribution of this toolkit.

The vast majority of parents and students in Minnesota do not want to attend public schools where girls shower alongside boys, where boys can house with girls on overnight school trips, where boys can observe girls inside changing rooms after gym class. Privacy is a basic right and one that parents take very, very seriously when their children are concerned. Please, I am urging you to take it as seriously as parents.

Additionally, taxpayers do not want their dollars spent printing, distributing and implementing recommendations that strip minors of basic provisions every person should be extended - privacy, safety and dignity. Please respect taxpayers in Minnesota by demonstrating that you conduct yourself with integrity - fiscally, procedurally and professionally.

This is a message the MDE and the SSTAC need to hear from you today!

Please take time to visit the MPC's website and sign their letter right away.

Faithfully,Finally, please share this email with your friends and family in Minnesota, and alert as many people as you can to take action in this urgent matter!

Brian S Brown

...100 hours left, need 200 heroes to step up today

Marriage Supporter — There are only about 100 hours left until the 2017 March for Marriage begins and I lead supporters of marriage from the Capitol to the U.S. Supreme Court building to demand that marriage be restored to our laws, that marriage supporters be protected from discrimination and punishment by the government, and that the biological truth of gender be maintained. Later that same day, our Spring Matching Campaign comes to an end. We've got 100 hours left, just four days, and we need to raise over $20,000 to hit our goal. That means we are looking for 200 heroes to respond today and every day this week with a contribution of $25 or more.

Will you be one of the 200 heroes we need today to help? Whatever amount you can contribute will be instantly doubled by a generous supporter during these final days of the Spring Matching Campaign. If you can give more than $25, we will be extremely grateful and will put every penny toward the March for Marriage and pursuing our agenda.

Many people have responded to our call for support over the past few weeks as part of the Spring Matching Campaign. We've raised nearly $80,000 toward our $100,000 goal, a great accomplishment. If you are one of those who have stepped forward with a contribution, we sincerely thank you! But we're still $20,000 short of where we need to be and the fact is that our agenda will be seriously damaged unless we succeed in raising those funds.

That's why we're looking for heroes – many of whom have already contributed to us in recent weeks – people who will step forward at this critical time with a contribution of at least $25. It's a lot to ask, I know. But marriage, religious liberty and the truth of gender are worth our every effort to preserve, protect and defend.

We need 200 heroes today. Please prayerfully consider if you can find a way to be one of them.

God bless you.


Brian S Brown

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...five days to save this

Marriage Supporter — There are just five days left until the critically-important March for Marriage and the end of our Spring Matching Campaign, and we're behind. We've got five days to raise $25,724 to save the March, and save the momentum we've built in pursuit of our entire agenda.

We have so much riding on these next five days. Will you step up to help? Whatever amount you can contribute will be instantly doubled by a generous supporter during these final days of the Spring Matching Campaign.

It's important that we succeed to send a message to the Trump administration that the American people continue to support marriage as the union of one man and one woman, and strengthen our ongoing efforts to convince the administration to issue strong rules protecting marriage supporters from discrimination. Without these rules, individuals, pastors, churches, religious groups, faith-based schools and small businesses will continue to be at risk of being targeted for punishment by the government for failing to pledge allegiance to the radical agenda of LGBT extremists and the left.

It's imperative that we raise $25,724 in the next five days. The success of the March for Marriage depends on it. The protection of marriage supporters depends on it. Our fight for religious liberty and the truth of gender depend on it. Our work to educate Americans on the issues through videos, pamphlets, electronic communications and other means depends on it. Our ability to spring into immediate action in support of the next pro-marriage Supreme Court nominee depends on it.

We have five days left to save this. Will you stand with us at this critical time? Please prayerfully consider what you can contribute and then act today, realizing that your donation will be immediately matched dollar for dollar.


Brian S Brown

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...worried we won't make it

Marriage Supporter — We have just eight days left before the Spring Matching Campaign ends on June 17th, and we are $31,000 short of our goal. I have to admit, I am worried we won't make it.

It's a tough situation – we need to raise almost $4,000 every single day, which is why I am worried -- but I also know that NOM's members have stepped up in the past when we needed them the most. And right now we need you, because something else that is only eight days away is the critically important 2017 March for Marriage.

Will you step up to help? Please give whatever amount you can manage, recognizing that the amount you contribute will be instantly doubled by a generous supporter during these final eight days of the Spring Matching Campaign.

One of the most important things we need to do right away is get our new video explaining the importance of this year's March for Marriage distributed to more people. If you haven't yet watched this important video, please watch it today. Then share it with all your friends and family, and consider making a contribution today so that we have the funds to distribute it to thousands of others.

The upcoming March for Marriage is one of the most important events of the year to promote marriage, defend religious liberty and fight for the truth of gender. It's doubly important this year as the Trump administration is considering new rules to protect supporters of marriage from discrimination, and as we await a new potential vacancy on the US Supreme Court.

Please give generously so that we have the $31,000 we need by June 17th. Thank you!


Brian S Brown

PS — Your contribution will be instantly doubled because of the Spring Matching Campaign. Please act today!

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Boys in the Girls' Room in Frederick County, MD?


The Board of Education of Frederick County, Maryland is considering a policy that endangers the privacy and safety of the county’s students by allowing "access to facilities, including rest rooms, locker rooms, or changing facilities, that correspond to their gender identity […] without question" [emphasis added].

Below are some important action items for you to consider, but first I'm including more information about this dangerous policy. You can read the policy in full here (PDF).

If you're already familiar with it, feel free to skip below to see how you can help today, or simply go online and sign our petition about this policy now:

Please take immediate action to defend students' privacy and safety in Frederick County today!

This ominous policy is far-reaching in its implications. If adopted, it would mandate that:

  • “All students [would] have access to facilities, including rest rooms, locker rooms, or changing facilities, that correspond to their gender identity. Access [would be] provided without question or additional complicating procedure. Students, including non-binary students, [would] determine which facilities are consistent with their gender identity."
  • “Under no circumstance [would] any student [be] required or directed to use a private use facility.”
    “Students [would be permitted to participate in sports and phys. ed. Classes] in a manner consistent with their gender identity” and “[t]he gender identity of student-athletes [would not be required] to be disclosed to coaches, teammates, opponent’s coaches, or anyone else….”
  • On “overnight field trips,” any student would have “the opportunity to room with others according to their gender identity,” and while efforts would be made to “accommodate any student who desires greater privacy… no student should be isolated.”
  • Students and all staff who work with students would be required to refer to students by their chosen name and pronouns, and be provided “a current and complete list of preferred names and pronouns for all students” to be used “in every interaction.” There would also be no dress code for events based on gender.
  • Finally, and most dangerously of all, the policy states: “Depending on privacy needs or a transgender student’s own personal transition, school staff are authorized to work with students (and their families, if students explicitly wish) to provide options that may support a student’s needs” [emphasis added] - which implies that schools might work independently of parents in implementing policies having to do directly with children’s health, safety, privacy, and general welfare!

This policy is not only absurd, it is dangerous. With this policy, the Board of Education adopts the view of LGBT activists that “gender nonconforming” or “non-binary” students are the only ones with “rights,” and ignores the basic rights of privacy and safety of all other students. It puts the agenda of gender redefinition, a political tool being used by radical activists throughout society, ahead of the privacy and safety of students in intimate spaces like locker rooms and bathrooms. To satisfy the whims of activists and powerful lobbyists from Hollywood and Washington, DC, the Frederick County Board of Education would - without regard to parents’ wishes - force students to use the restroom, to shower, and even to cohabitate overnight with members of the opposite sex! All this in the name of “creating [a] welcoming and affirming]” environment for students who suffer from gender confusion!

So now it is time for us to take action!

Here is how you can help:

We have launched an online petition to the Board of Education urging them to reject this dangerous policy. Please visit and sign this petition right away!

Sign Our Petition Today!

Secondly, if you are able, consider attending the next Board meeting, where this policy is scheduled to be discussed. The meeting will be on Wednesday, June 14th at 6:00 PM in the FCPS Board Room, 191 South East Street in Frederick.

Finally, please share this email with your friends and family in Maryland, especially in Frederick County, and alert as many people to this urgent matter as you can!


Brian S Brown

...why we march

Marriage Supporter — Someone asked me the other day why we are going to the time and trouble to expend substantial financial and human resources on the upcoming 2017 March for Marriage. It's a good question, and I have a simple answer: Because we must.

We must continue the fight to restore marriage in our nation's laws. We must provide legal protections for all those who believe in the truth of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. We must prevent politicians and the courts from redefining gender in the law. And we must demand that our constitutionally-guaranteed religious liberty right be protected and enforced.

The March for Marriage is a tremendously important opportunity for us, and we need your support to make it a success. Will you make an immediate financial contribution to help? Every dollar you give will be matched by a generous donor, doubling the impact of your gift.

The 2017 March for Marriage is so important, that today we are releasing a new video to promote the March, and to encourage Americans across the country to join us in Washington, DC on June 17th. Please watch the video now, and then share it with all your friends and family.

We're honored to be co-sponsoring this year's March for Marriage with Freedom's Journal Institute for the Study of Faith and Public Policy, an organization focused on how African American families view matters of faith, race and public policy. We are looking forward to many of their members joining with us.

As important as the 2017 March for Marriage is, it unfortunately is happening at a time when our financial resources are low. We are asking you and all loyal NOM members to help with a generous financial contribution, which will be matched dollar for dollar as part of the Spring Financial Matching Campaign.

Thank you for any help you can provide at this critical time.


Brian S Brown

PS — After you've watched our new video, please share it with all your friends and family members. Thank you!

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...too late

Marriage Supporter — I'm really glad I didn’t have to say that a contribution to NOM today was too late to be matched because the Spring Matching Campaign had ended. With the critically-important 2017 March for Marriage just over two weeks away, it was a tremendous blessing to learn that the matching fund has been extended through June 17th so that every donation we receive to support the March for Marriage will be matched dollar for dollar (up to a total match of $100,000)! I hope you will celebrate this great news by making a donation to support NOM and the March for Marriage.

This year's March for Marriage is an extremely important event, a tremendous opportunity to highlight our fight to restore marriage, preserve gender and fight for religious liberty. It's our first March for Marriage during the Trump administration, and it occurs just as Attorney General Jeff Sessions is developing new rules to protect the religious liberty rights of marriage supporters to act on the truth of marriage at work and in their daily lives without fear of retribution by the federal government. The March also will unfold against the backdrop of ongoing speculation in the legal community that another vacancy on the US Supreme Court is about to occur, potentially giving us the chance to restore marriage to our nation's laws.

Will you make an urgent financial contribution to help with the upcoming March for Marriage? Every dollar you give will be matched by a generous donor, doubling the impact of your gift.

NOM continues to lead the effort to push President Trump to deliver on his religious liberty promises. Our powerful new video and our petition to Attorney General Jeff Sessions have engaged thousands of Americans in this fight. It's essential that the Trump administration act to prevent the ongoing persecution of individuals, pastors, business owners and faith-based charities and groups that began under Barack Obama, who unleashed the power of the federal government to target people for continuing to support marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

The 2017 March for Marriage will provide an important opportunity to highlight our issues to Congress and the Trump administration. Unfortunately, our financial coffers are low, and we are scrambling to cover all the costs of a major event like the March for Marriage. That is why it's so important that loyal NOM members like you respond with a generous financial contribution, which will be matched dollar for dollar, so that we have the funds needed to make the 2017 March for Marriage a success.

Thank you for any help you can provide at this critical time.


Brian S Brown

PS — If you haven’t yet watched our video or signed our important petition in support of religious liberty, please do so now. And then share them with all your friends and family members. Thank you!

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