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ACLU Announces Major New Strategy: Court-ordered Civil Unions in Montana

The ACLU has announced plans to force Montana to establish domestic partner registries--through the courts.  This takes some chutzpah, since the gay legal establishment is now in court in the Prop 8 case, arguing that because the legislature passed civil unions, Prop 8 violates the nation's equal protection clause. But this is not a movement dedicated to any consistent principle except: We win. The American people lose.

Read more here.

P.S.  Montana appears to be a big focus these days, between pushing teaching ten-year-olds about anal and other intercourse and now this.  Is the Gill money flowing there?

Futurama On "Robosexual Marriage!"

Futurama, an animated comedy on Comedy Central,  is anti- anti-robosexual marriage, natch! The popular show parodies one of NOM's early TV ads.  Thanks Futurama!

Our favorite line: "There's no way we can compete with that much stock footage of clouds." : )

Author of Goodridge Decision in Massachussetts Retires

Massachusetts Chief Justice Margaret Marshall, who authored the Goodridge decision that brought gay marriage to the United States, announced she would retire this October to spend more time with her husband, former NYT columnist Anthony Lewis, who has Parkinson's disease.

Marshall 66, was appointed to the court by GOP Gov. William Weld, and elevated to Chief Justice by GOP Gov. Paul Celluci, who told AP that he disagreed with her decision on gay marriage.

Read the Associated Press article.

NOM ElectionWatch: NH Bill Binnie a "Shockingly Liberal" pro-SSM RINO?

Listen to the Cornerstone Action ad tagging Bill Binnie, a NH Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, "Shockingly Liberal."

“We Brought Children. They Brought Rocks”—One Mother’s Account of the Providence Rally

Note: Leslie Wolfgang, wife of the executive director of the Family Institute of Connecticut, wrote about her children’s expereince at the Providence rally where pro-SSM protestors stormed the podium, harassed mothers and children.  The following is excerpted from the FIC blog.

Note: When protestors began to yell at the kids, Leslie and several other mothers, suddenly became “mama grizzlies.”

Leslie says her family came “to show our support for traditional marriage.” It ended, she writes, “with my family having to be escorted to our minivan by the police for our own protection.” She continues:

“Having little children I tend to stand near the back of all public gatherings. Suddenly three squad cars pulled onto the grass behind me and the children. The protesters eventually gathered about 100 feet behind us. Between us and them were the 3 police cars, hastily parked. The incoming protesters gathered at the end of this grassy area near the street and, though upset that they were permitted to gather so close and interrupt our rally (Jennifer Rorback Morse was giving a talk about adoption), I thought surely they would not come any closer. I was used to CT, where the police forcefully keep each rally on their side of the capitol. Not so in rough and tumble RI.

Their chanting (“take your hate out of our state” and vulgarities I have mentally blocked) and the marching in unison started again and each time I peered in back of me (again, we were on the fringe), they were closer. . .They were angry and were trying to punish and provoke us. It worked; I was scared out of my mind. My heart raced and I tried to stay strong for the children, the speakers and other peaceful gatherers. I couldn’t understand, and still don’t, why the police and their “leaders” permitted what happened next.

My children were not completely afraid because Peter and I were with them so they knew they would be protected. But some of our children began to whimper as the protesters moved closer. It was at this point, about 30 feet away, that my children got a good look at the face of hate. I periodically looked back over my shoulder only to be treated to sneers and chants. The chanting continued and we could no longer hear the speakers. Isaac, my six year old boy, frighteningly asked me if they were going to “get us”. I told him to rest assured that the police would protect us. But oh Dear God, what was happening, I do not know, because the police did NOT protect us.

I have a stubborn streak when it comes to democracy and standing up for the right to petition the government, vote, speak, and peacefully assemble. I don’t back down from a fight, but it was at that point that I started to look for a way to exit. I gathered my bewildered and frightened children to the double stroller. Grabbed my giant purse/diaper bag and looked around. To my horror, it was at that point that the police completely failed. Our small group of pro-marriage attendees was surrounded on every side by the protesters. And, I’m not speaking “metaphorically” surrounded. I mean that they formed a tight circle with a perimeter about 3 feet from where I was standing. We could not leave. Rosie, my 3 year old, informed me at that point that she REALLY had to use the potty. It increased my urgency to find an escape.

My friends. I enjoy a good debate. I think rallies and protests are a wonderful part of the democratic process. But nobody has a right to interrupt our right to peacefully gather and petition the government.

I am so proud of Brian and the other speakers. I remember quotes from Chesterton and William Wilberforce being loudly expounded as they wrestled with the protesters at the microphone. It gave me courage.

Each speaker was shaken. I could barely see them but their voices periodically squeaked or shook. I admire their bravery greatly, and they gave some pretty excellent and inspired speeches. The children took up a game of backward duck-duck-goose and things were looking up. We were instructed to pray heartily for the protesters, remember where we came from and who we were, and not to react with violence if confronted.

I was apprehensive at the time of dismissal. How was this going to end? Rather dramatically it turns out. As Brian gave the signal to disperse, the protesters started to sing “Hey, Hey, Hey – Good bye!”. Gladly, other music was played over our sound system. The crowds were breaking up but my children were playing so sweetly with the Browns. And I wanted to make the re-connect and stay. Unfortunately for us, a small band of protesters that earlier stormed the microphone was still “hopped up” on hate. Looking for a little more action they turned to my little children. “Hey, don’t let your parents teach you to be haters.”

Sue leapt like a cougar across the grass separating the children and them. She told them to mess with a mother, if they wanted action. I jumped in right away (in my mind) and told them they were asking for trouble, and to “beat it” – poor choice of words, I know.  The protesters refused to retreat and more red shirts showed up. My little Frannie and Rose kept coming to my knees, and Max to Sue’s. Did I tell you that Sue is about 6 months pregnant and had 6 children there herself? Anyway, statements such as “I’ll make your children gay” and “what about me, I used to be a boy too” were spat at us. I tried to pull Sue away because it was obviously not going to end well, and honestly, these protesters looked like they were about to pass out (remember, they had been in the sun). I exclaimed to the police that they were “attacking” my children. Which, in addition to approaching them on foot – if you accost me in front of my children, you’re attacking my children. Perhaps a poor word choice, but I was scared. Then, the one red shirt who was actually trying to convince the others to leave – turned on me and started shouting that I was a “FREAKIN LIAR!!!!!” A “LIAR” she kept yelling and pointing at me. I ran up and said, “are you going to attack me! Come and get me!” and nearly chest-bumped her companion. I think that is when the photographer for the local newspaper captured the moment for posterity. Sigh.

Things started to break up and the police stood between us and them. We asked the police to discourage the protesters from yelling to my kids that they were going to “abduct them and make them gay”, etc. In response we were told to “move our kids”. To where!?!

I was actually concerned about the long walk back to the car – we were about 5 minutes away and at one point had to walk through a train station. After re-connecting with the Browns for a few minutes we realized we should go. Sue and I decided that it would probably be unsafe for them to give us a tour of their Marriage Bus (I did see crowds around it as we were driving away). I asked for a police escort to our van. A hefty officer and a seminarian friend escorted us away from the Capitol to the street. Where, at that point, the officer saw a buddy in a car and poignantly abandoned us. So, we slowly made it back to our car with our seminarian friend. I checked the van over, as I regularly do for key marks, loaded the children, and split. I drove around the Capitol to check on the Browns, who actually had to “break down” all the sound equipment and travel on the marriage bus to their hotel. I lay in bed that night whispering prayers for them because I couldn’t get out of RI fast enough. I hope they are safe. On the way home we debriefed the children. They seem high-spirited, but I have the sort of kids that like to mull it over. They all said that was “crazy”. Yes, indeed. I expect them to talk more about it in the upcoming weeks and months. And the Lord knows, they will have something to “remember when” with the Brown children when they get older.”

Aussie Debate: Gay Marriage Is No Right

Australian Bill Muehlenberg of the Family Council of Victoria, responds to a column by radio personality Derryn Hinch in which he apologizes for once having opposed gay marriage and criticizes the Prime Minister for supporting laws defining marriage as one man and one woman:

Heterosexual marriage is society's bedrock

SADLY Derryn Hinch manages to mangle just about everything in the marriage debate (The Australian, July 16).

He totally misses the purposes of marriage for example. Marriage is a universal and historical institution which serves tremendous social purposes.

It regulates human sexuality, and it procures the wellbeing of any offspring from the sexual union. Thus it is not a mere private matter, but a vitally important social institution.

Governments have an overwhelming interest in heterosexual marriage. They have no reason to confer special rights and privileges on other types of sexual relationships. People are free to engage in those relationships, but they cannot expect to see their relationships elevated to that of heterosexual marriage.

Indeed, talk of inequality and discrimination is off base here. Those arguing for same-sex marriage are mixing apples with oranges. Everyone is entitled to the benefits of marriage as long as they meet the conditions and requirements of it.

Homosexual relationships simply do not meet the criteria, the most basic being to have one man and one woman. Governments have no obligation whatsoever to treat unequal things equally, or to grant the benefits of marriage to those who refuse to meet its minimum requirements. . .

Procreation and the raising of children is an overwhelmingly important social good, and the mother-father unit cemented by marriage is an overwhelmingly superior way of ensuring the best outcomes for children. Therefore societies everywhere extend favours and benefits to married couples that they do not extend to other types of relationships. . .

The studies make it clear that every child should have the basic human right of being raised by his or her own mother and father. And a recent Galaxy poll found that a full 86 per cent of Australians believe children should be raised by their biological parents.

This of course is stolen from them in same-sex households. Heterosexual marriage is society's most profound and valuable institution. It has been the bedrock of nations from time immemorial. To radically alter the nature of marriage and family is a recipe for trouble.

Bill Muehlenberg is secretary of the Family Council of Victoria, and co-author of Why vs Why: Gay Marriage (Pantera Press, 2010)

Read the full article.

Alert! Breaking News Video: Protestors storming the podium. Threatening young children. Police standing by doing nothing.

Protestors storming the podium. Threatening young children. Police standing by doing nothing.

The mainstream media hasn’t told half of what actually happened in Providence and Albany this past weekend.

Watch for yourself. It is truly shocking.

Then help spread the word. If all our friends stand together, truth and love will defeat their hatred and deception.

Help fight back! Your gift of $20, $35, or even $100 will help stop these activists from setting the future course of marriage in our nation – and trampling the rights of all of us! Click here to make your online gift today!

This weekend was a shock to many. From the Catholic News Agency this morning: Homosexual Activists Disrupt Pro-Marriage Rallies, Intimidate Nursing Mother.

Catholic News Agency: Homosexual Activists Disrupt Pro-Marriage Rallies, Intimidate Nursing Mother

From the Catholic News Agency:

Providence, R.I., Jul 21, 2010 / 06:08 am (CNA).- Homosexual activists’ behavior at rallies by a touring pro-marriage event has ranged from “silly” to “crazy” and “disgraceful,” one event leader reports. Some activists disrupted a Rhode Island rally and mocked religion and children, while others intimidated a nursing mother at a New York rally.

The National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM) Summer for Marriage Tour stopped in Albany, New York last Saturday and in Providence, Rhode Island on Sunday.

NOM president Brian S. Brown reported in a letter to supporters that during a speaker’s presentation at the Albany Capitol event, several activists with colored umbrellas started walking up on stage. When gay “marriage” supporters were told the event had a permit for the space, they refused to leave. Though rebuked by Capitol police, “they hung around, holding their rainbow-colored umbrellas and balloons,” he said.

Read more.

Providence, RI: Protestors confront Brian Brown and attempt to shout him down.

Protesters in Albany

Thousands Support Dr. Ken Howell's Right To Teach While Catholic

Thousands Support Catholic Prof Fired for Explaining Church Teaching on Homosexuality

URBANA, Illinois, July 19, 2010 ( - A University of Illinois professor fired for explaining the Catholic Church's teaching on homosexuality has gathered several thousands of students, alumni, and others - including the head of the the University's atheist club - demanding that the Catholic professor be reinstated. Meanwhile, some faculty have reacted by eyeing the local Catholic diocese with suspicion for being permitted to control the content of courses teaching the Catholic faith. "

Read more.

Unbelievable Weekend Recap! SSM protestors prove their own intolerance at weekend marriage rallies!

What a weekend we had on the NOM Summer for Marriage Tour, with unbelievable stops in Albany and Providence!

Great turnout both places, with around 100 supporters in Albany on Saturday, and more than 200 on Sunday in Providence. But it was the protestors who turned out that really made things memorable. They like to cloak themselves in the color of the rainbow, but they sure showed their true colors as intolerant, inconsiderate bullies who shout down and insult anyone who disagrees with them, including women and children.

Here’s the scoop:

It started Saturday in Albany. Those following our Twitter feed (follow us!) may have already seen my comments: “Silliest. Protest. Ever.” was how I described the pictures on Saturday. Right in the middle of a presentation by Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, a bunch of people with umbrellas started walking up on stage. I told them we had a permit for the space, but they refused to leave. Shortly, the Capitol police came out and said to the protestors -- You know that the marriage tour has a permit here . . . you should leave. But still they hung around, holding their rainbow-colored umbrellas and balloons.


I had to smile . . . certain that the protestors just don’t realize how badly their militancy comes off looking when they crash someone else’s rally. The American people know the value of playing fair. This was our rally in support of marriage. Let them have their own rally -- to each his own -- but what’s to be gained by making a spectacle at someone else’s rally? All it did was raise the profile of our event and show them to be the intolerant bunch they are.

This was made crystal clear in their behavior to a Hispanic woman who had brought her family out to the rally with a picnic lunch. During the rally she moved to the back to nurse her baby. A bunch of male protestors followed her with their rainbow umbrellas and stood directly in front of her, blocking her view of the stage. She asked them to move, or at least turn around while she fed her baby, and they refused. Classy.

You really ought to see the 2-minute interview we did with the woman afterwards. My words here don’t do it justice. It’s pretty powerful. Click here to watch the video.

But it was in Providence on Sunday that the protestors really went crazy.

I’ve never seen anything like it. Chatter on the gay blogs had given us a heads-up that the Providence protestors intended to “out-do” their friends in Albany. Still, they told the Capitol police that all they planned was to assembly peacefully behind us on the Capitol lawn and demonstrate their support for gay marriage.

That lasted about 5 minutes.

Then they came around behind our rally and tried to shout over us. Then they came right into our crowd, getting in people’s faces and shouting at our marriage supporters. At one point while I was delivering my remarks, three protestors physically surrounded me and got right up in my face, trying to shout me down as Capitol police did nothing. Despite having ten days to prepare for the rally, and numerous calls from our state director to check on their preparations, Capitol police were totally unprepared and eventually had to call in state troopers to help restore order.

Throughout the event, the protestors were disgraceful. Mocking religion. Mocking children. I mean, what kind of adult goes up to a 7-year-old child and sneers, “Mommy raising you to be a good little bigot?”


We've just uploaded a video recap of Sunday's rally in Providence. It's hard to capture the intensity of the moment, even with the video footage, but you need to see it. These are the people who want to control our culture's understanding of marriage, family, and tolerance. Click here to watch now.

During the interviews afterwards, even the gay press seemed embarrassed by the display of hatred and intolerance from these activists. There was no need for us to comment -- these protestors’ actions spoke for themselves. Not only did they truly embarrass themselves and their cause, they made our point far more powerfully than we could ever hope to do, making it crystal clear how far they are willing to go to force their agenda on all of society.

If gay marriage ever becomes the law in Rhode Island, or any other state, remember this display of intolerance when they tell you they would never dream of forcing it on young children in public schools, as they did in Massachusetts and California.

I think gay marriage advocates are just beginning to realize what a disaster Sunday's unseemly behavior was for them. The New Jersey group organizing a counter-rally in Trenton even sent an urgent message to its members yesterday afternoon, urging them to not interfere with our Marriage Tour rally: "Walk right by them if you see them. We don't taunt them, harass them or shout them down."

Meanwhile, our supporters were outstanding! Many were in prayer, all were peaceful, and left more determined than ever to stand firm for marriage in Rhode Island. Before the protest, we had steady signups at the Two Million for Marriage table. Afterwards, we were absolutely flooded with supporters, newly galvanized in their commitment to protect marriage!

We have a message of tolerance and respect for all, adults and children alike. Theirs is a message of intolerance and hatred -- if you don’t agree with me, you’re a bigot and we’re going to either shout you down or intimidate you into silence. That’s no civil rights movement.

Our movement is growing. We're in Trenton today, where we’re looking forward to an even bigger crowd.

Follow all the tour coverage at Go tell your friends. Then come on out to join us on the tour!



Brian Brown interview with ABC Affiliate in Providence

Brian Brown tells ABC Channel 6 in Providence: “We need to make sure that the voters understand what’s at stake, and vote for candidates that support protecting marriage.”

Watch here.

Dan Avila: "The White Martyrs of Providence"

Dan Avila is kind himself in describing the courage and kindness of NOM supporters in Providence Rhode Island in this essay.  At a time when so many Christians in Africa and elsewhere are facing true martyrdom his use of the term "white martyrs" seems perhaps to give NOM way too much credit.  But the spirit of love Rhode Island marriage supporters showed under provocation was real and deserves all our notice and gratitude.

On Sunday, July 18, I took the commuter rail from Boston to Providence for an afternoon rally. The National Organization for Marriage is conducting what it calls the Summer for Marriage Tour 2010, and landed at the foot of the Rhode Island State House on a warm, breezy day to encourage citizens of that state to defend marriage as the union of one man, one woman. Over two hundred people gathered under the trees of the Capitol’s south lawn to hear speeches, get their marriage tour t-shirts, and prepare for an upcoming legislative battle in that state over the definition of marriage. The crowd reminded me of a church picnic gathering: Lots of families, kids running around, and smiling adults chatting. The idyllic feeling continued even as the first speakers delivered their remarks. Then a red-shirted army of chanting picketers suddenly emerged from around the western side of the State House and the time of white martyrdom began.

Read More.

NOM Election Watch: Toomey 7 points up over Sestak for PA Senate

The latest Rasmussen poll shows Pat Toomey beating Joe Sestak by 7 points. According to the Philadelphia Gay News, Sestak supports gay marriage.

Angry Pro-SSM Protestors Storm Podium in Providence

Most of the media ignored what actually happened, but this NBC video captures the truth.

Police stood by as protestors stormed the podium, surrounded Brian Brown and tried to prevent him from speaking. Only Brian's grace under fire, and the law-abiding, prayerful, and peaceful crowd prevented this from turning even more ugly.

NOM Election Watch: Washington State Poll – Didier, Rossi beat Murray

For the first time, the latest Rasmussen poll of 750 likely voters shows pro-marriage candidates Clint Didier and Dino Rossi pulling ahead of Sen. Patti Murray (D-WA) 48% to 45% in the race for the U.S. Senate. Patti Murray voted against a federal marriage amendment twice.