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📢 Tell Key Democrats to Support Brett Kavanaugh 📢

Dear Friend—Our work to ensure the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court is picking up steam and thus far the signs are encouraging. With Sen. Rand Paul announcing his support for Kavanaugh today, many media reports suggest that all the Republicans are likely to support Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation (although we won't take anything for granted).

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As important to the successful confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh are developments indicating that Chuck Schumer's outrageous campaign of pure obstruction is failing. Sen. Joe Manchin, one of a group of Democrat Senators who are seeking election in red states carried by President Trump, defied Schumer and met today with Kavanaugh to discuss his judicial record and philosophy.  It is being reported other Democrats are similarly wavering and also want to meet with Kavanaugh.

It's imperative that these key Democratic Senators – including Manchin (WV), Heidi Heitkamp (ND), Joe Donnelly (IN), Doug Jones (AL), Claire McCaskill (MO), and Jon Tester (MT) – hear from us that we expect them to support the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, a superbly qualified nominee to the US Supreme Court.

Please sign our petition to these key Democratic Senators letting them know that you expect them to side with the voters of their states to support President Trump's nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

In addition to adding your signature to the petition, your action today will also result in an individual email to each of these Senators and to their Chief of Staff urging them to back Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation!


The fact is that the future direction of the US Supreme Court was one of the most important issues in the 2016 presidential election. During the campaign, then-candidate Donald Trump highlighted Judge Kavanaugh as someone he was strongly considering appointing to the Supreme Court. After doing so, he went on to win the election, and in the process carried each of the states represented by Democrats we are targeting with our petition.

Please make your voice heard by signing our petition today.

Senator Schumer and his allies on the left are engaged in rank, partisan delaying tactics. Their latest gambit is to demand over one million documents that Kavanaugh may have been come in contact with during his service in government so that they can find some "nugget" of information to misrepresent and mischaracterize. It's nothing more than a transparent attempt to push the confirmation vote off until after this November's mid-term elections so that these vulnerable Democrats can avoid a vote on the Kavanaugh nomination. Schumer, of course, hopes that he can pull a rabbit out of the hat and engineer a Democrat takeover of the US Senate, which would derail not only the Kavanaugh nomination but every other presidential nomination that Mr. Trump might envision.

The time to act on Judge Brett Kavanaugh is now. He has been on the federal bench for over a decade and has authored over 300 opinions during that time. Everything that Americans need to know about his judicial philosophy is contained in those rulings. There's no need to go on a fishing expedition demanding a million documents in the hopes that something controversial might be found that can be twisted and distorted by the left and the media.

Please act today in signing our petition so that we can continue the momentum that has been built behind the Kavanaugh nomination. His record is as a solid conservative and constitutionalist, someone who interprets constitutional questions based on the text of the constitution itself and the intent of the framers had in mind at the time the provision was crafted. I am convinced that such a judge would never allow something like gay
'marriage' to stand.

We are committed to restoring marriage to our nation's laws and the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a critical element in our strategy to do so. Please help us today by signing our petition. And if you are able to make a financial gift so that we can reach more people in our campaign, we would be very grateful.

This is such an exciting time for marriage supporters. Let's keep up the momentum that we've got going in our favor! Thank you.

Thank you for your help.


Brian S Brown
Brian S. Brown

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Challenge to West Virginia's Marriage Law Fought by State, County Officials

From the Huntington Herald-Dispatch:

West Virginia WeddingThe lawsuit, filed Oct. 1, was brought by three couples -- William Glavaris with fiancé Justin Murdock and Casie McGee with fiancée Sarah Adkins, all of Huntington, along with lesbian couple Nancy Michael and Jane Fenton of St. Albans. Each argue their 14th Amendment rights to due process and equal protection were violated when they were denied marriage licenses by county clerks in Kanawha and Cabell counties.

The clerks contend they simply carried out state law. Both clerks have pending motions to dismiss suggesting a judicial ruling would interfere with the legislative process. Likewise, Morrisey sought dismissal arguing the couples lack legal standing to challenge at least a portion of the law.

The state Attorney General, Patrick Morrisey, is also set to defend West Virginia's marriage law against this legal challenge.

West Virginia Legislature Takes Bold Step in Strengthening Marriage

The Family Policy Council of West Virginia:

On the final day of the 2012 Legislative Session, the West Virginia State Legislature approved H.B. 4605 a bill creating a premarital education option to applicants for marriage licenses in the state. The measure is aimed at strengthening the more than 13,000 marriages and reducing the more than 9,000 divorces that take place every year in West Virginia.

“Our government should be doing everything it can to strengthen marriages in West Virginia,” said Jeremiah Dys, president and general counsel of the Family Policy Council of WV. “We are grateful that this legislature is encouraging men and women to start their marriages on secure footing by encouraging them to pursue premarital education.”

H.B. 4605, which now travels to the Governor’s desk for his signature, seeks to create a community partnership, with pastors, counselors, and social workers, to address the growing problem of divorce in West Virginia. Under the bill, the marriage license fee is increased by $20, but that increase is waived if the couple undergoes at least four (4) hours of premarital education.

...Research concludes that couples who undergo premarital education prior to their nuptials have a 30% less likely chance of ending their marriage in divorce. The state’s 9,000+ divorces cost taxpayers between $20,000 and $30,000 per divorce or an approximate burden to taxpayers in the amount of $230 million annually. If the state’s divorce rate is cut by just 2% annually, West Virginia stands to save over $5 million every year.

71% of West Virginians Support Marriage, Including 61% of Democrats

The support numbers for same-sex marriage are even lower. Public Policy Polling:

"Only 19% of voters think gay marriage should be legal compared to 71% who think it should be illegal. Even among Democrats there's just 26% support to 61% opposed."

Bill Maloney for Gov. of West Virginia: "Protector of Traditional Marriage"

Republican gubernatorial candidate and Morgantown businessman Bill Maloney has released the first ad of the primary campaign season:

... It says Maloney will focus on job creation, but also emphasizes that he’s a conservative on social issues.

“As governor, Bill Maloney will work to defend life, protect traditional marriage, and make West Virginia the most family-friendly state in America,” the narrator says. (source)

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