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A supporter challenges us...

Dear Friends—On Monday I wrote that confirmation hearings on Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the US Supreme Court are set to begin on September 4thThe importance of confirming Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court cannot be overstated. He is a true constitutionalist, someone who firmly believes that judges should never invent constitutional rights and must interpret constitutional questions according to the intent of the legislators at the time the constitution was adopted or amended.

We strongly believe that Judge Kavanaugh will give us a pro-marriage majority on the Supreme Court and a clear path forward to restoring marriage to our nation's laws. That's why we are going "all in" to help secure his confirmation, and devoting every available resource to the cause. Recognizing the importance of the work NOM can do to support Judge Kavanaugh, a generous supporter has stepped up with a challenge for us – he will match every donation we receive through September 4th up to a total contribution of $40,000! This is an amazing offer that couldn't come at a better time!

We’re already hard at work mobilizing the grassroots in support of Judge Kavanaugh. Thousands of contacts have been made by NOM supporters to US Senators. But this incredible $40,000 matching gift challenge will allow us to do so much more. Will you help us with an emergency financial contribution today to help confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh knowing that it will instantly double in effectiveness thanks to this matching gift challenge?

>>> I'm in for $15 which will double to $30 to help confirm Judge Kavanaugh

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It's imperative that we be able to counter the media spectacle and lies that the Left intends to create by making sure that Senators hear from grassroots supporters across America that they expect Judge Kavanaugh to be confirmed. NOM has targeted six Democratic Senators for particular attention, and indications are that it is making a difference. They've broken ranks with Chuck Schumer to meet with Kavanaugh, and we're working hard to make sure that they ultimately vote to confirm him.

This $40,000 matching gift challenge comes at the perfect time for us. Your gift today will double in size allowing us to devote even more resources to fight for the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh.

I can't tell you how energized and excited I am to be in this judicial confirmation battle. I'm proud of every NOM supporter who has stood with us to be in the position we are today, on the verge of having a pro-marriage majority on the US Supreme Court. Let's all work hard to finish the task. Please help us at this critical time with whatever amount you are able to contribute, knowing that it will instantly double in size and effectiveness.

Thank you!


Brian S Brown
Brian S. Brown

📢 Tell Key Democrats to Support Brett Kavanaugh 📢

Dear Friend—Our work to ensure the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court is picking up steam and thus far the signs are encouraging. With Sen. Rand Paul announcing his support for Kavanaugh today, many media reports suggest that all the Republicans are likely to support Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation (although we won't take anything for granted).

Sign the Petition Today!

As important to the successful confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh are developments indicating that Chuck Schumer's outrageous campaign of pure obstruction is failing. Sen. Joe Manchin, one of a group of Democrat Senators who are seeking election in red states carried by President Trump, defied Schumer and met today with Kavanaugh to discuss his judicial record and philosophy.  It is being reported other Democrats are similarly wavering and also want to meet with Kavanaugh.

It's imperative that these key Democratic Senators – including Manchin (WV), Heidi Heitkamp (ND), Joe Donnelly (IN), Doug Jones (AL), Claire McCaskill (MO), and Jon Tester (MT) – hear from us that we expect them to support the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, a superbly qualified nominee to the US Supreme Court.

Please sign our petition to these key Democratic Senators letting them know that you expect them to side with the voters of their states to support President Trump's nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

In addition to adding your signature to the petition, your action today will also result in an individual email to each of these Senators and to their Chief of Staff urging them to back Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation!


The fact is that the future direction of the US Supreme Court was one of the most important issues in the 2016 presidential election. During the campaign, then-candidate Donald Trump highlighted Judge Kavanaugh as someone he was strongly considering appointing to the Supreme Court. After doing so, he went on to win the election, and in the process carried each of the states represented by Democrats we are targeting with our petition.

Please make your voice heard by signing our petition today.

Senator Schumer and his allies on the left are engaged in rank, partisan delaying tactics. Their latest gambit is to demand over one million documents that Kavanaugh may have been come in contact with during his service in government so that they can find some "nugget" of information to misrepresent and mischaracterize. It's nothing more than a transparent attempt to push the confirmation vote off until after this November's mid-term elections so that these vulnerable Democrats can avoid a vote on the Kavanaugh nomination. Schumer, of course, hopes that he can pull a rabbit out of the hat and engineer a Democrat takeover of the US Senate, which would derail not only the Kavanaugh nomination but every other presidential nomination that Mr. Trump might envision.

The time to act on Judge Brett Kavanaugh is now. He has been on the federal bench for over a decade and has authored over 300 opinions during that time. Everything that Americans need to know about his judicial philosophy is contained in those rulings. There's no need to go on a fishing expedition demanding a million documents in the hopes that something controversial might be found that can be twisted and distorted by the left and the media.

Please act today in signing our petition so that we can continue the momentum that has been built behind the Kavanaugh nomination. His record is as a solid conservative and constitutionalist, someone who interprets constitutional questions based on the text of the constitution itself and the intent of the framers had in mind at the time the provision was crafted. I am convinced that such a judge would never allow something like gay
'marriage' to stand.

We are committed to restoring marriage to our nation's laws and the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a critical element in our strategy to do so. Please help us today by signing our petition. And if you are able to make a financial gift so that we can reach more people in our campaign, we would be very grateful.

This is such an exciting time for marriage supporters. Let's keep up the momentum that we've got going in our favor! Thank you.

Thank you for your help.


Brian S Brown
Brian S. Brown

Donate Today!

NOM Endorses Dr. John Fleming for US Senate in Louisiana

Contact: Joseph Grabowski (202) 457-8060 x-110 |

"John Fleming has been a champion for marriage, religious liberty, life and family values his entire career in Congress. He's a proven leader, a true champion, and an honorable man." - Brian Brown, NOM President

nom_logoWashington, D.C. – The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today announced it has endorsed Dr. John Fleming for US Senate in Louisiana, calling him a "true champion" in support of marriage, life, religious liberty and parental rights.

In an endorsement video released today, NOM's president Brian Brown said, "John Fleming has been a champion for marriage, religious liberty, life and family values his entire career in Congress. He’s fought for a constitutional amendment to protect marriage, and for the sanctity of human life; stood for religious freedom and parental rights; worked to promote fatherhood and encourage fathers to take responsibility for their children; and championed a national day of prayer. He's a proven leader, a true champion, and an honorable man."


NOM's endorsement video pointed out that the next Senator from Louisiana could cast the deciding vote on the confirmation of US Supreme Court justices and potentially decide the future direction of the Supreme Court, making it one of the most consequential votes in history.

Brown said, "We can count on Dr. John Fleming to make sure that only conservative justices like Antonin Scalia are confirmed to the Court, people who are committed to upholding the constitution. We cannot allow the policies of Barack Obama to live on for decades through an activist Supreme Court controlled by liberals."

NOM said it would distribute its endorsement video to supporters across the country and encourage them to contribute to support Fleming’s election. Dr. Fleming is seeking the seat of retiring Senator David Vitter. The top two candidates in November will advance to a run-off in December.

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To schedule an interview with Brian Brown, please contact:
Joseph Grabowski,, (202) 457-8060 x-110.

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