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Protecting the Truth of Gender

Dear Marriage Supporter — After LGBT extremists were successful in redefining marriage in the law, stripping it of its essential character as a gendered institution, they then pivoted into a headlong rush to redefine gender itself. A key element of our 2018 Strategic Plan is to fight this attempt to deconstruct gender, because it is […]

Fighting to Protect Supporters of Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter — One of the top objectives we’ve laid out in our 2018 Strategic Plan is to pursue a comprehensive series of actions to protect the right of people who believe in traditional marriage to live out their beliefs in their daily lives and at work. Increasingly, marriage supporters have been targeted by […]

When Harry Became Sally

Dear Marriage Supporter — Our good friend Ryan T. Anderson, Ph.D., the William E. Simon Senior Research Fellow at The Heritage Foundation, has written a critically important new book that is coming out soon: When Harry Became Sally, Responding to the Transgender Moment. You can preorder the book now, and I encourage you to do […]

Our Plan

Dear Marriage Supporter — I am excited to write to you today to review our comprehensive, integrated Strategic Plan for 2018. We have an ambitious agenda and a lot of work on our plate, but with the help of grassroots supporters like you, I am confident that we can make significant progress. Here is a […]

The World Loses a Great Leader as LDS President Thomas Monson Passes Away

Dear %%FIRST%% — It is with great sadness that I note the passing of a great leader, Thomas S. Monson, president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. President Monson devoted a lifetime of service to his Church, and to humanity. He leaves a long legacy of charity, kindness, love and humanitarian […]

Happy New Year and some great news…

Dear Marriage Supporter — I want to wish you and yours a happy and safe New Year’s. Please accept my prayers and good wishes that 2018 will be a terrific year for you and your family. We are so grateful to have you on our team. You will be in my thoughts and prayers throughout […]

Two days to close our budget gap

Dear Marriage Supporter — I apologize for interrupting your weekend, but we’re in the final two days of our year-end $250,000 matching campaign. For the next two days, every donation we receive will double in size thanks to this match. Right now we are facing a budget gap of tens of thousands of dollars, so […]

Four days to get this done

Dear Marriage Supporter — I know you are busy so I will cut to the chase: while NOM has had an extremely successful year, racking up a string of impressive victories, we are currently thousands of dollars short of what we need to raise to make our budget. I can’t stand the thought of beginning […]

We’ve got just four days to close our funding gap

Dear Marriage Supporter — I hope that you are able to take a little time off between Christmas and New Year’s to enjoy some R&R with your family. I’m trying to do some of that myself, but I’ve got to also pay attention to the situation with NOM’s finances. You see, we have a significant […]

Announcing the First Freedom Initiative

Dear Marriage Supporter — I’ve got some very exciting news: Today we are launching a major new program to focus the American people on the issues we all care deeply about, and direct them toward workable actions to help resolve these issues: the First Freedom Initiative. Please watch our short video introducing the First Freedom […]

A Major Announcement Coming Soon

Dear Marriage Supporter — I am writing to let you know that we’re on the cusp of making a major announcement in the next few days about a big new initiative we have planned for the new year – the launch of a program that will bring together all the major elements of our work: […]

Please Remember Us This Holiday Season

Dear Marriage Supporter — We are very grateful for the friendship and support we’ve received from so many people over this past year. Your prayers and good wishes have helped sustain us throughout a sometimes turbulent but amazingly productive and successful year. As the year begins to draw to a close, I’m writing to ask […]

We've got to be ready

Dear Marriage Supporter — Last week, one of the most important cases in years involving the religious liberty rights of people of faith came before the U.S. Supreme Court. NOM has played an important role in fighting to protect the rights of Americans to live out their faith about marriage and other issues. We filed […]

"The case is submitted"

Marriage Supporter — With the above words from Chief Justice John Roberts, the case of Jack Phillips and Masterpiece Cakeshop v Colorado Civil Rights Commission is now officially submitted to our nation’s highest court. Yesterday’s ninety-minute oral argument was intense and multi-faceted, with the justices sharply questioning attorneys on both sides of the case. Kristin […]


Marriage Supporter — At 10:00am eastern time today, our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) will argue the case of Jack Phillips, a devout Christian baker and supporter of traditional marriage, before the US Supreme Court. We’ve covered this case extensively, including producing a video and launching a petition in support of Jack. We also […]

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