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AP: Memphis Black Pastors Condemn Obama's Gay Marriage Support

The Associated Press: A group of black pastors gathered in Memphis to call for President Barack Obama to rescind his view that the gay marriages are a civil right that should be protected. Some members of the black clergy have taken offense to the fact that the fight for homosexual rights has been compared to […]

'Til Death Do Us Part, or 3 Years, Whichever Comes First

Yesterday we told you about two competing perspectives on marriage – one focused on the desires of adults, the other on the needs and rights of children. In the end we talked about marriage as the social fabric that holds our culture together. Well today, here’s another set of competing perspectives: Is marriage a permanent […]

NAACP Gay Marriage Position Draws Protest From Black Clergy Group

Gene Demby of the Huffington Post reports: An organization of black clergy members traveled to the NAACP’s annual convention in Houston to protest the civil rights group’s recent decision to endorse same-sex marriage. The Coalition of African-American Pastors (CAAP), headed by Rev. William Owens of Memphis, Tenn., said that the NAACP had abandoned its core […]

A Different "Evolution" on Marriage, NOM Marriage News

Dear Marriage Supporter, This week the Maryland Marriage Alliance had to do something to keep the fight against gay marriage going in Maryland. They had to turn in over 18,000 valid signatures just to sustain the efforts to get a vote to repeal gay marriage to the people. Well guess what? Standing on the steps […]

Video: Black Church & Civil Rights Leaders Convene Press Conference Opposing President on Gay Marriage

We’ve reported on this story before — now see the video: Sign the pledge here:

Video: African American Pastors and Civil Rights Ministers Condemn President Obama on Marriage

Local WREG news reports: Memphis pastors want Obama to know that the same-sex marriage issue is “hijacking the civil rights movement.”

Christian Post: African-American Pastors Call on Obama to Reconsider Gay Marriage Stance

The Christian Post: A group of influential black ministers – some of whom are connected with the fifth largest denomination in the U.S. – gathered Thursday in one of the nation’s most famous civil rights cities to ask President Obama to reverse his stance on same-sex marriage. More than a dozen pastors from the Coalition […]

BET Opines Against Coalition of African Americans Pastors

They oppose but cannot ignore: It’s been a whirlwind of press since President Obama said last week that he is in favor of gays and lesbians being allowed to marry one another. In the ensuing days, both rapper Jay-Z and pop icon Janet Jackson have come out in support of the president’s statement, and other […]

Rev. Owens: "Not One Inch, Not One Yard for Gay Marriage"

In the AP story retailed here at RealClearPolitics, Rev. Bill Owens (who is NOM’s liaison to black churches) announced he marched with Martin Luther King, but “not one inch, not one yard” for same-sex marriage: A group of black pastors gathered in Memphis on Thursday to denounce President Barack Obama’s support for gay marriage and […]

Rev. Owens and Other Black Pastors Condemn Obama's Gay Marriage Support

Rev. Bill Owens is NOM’s liaison to the African-American churches and we are so blessed to have his energy in this great fight! It is the most hallowed phrase emblazoned on American currency. In God We Trust. President Obama shocked many Americans last week with an endorsement, “It is important for me to go ahead […]

Coalition of African American Pastors Condemns Obama's Flip Flop on Marriage

The Coalition for African American Pastors: Memphis, TN – A coalition of well-known and highly respected Black clergy headed by the Reverend William Owens, founder and president of the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP) and other leaders responded strongly to President Obama’s declaration of support for same-sex marriage. Reverend Owens led in the civil […]