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Dear Marriage Supporter —

LGBT activists are pledging to work "round the clock" in pursuit of their extreme agenda. With the Democrats set to take over the House of Representatives in January, we can expect to fight against multiple issues that are designed to marginalize and attack people of faith, and create special legal rights for those who pursue a homosexual or "transgender" lifestyle.

Here are just a few examples of what the gay lobby wants to accomplish:

  • Gutting the religious liberty protections of the US Constitution by providing that any claim of religious liberty rights be secondary to the "rights" of LGBT people.
  • Force all businesses, large and small, to provide services to gay customers even when the specific service violates the beliefs of the business owner. For example, a Christian baker like Jack Phillips would be forced to design a cake to celebrate a gay 'wedding' even though doing so is against his religion.
  • Require churches, religious groups and faith-based charities to hire LGBT employees even when they openly oppose the religious tenets of the group. For example, a Christian school that seeks to model its students according to biblical beliefs would be required to hire LGBT teachers who are in a same-sex 'marriage' or who claim a 'gender identity' that is opposite of the sex that God created them.
  • Prohibit counseling of any individual, whether an adult or a teen, who is struggling with feelings of same-sex attraction unless the counseling is intended to affirm the homosexual lifestyle. Counseling which encourages a client to deal with their feelings within a Christian perspective would be illegal.


To give you an idea about how unhinged the LGBT agenda is, consider this: They oppose any attempt by law enforcement or domestic security agencies to limit entry into the country of someone who is believed to be a Muslim jihadist, but they demand that anyone who is suspected of "violating the rights" of LGBT people be banned from entering our country!

These are just a few examples of the extreme ideas that LGBT activists are proposing and will be in a position to advance in Congress and state legislatures. It would take several pages to review all of the special rights they want to create for themselves at the expense of the rest of the country.

Of course, the LGBT crowd will continue an assault on American values and our constitutional rights through the courts, which is how they imposed gay 'marriage' on the nation with the anti-constitutional Obergefell decision in 2015. NOM is committed to reversing that terrible ruling and restoring true marriage to our nation's laws.

The gay lobby is extraordinarily well-funded. NOM does not have to come close to matching them because we have truth on our side. But it is imperative that we have enough funds available to defend against the onslaught that is coming. Please help us by making a generous contribution today.

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We're in an insane moment in history where seemingly everything in life is being politicized and the LGBT agenda has been weaponized against anyone who fails to fully embrace it.  Yet it is precisely in times like these when America needs people of clarity and courage to stand up and speak truth to power. NOM will continue to do just that, even in the face of well-funded and politically-connected opponents. I pray that you will stand with us. If you do, we will not only fight, we will win!

Please, take a moment to make an urgent contribution so that we can successfully fight for children, families, people of faith, and for truth.


Brian S Brown

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