Don't let them erase the reality of male and female


Dear Friend—The radicals on the left are beside themselves because a key Trump Administration agency has recommended that the administration actually follow the law when it comes to sex discrimination, defining a person's sex the way it has always been defined, a biologic reality of being male or female determined at birth. The Department of Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights reportedly argued in a memo obtained by the New York Times that key government agencies needed to adopt an explicit and uniform definition of sex as determined “on a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable.”

The radicals led by the grossly misnamed Human Rights Campaign immediately declared that President Trump was proposing to "erase" transgender Americans. Right on cue, their false claim has been breathlessly reported by the mainstream media.

Help Us Fight for the Reality of Male and Female

The truth of the matter is that the only "erasing" that has occurred is to the reality of male and female, which leftist radicals and President Obama have attempted to scrub from federal law by administrative fiat.

What's at stake here is critically important. Acting at the behest of LGBT radicals, President Obama illegally took it upon himself to redefine the term "sex" in federal law to mean "gender identity." This had the effect of making it discriminatory to treat biological men as men if they claimed a female identity. This change is what forced schools and others to open bathrooms, showers and locker rooms to the opposite sex. It's what has allowed men to compete as female athletes, usually winning. It's what is being used by men to gain access to women's shelters, including those designed for women who have been sexually assaulted by men. And it is what activists are using to force their dangerous gender ideology throughout society.

But it is all a lie. Sex and gender are not an emotional condition, but a biological reality.

NOM will fight for the reality of male and female under federal law because it is an essential condition of the human condition. God made us male and female, equal, but different. The two halves of humanity are complimentary, each essential for human flourishing. Will you help us defend the reality of God's design of mankind as male and female?

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We know from personal experience how tough this fight will be. When we co-sponsored the #FreeSpeechBus to highlight the biologic nature of sex, our bus was attacked and our team assaulted. LGBT radicals, including some who are aligned with the Antifa group of anarchists, organized an angry mob of protestors in several cities to intimidate us and attempt to derail the bus tour. They failed.

We will never cease fighting for the eternal truths upon which our organization was founded – marriage is the union of a man and a woman; it takes the two sexes coming together to make a marriage and to conceive children; children do best when raised by a married mother and father; and it is the right of all Americans to proclaim these truths and live them out in their daily lives.

Here's just a small example of what we are up against. In their coverage of this issue, the New York Times said that Obama's rewriting of the law to define 'sex' as 'gender identity' constituted a "loosening" of federal rules to provide a "more fluid" interpretation of law. In contrast, the Times says the effort by the Trump administration to adhere to the actual letter of the law constitutes a "rewriting" of the law.

President Trump is going to be under a lot of pressure from the left and the media to drop his intention to follow the law and to instead go along with the Obama erasing of the reality of male and female from our nation's statutes. Your contribution today will be used to help NOM support President Trump and give him the encouragement he will need to maintain the fight. Please, take a moment to make a contribution today so that we can stand for the reality of male and female.

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Thank you for all you have done to help. We would be extremely grateful for any additional support you can provide now so that we can make a difference on one of the most important issues before the country, maintaining the reality of male and female.


Brian S Brown
Brian S. Brown

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