Kavanaugh takes the bench


Dear Friend—Yesterday, Justice Brett Kavanagh finally got down to work, joining his colleagues in hearing three cases relating to criminal procedure. Before he took the bench, he announced that he had hired four female law clerks, becoming the first Supreme Court justice in history to hire an all-woman group of clerks. This continues his history of promoting women in the legal profession, a far cry from the grotesque characterization of him the left sought to establish during the confirmation process.

The successful confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court caps a momentous battle where NOM devoted everything we had to securing this victory. We activated thousands of members to make contacts with US Senators, including a special core of strong supporters called Marriage Heroes, who regularly and consistently promoted the Kavanaugh nomination. We produced a string of educational communications, including a powerful endorsement video, that explained why Justice Kavanaugh would be a transformative conservative voice on the Court. And we rallied the grassroots at every turn, including after Judge Kavanaugh was sucker-punched by Democrats with ugly, wholly unproven and uncorroborated allegations from his days in high school.

The ferocity of the confirmation battle makes the victory particularly sweet, but it was also exhausting, to our team who devoted themselves completely to the effort, but also to our finances. We expended everything we had to secure this confirmation and we urgently need to raise funds now, because our work is far from done. Unless we replenish our coffers immediately, we'll have to take some drastic steps to cut back our activities. And those cuts couldn't come at a worse time. Will you help us with an emergency contribution so that we can avoid cuts to programs and continue the momentum we've built?

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The last thing I want to contemplate after the great Kavanaugh confirmation victory is to cut back on our activities. Rather than cutting, now is the time to be expanding our work. With a 5-4 pro-marriage majority on the Supreme Court thanks to the Kavanaugh confirmation, our team is eager to strategize with legal experts on how and when to bring action that could result in the restoration of marriage to our nation's laws. But before we can turn our attention to bold strategies like that, it's imperative that we refill our coffers with the thousands of dollars in emergency funding that we urgently need.

Please, if at all possible, act today with an emergency financial contribution so that we can continue full speed ahead in our fight to restore marriage to our laws, and protect the religious liberty rights of all people of faith.


Brian S Brown
Brian S. Brown

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