The vote is tomorrow...


Dear Friend—Just a few minutes ago the US Senate voted to end debate on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court. Tomorrow there will be an up or down vote on his confirmation.

Please contact your US Senators to urge them to support the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh. He is a supremely qualified judge, someone whose legal rulings have been uniformly respected as being fair, well-reasoned and well-articulated. Most importantly, he is a constitutionalist, meaning that he believes that the constitution means what it says and that judges should never invent constitutional "rights" in order to advance their own views of what the law should be. You can learn more about why we strongly support Judge Kavanaugh by watching our endorsement video here.

The number to call to reach your Senators is 202-224-3121.

If you are active on social media, please also post your support for the Kavanaugh nomination and ask your friends and contacts to do the same.

When we began this process many months ago, I said it would be unlike anything we had ever seen beforeBoy were those words prophetic. The way that Judge Kavanaugh has been treated by Senate Democrats is a national disgrace. After this battle is completed and Judge Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court, it will be time to explore whether there should be changes to the Senate confirmation process to prevent a repeat of the circus that occurred here.

So far, the confirmation vote looks good as the vote today to advance the nomination was 51-49. But Senators can change their minds and we need to keep the pressure up. So please take a moment to call your US Senators to voice your support for Judge Kavanaugh.


Brian S Brown
Brian S. Brown

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