Kavanaugh Kills It


Dear Friend—As I am sure you know, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh absolutely killed it last week in his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. He was composed, articulate, thoughtful and likeable. His appearance reinforced his brilliance as a jurist and his decency as a human being. Every attempt by partisan Democrats and rowdy protestors to derail his nomination fell completely flat. Many, like Sen. Cory Booker and Sen. Kamala Harris, embarrassed themselves in the process of trying.

With the hearings now concluded, the confirmation process will move to the next step. There will be a formal vote taken by the Judiciary Committee to advance his nomination to the Senate Floor, and then the full Senate will vote on his confirmation.

Things are looking good for us, but we can't take anything for granted. We must ramp up our contacts with the six Democrats we've targeted to support Judge Kavanaugh, but doing so will cost a considerable sum. Will you help?

>>> I will give $15 to fight for Judge Kavanaugh

>>> I will give $25 to fight for Judge Kavanaugh

>>> I will give $50 to fight for Judge Kavanaugh

>>> I will give $100 to fight for Judge Kavanaugh

>>> I will give $250 or more to fight for Judge Kavanaugh

We’ve already generated thousands of grassroots contacts to the six Democratic Senators we believe might support Judge Kavanaugh (these are Senators Manchin, Heitkamp, McCaskill, Donnelly, Jones and Tester). But if we are able to raise more funds, we can significantly increase those contacts.

Fortunately, every donation we receive through the end of the confirmation process will be matched dollar for dollar, up to a total match of $40,000! That means that whatever you can afford to give will double in size and effectiveness. Can I count on you to make an immediate financial contribution to help us close the deal with the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh?

>>> I'm in for $15

>>> I'm in for $25

>>> I'm in for $50

>>> I'm in for $100

>>> I'm in for $250 or more

We're in the homestretch now of one of the most important things we can do to restore marriage to our nation's laws, uphold life and protect religious liberty. With Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation, we will have a pro-marriage, pro-family majority on the Supreme Court.

Please help us do everything in our power to continue to fight for the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. So much is riding on it. Whatever you can give will be matched dollar for dollar.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.


Brian S Brown
Brian S. Brown

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