A mockery of democracy...


It sure didn't take long for radical leftists to show their hand: it's their plan to make a mockery of the confirmation hearing of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, attempting to delay and obfuscate at every opportunity. We're not going to let them get away with it.

Within seconds of Chairman Chuck Grassley opening the hearing and welcoming Judge Kavanaugh and his family, Democratic Senator Kamala Harris of California interrupted him, demanding a delay in the hearing so that Democrats could further review documents related to Kavanaugh's service in government. What a sham! Consider this:

Kamala Harris announced her opposition to Judge Kavanaugh within seconds of his nomination, long before a single document was available to her. She has no legitimate interest in studying documents; she is a partisan hack who cares only about keeping a superbly qualified conservative nominee off the Supreme Court.
Help Us Fight to Confirm Judge Kavanaugh!
The Democrats appear to be in cahoots with activist groups who have packed the hearing room with hecklers and demonstrators. These hecklers are constantly interrupting, shouting insults, demanding the hearing be cancelled. When Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal made a play to the crowd, himself interrupting Chairman Grassley with a motion to adjourn the hearing, the hecklers broke into hoots and howls of approval, as if they were at some sort of sporting event.

This is what we are up against and why we have fought so hard for the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. We are not going to be intimidatedby leftist radicals who prefer chaos to the rule of law; who are determined to impose their extremist views on the country regardless of what the Constitution requires.

I'm thrilled to announce that the $40,000 matching grant challenge made available to us by a generous supporter has now been extended until Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed! This supporter shares our disgust at the behavior of the left who are resorting to intimidation and harassment, refusing to allow the American people to hear from this superbly qualified judge.

Will you help us fight for a man who will uphold the Constitution, stand for the rule of law and fight to restore marriage to our nation's laws?

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There is nothing more important to the cause of marriage, life and religious liberty than to have a pro-family majority on the US Supreme Court. When Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed, we will have that majority.

The opening day of hearings shows that we are in for an incredible fight against the left. They appear ready to shred the fabric of democracy and upend the rule of law. It's up to us to help rally the American people in support of this nominee who the American Bar Association has unanimously stated is thoroughly qualified to serve on the Supreme Court.

Please help us today as we gird for an intense, unprecedented battle ahead. The stakes couldn't be higher. We need your help to be successful.


Brian S Brown
Brian S. Brown

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