GOP Congressman Stands with Pelosi to Shut Down Faith-Based Adoption Agencies


Dear Friend—Freshman Republican Scott Taylor of Virginia campaigned as a conservative but has behaved like liberal extremist Nancy Pelosi when it comes to issues impacting religious liberty, families and the church. Just recently, he sided with Pelosi to try to kill legislation that would have prevented government from punishing religious charitable adoption groups who believe that marriage is the union of one man and one woman and that hold a religious belief that children are entitled to the love of a mother and a father.

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Scott Taylor should be ashamed of himself. Across the country, people of faith are being targeted, punished and pushed to the margins simply because they believe what the bible says, that marriage is one man and one woman. Increasingly, LGBT extremists are working to shut charitable groups down, portraying their religious beliefs as "hateful," "bigoted," and "discriminatory." Groups like Catholic Charities and Bethany Lutheran Services have had to stop providing adoption services because they are simply unwilling to sacrifice their religious beliefs to the demands of government agencies doing the bidding of LGBT extremists.

But contrary to claims of discrimination against homosexuals being thrown about by people like Congressman Scott Taylor, the real victims of discrimination are religious charities that are being forced to choose between their beliefs and their desire to help families.

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Fortunately, Rep. Taylor's unjustified and unprincipled attack on faith-based adoption providers failed, and legal protections for these providers were added to a key funding bill, making passage of the provision by the House of Representatives likely. And let's be clear about something: contrary to what Rep. Taylor and his ally Nancy Pelosi claim, nothing in the adoption inclusion provision prevents gay and lesbian couples from adopting children. There are plenty of adoption agencies that are willing to adopt children to LGBT households. But it is wrong to say that every adoption agency must adopt children to LGBT households, especially when doing so violates a group's deeply held religious beliefs.

It's important for Rep. Scott Taylor to know that we don't appreciate his betrayal of conservative principles and his decision to side with extremist voices like Nancy Pelosi against good and decent people of faith who want nothing more than to help children according to the tenets of their religious beliefs.

Please sign our petition letting Rep. Scott Taylor know that you stand with faith-based adoption agencies and want to make sure they are free to help children and families while remaining true to their religious beliefs.

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Brian S Brown
Brian S. Brown

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