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There are just two official "decision days" left on the 2018 Supreme Court calendar. There are some important cases for the Court yet to decide, but there is a decision we are awaiting that is even bigger than any current pending case – the decision by Justice Anthony Kennedy whether to retire from the Supreme Court.

Why is that so important? Because Kennedy has been the swing vote on so many cases, including the illegitimate Obergefell decision that he authored imposing gay 'marriage' on the nation. If Kennedy retires as many people expect, it will set off one of the most consequential battles of our lifetime. NOM will need to devote every waking hour and deploy every available  resource to impacting the nomination and confirmation process.

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We've enjoyed a close relationship with the Trump administration and have had considerable success in pushing our issues with them. But the battle over the next Supreme Court vacancy will be the biggest test yet of whether President Trump will fight for the constitution and nominate someone like Antonin Scalia or Neil Gorsuch to replace Kennedy should he retire.

We think President Trump will nominate someone in the Scalia/Gorsuch tradition, and if he does we need to do everything we can to secure the confirmation of that nominee. But we have to realize that Mr. Trump will be under tremendous pressure from Democrats and the media to nominate someone in the mold of Anthony Kennedy, and we can't stand for that. If he succumbs to that pressure, we have to do everything we can to scuttle the nomination and prevent that nominee's confirmation.

The drama over the potential Kennedy retirement is just one of many reasons why the success of the mid-year membership drive we are completing is so critically important. Thanks to a faithful supporter, every gift we receive until midnight tomorrow night will be matched dollar for dollar.  This is a tremendous blessing, but we are way behind our goal and time is running out. Will you make an immediate membership contribution of $35 or more knowing that whatever you give will be matched dollar for dollar?

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We have just about a day and a half left in this critical matching campaign, and we've got a huge challenge in front of us. We are about $25,000 short of our goal, and we're running out of time. It would be an absolute tragedy to leave even a dollar on the table given the importance of the work we are in the midst of and the historic significance of a possible Anthony Kennedy retirement from the Supreme Court.

I'm asking every NOM supporter to step up with an emergency financial contribution so that we take full advantage of every dollar in matching funds that is available to us.

Please take a moment to put the situation we face into context, considering what LGBT extremists thought would be happening in 2018. These people were sure that Hillary Clinton would be president, that she would advance their extreme agenda by way of aggressive executive action, and that she would remake the Supreme Court in her hard-core leftist image, cementing their victories on marriage, life and gender, and even advancing them.

Instead, primarily because of the support provided to Donald Trump by people of faith, the environment has totally changed. With the election of Donald Trump, we are unraveling the Obama/Clinton agenda, dismantling policies like transgender bathrooms in public schools and transgenders serving in the military, and advancing strong religious liberty protections for people of faith. And if Anthony Kennedy retires as many people expect – we could quite literally get his decision within two weeks – we can remake the Supreme Court in a conservative, constitutionalist mold.

Think about what that could mean – reversing Obergefell and restoring marriage to our nation's laws, reversing Roe v Wade and upholding pro-life policies, enhancing legal rulings to protect religious liberty, etc., etc. These are game-changing issues that could shape the nation for generations to come.

Will you help us at this critical time? Your donation of $25 will mean we receive $50, your gift of $50 will mean we receive $100.

So much is on the line, and time is short. We’ve got to raise $25,000 by midnight tomorrow night, a big undertaking.

Hundreds of people have responded to this critical mid-year pledge drive, and I am very grateful to each and every one of them. If you have already given, thank you! But even if you've contributed once, I'm asking you to consider an additional sacrificial gift today. I pray that you and every NOM member will step up and respond to our needs as the hour approaches that will mark the end of this matching gift opportunity.

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Your support of NOM at this critical time will make a difference. Thank you for anything you can do!


Brian S Brown
Brian S. Brown

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PS—I also ask you to say a prayer that the US Supreme Court will grant review in the Baronelle Stutzman/Arlene's Flowers case. This is the 70-year old grandmother who politely declined to participate in a same-sex 'wedding' that violates her Christian religious beliefs about the nature of marriage. She has been targeted by the despicable Attorney General of Washington State, Bob Ferguson, who has weaponized same-sex 'marriage' to target Baronelle and every other person of faith. The Court could decide whether to accept her case this Thursday, or the following Thursday. Please pray that they intervene to stop this injustice and stop her outrageous persecution.

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