The Emperor and the Sprinters


The push by LGBT activists and their allies to redefine gender has accelerated so fast that it now has reached the territory of the absurd. The other day in Connecticut, two high school athletes finished first and second in the girls' 100 meter state track and field championship. Both are boys. The winning boy set a state record – for girls.

Watch this short video of the race and see the dejection on the face of the real girls who were beaten by these biological boys (men, really).

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Everything about the transgender movement is a lie, reminiscent of the tale by Hans Christian Anderson called, "The Emperor's new clothes." In the fable, the Emperor purchases a suit of clothes, but is told by the weavers that only people worthy of their position can see the suit. It will be invisible to those who are unworthy. Of course the reality is that the Emperor is wearing no clothes, but the townspeople are too captured by political correctness to say anything, too afraid of being labeled "unworthy" because the suit is invisible to them. Finally, a young child in the crowd cries out the obvious, "But he isn't wearing anything at all!"

Predictably, the Connecticut sports officials responsible for this travesty tried to avoid answering for their policy to allow boys to compete against girls, hemming and hawing about things like "inclusion." It's too bad that a child wasn't in the crowd to cry out the obvious – "But they are boys and this competition is for girls!"

Young girls who compete in high school athletics devote a great deal of time to perfecting their form, getting into peak physical condition, training and competing. All they ask is a fair chance to compete. But high school sports officials have succumbed to political pressure from LGBT activists and ruled that biological boys can declare themselves to identify as female, and thus compete against the girls. As we saw in Connecticut, the girls stand little chance of winning against the young men claiming to be girls.

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NOM is the proverbial child in the crowd crying out that the Emperor is wearing no clothes, holding the transgender movement accountable, pushing back against their deception and lies. At times it has been a lonely and difficult battle, as other conservative voices have remained silent, wary of angering the Emperor, or offending the crowd.

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