The sad case of Jazz Jennings...


You may have heard of Jazz Jennings, a gender-confused boy who has chosen to live as a girl. Born to Jewish parents and apparently named Jared, the boy exhibited signs of gender dysphoria at a young age, telling his parents that he felt like he was a girl. At the extraordinarily young age of five, he was diagnosed as gender dysphoric. His parents encouraged him to pursue his feelings and facilitated him living the outward appearance of a girl.

But Jazz and his parents took things further, actively seeking publicity about his situation. An interview with Barbara Walters aired. He became a YouTube star. More media exposure followed. Soon the young boy with the appearance of a girl was a celebrity. Eager to use him as an icon of the LGBT movement, the boy was fêted as a champion by gay activist groups. The TLC cable channel produced a "reality" television series starring the young celebrity called, "I am Jazz." A book of the same name was published and pushed by LGBT activists into the schools. Both the show and the book are intended to normalize transgenderism and develop public support and sympathy for those who claim transgender status, and the broader LGBT movement.

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To help prevent developing a masculine appearance, the boy was put on powerful hormones called puberty blockers. Later as he entered his teens and desired to obtain a more feminine look, his body was subjected to cross-sex hormones, tricking it into developing as if it were female. Because of the hormones, the boy grew breasts and took on other feminine physical characteristics.

Over time public interest in Jennings began to wane. Though he had secured lucrative commercial endorsement deals, viewership of the television show was small and declining.  But last week Jennings was back in the news with a sad and ironic announcement. He has decided to complete his "transition" and will undergo surgery to remove his male genitalia and have surgeons attempt to create a false vagina in its place. Always the LGBT symbol, the teen has announced that his surgery will take place on June 26th to mark the third anniversary of the US Supreme Court's imposition of same-sex 'marriage' on the nation in their illegitimate Obergefell ruling.

Cue the music and applause from Hollywood and the left.

In announcing his plans, Jennings also revealed the tragic news that the hormones he's been taking have apparently destroyed his sexual libido. “I haven’t experienced any sexual sensation,” Jennings said after the surgeon talked to him and his parents about that topic. “It is possible that hormone suppression has affected my libido. I don’t have the same signals coming from my genitalia to my brain and I don’t have those hormones driving me on.”

How very sad. We’ve known for years that anyone who subjects himself to cross-sex hormones for any period of time will be forever sterile, but Jennings apparently may pay an even higher price for pursuing his desire to live as the opposite sex - denying himself one of the primal urges of the human condition.

NOM has been at the forefront of helping lead the fight to oppose attempts to normalize the transgender movement for several years. We've publicized critical ground-breaking research on gender dysphoria, conducted a highly-contentious bus tour promoting the truth of gender (where our bus was attacked and our staff assaulted), supported ballot measures to stop the spread of the transgender/gender-identity movement in the schools (thus protecting the privacy and security of all students), and worked in the courts and with the Trump administration to undo Obama-era regulations forcing this agenda in public schools and the military.

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At times it has been a lonely and difficult battle, as countless organizations and conservative voices have remained silent, wary of putting themselves in the way of a barreling cultural freight train that threatens to run them over, branding them as bigots, haters and reprobates.

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We fight this attempt to redefine gender for many reasons, not the least of which is the impact this movement has on children. We fight for those children who have to conform their thinking and conduct about gender (giving up their privacy in intimate areas like bathrooms; forced to use inaccurate and nonsensical pronouns; risking discipline including possible expulsion; forced to undergo instruction about the lie of transgenderism; forced to deny or ignore the truth of gender taught to them by their religion and family; etc.). But we also fight to help those who are victimized by the incessant transgender push, gender-confused kids who suddenly find themselves pushed onto a dangerous treadmill of gender counselors and clinics that lead them down a tragic path.

How much impact is the push to redefine gender having? Consider this:

The reality is that, at most, the transgender community makes up about one half of one percent of the population. They are an infinitesimally small segment of society. Yet according to a recent study published in the journal Pediatrics, fully 3% of teens now say they are transgender of do not identify with their gender at birth. That is a 600% increase in the portion of teens who now say they are transgender or do not identify with their gender at birth.

There are an estimated 56 million school-age children in the United States. If the Pediatrics study cited above is accurate, nearly 1.7 million kids today could have confusion about their sexual identity and be at risk of being encouraged to consider themselves to be transgender and to pursue a path that promises them happiness and fulfillment, but will deliver nothing but tragedy and sadness.

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Time is short. If you are concerned, as we are concerned, about the impact the push to normalize transgenderism might have on your children or grandchildren, and on future generations, please help us before it is too late. Your support of NOM at this critical time will make a difference. Please act today.


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