A big win... but much more must be done!


As you know, we won a major victory this week when the US Supreme Court issued their ruling in the critically important Masterpiece Cakeshop case. The Court ruled in favor of Christian baker Jack Phillips, holding that the state of Colorado inappropriately gave short shrift to his religious liberty rights not to be compelled to participate in a same-sex 'wedding' that violated his deeply help religious beliefs. This is a big win for marriage supporters, but much more needs to be done to build on this decision.

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The best part of the Supreme Court's 7-2 ruling was that the justices found that people of faith are entitled to have their religious beliefs considered respectfully and fully, and fairly weighed against state laws that purport to require them to violate their beliefs in order to comply with state non-discrimination laws. To do otherwise, as the state of Colorado did in Jack Phillips' case, violates the constitution's free exercise of religion guarantee.

It is hugely significant that a strong majority of the US Supreme Court has acknowledged that acting on one's religious beliefs in opposition to gay 'marriage,' is a protected view and in some cases a "protected form of expression." Ever since the Supreme Court illegitimately imposed gay 'marriage' on the nation, LGBT activists and their allies have taken the position that it was illegal for a business or individual to distinguish between gay 'marriage' and traditional marriage for any reason, religious or otherwise. The Supreme Court has now clearly said such a perspective is wrong. Opposing gay 'marriage' can be a "protected form of expression."

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court wrote their decision in such a way that it primarily applies to Jack Phillips' case. So while we are thrilled for Jack – NOM worked overtime to help him, including rallying public attention to his cause and filing a critical legal brief with the Court – many of the issues at play were left for another case to be decided at some point in the future.

What this means is that we should savor our victory, but we must get immediately back to work to fight for the broad principle that the US constitution prohibits government from punishing anyone who sincerely opposes gay 'marriage' because it violates his or her religious beliefs.

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I want to share something that many may find to be impolitic and indiscrete, but it's the truth:

Unless and until we win a decisive victory in the courts or in Congress and state legislatures, we will be at risk of financial and reputational ruin at the hands of gay and lesbian activists. That's because it's obvious that nothing short of our total destruction will satisfy the LGBT advocacy crowd.

Help NOM Fight For The Rights Of Marriage Supporters

I've written to you on multiple occasions about countless examples of people of faith being targeted by LGBT activists for punishment and persecution. Jack Phillips is just one of many. There are so many others similarly situated – florists, photographers, innkeepers, restaurant owners, manufacturers, small businesses, bed and breakfast operators, pastors, wedding venues, art gallery owners, etc., ad infinitum.

The string of examples of LGBT targeting can be numbing, and the personal devastation that often ensues lost in the process.  But make no mistake about it – those impacted are often ruined. Their reputations are destroyed. They are made to feel as if they are criminals. Their finances, and futures, are bankrupted.

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But even that understates the true impact of the LGBT jihad against people of faith who support traditional marriage.

NOM is the only organization in the country that is 100% dedicated to fighting for the truth of marriage and the protection of the rights of marriage supporters. We are counter-cultural, operating against powerful interest groups like the grossly-misnamed Human Rights Campaign and mega-wealthy corporations who have joined the opposition in order to curry favor with LGBT activists.

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Let me share with you an example of how personal, and how nasty, the fight for marriage and the rights of marriage supporters has become.

A few years ago, NOM held a rally for marriage in Providence, Rhode Island. It was one of several pro-marriage rallies we held that summer. I was speaking to several hundred supporters about the beauty of marriage, the ideal institution God created to bring the two halves of humanity together to raise children, when an angry gay activist stormed the stage and confronted me, trying to commandeer the microphone, screaming angry, violent threats.

The Providence police did nothing.

A few minutes later, my beautiful wife Sue was approached by some gay activists as she was caring for our young children. One of them menacingly looked at my young daughter and spoke to her, "Is mommy raising a good little bigot?"

I know that many in the conservative movement are of the view that we need to find a "compromise" with LGBT activists. They speak of seeking "balance" in legislative proposals, and public policy debates.

But let me tell you something, when your political opponents seek nothing short of your total destruction, there is no compromise possible, there is no balance to be achieved. I wish this weren't the situation we faced, but it is.

I'm asking you to stand with NOM at this critical moment so we can build on our victory in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case. Your generous donation to NOM will be matched dollar for dollar.

We will never shy away from this fight. We will never shirk our responsibility to fight for the restoration of marriage to our national laws, or stop our urgent pursuit of protections for marriage supporters so they are not punished or persecuted by LGBT sympathizers in government, academia, or the corporate world.

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Brian S Brown
Brian S. Brown

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