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Media reports over the weekend point to the critical month ahead in the U.S. Supreme Court where several potentially transformative cases impacting religious liberty are pending a decision. One of those critical cases, Masterpiece Cakeshop v Colorado Civil Rights Commission, deals directly with marriage and could provide the protection from persecution we've been fighting to achieve for many years.

NOM has been an active defender of Jack Phillips, a Christian baker who respectfully declined to devote his artistic talents to designing and producing a custom cake for a same-sex 'wedding.' His objection to this was rooted in his Christian faith. The bible teaches us that marriage, created at the beginning of time by God, is the union of one man and one woman. Jack Phillips has devoted his business to honoring God, and he could not be involved in something like a gay 'wedding' that dishonors biblical teaching.

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Simply for standing true to his Christian beliefs, Jack was targeted and punished, ordered by the state of Colorado to participate in gay 'weddings' despite what the bible teaches about marriage. He and his staff were ordered to undergo "sensitivity training" and file compliance reports with the state of Colorado. Failure to comply risked fines and other punishments.

Let's be clear: the LGBT extremists who target people like Jack are not out to get someone to bake a gay 'wedding cake.' After all, there are countless bakers who would have been perfectly fine baking a cake for the homosexual couple. Instead, they target people of faith to send a message that acceptance of same-sex 'marriage' is mandatory and resistance, even when based on the bible, is futile.

NOM has been supporting Jack since the beginning, helping to bring public attention to his case, and filing an import legal brief with the US Supreme Court on his behalf. We've done so because it's the right thing to do, but also because there is so much more at stake than whether a Christian baker must bake a gay 'wedding' cake. This case impacts the fundamental religious liberty rights of every American to be free to live out their religious beliefs at work and in their daily lives.

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The LGBT community enjoys a big financial advantage in this titanic struggle over the rights of Christians and other people of faith. Backed by billionaires and wealthy corporations eager to curry favor with gay activists, they amass resources in an unprecedented scale. Yet despite being massively outspent, NOM is able to rack up critical victories because we have truth on our side and a strong grassroots army of supporters standing alongside us.

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We're got a lot on our plate no matter what the Supreme Court decides in Jack Phillips' case. If we win, which we are hopeful will be the case, there will be a strong pushback from gay activists and their allies in the media, entertainment and corporate boardrooms that the decision "licenses discrimination." We'll have a fierce fight to defend the decision. And if the Court goes the wrong way, we will have to immediately spring into action in Congress and the states to seek legislative relief, including enactment of the First Amendment Defense Act. We'll also be pressuring the Trump administration to issue additional executive orders to protect people of faith.

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