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Back in the day, LGBT activists promised that the imposition of same-sex 'marriage' would affect nobody but loving gay couples. When NOM warned that this was not true, that once gay 'marriage' was imposed, opponents would be treated like racists under the law, we were accused of hate mongering, scare tactics, homophobia, and worse.

As you know, we were right. Now gay activists conveniently ignore their promises and pursue people of faith who believe in the truth of marriage as the union of a man and a woman as if they are targets in a whack-a-mole game.

Wedding photographers. Inn keepers. T-shirt makers. Florists. Bakers. Churches. Meat packing companies. Galleries. Farmers. Technology pioneers. Music directors. Teachers. School counselors. Bed and breakfast owners. And on, and on, and on…the hits keep coming.

There are some excellent ministries that provide legal defense for those who have been targeted, and that is wonderful. But until we achieve a change in the law, the attacks will keep coming. And that is what NOM is focused on achieving.

Help us protect the rights of marriage supporters!

There are four avenues available to put an end to the targeting of people who stand up for marriage, and we are pursuing all four:

  • First off, the illegitimate Obergefell ruling of the US Supreme Court imposing gay 'marriage' on the nation must be reversed. That is our most important long-term objective. We will not rest until this is accomplished.
  • Until then, a ruling by the US Supreme Court that it is NOT discrimination for someone to decline to participate in a same-sex 'wedding' that violates their religious beliefs is essential. We could get such a ruling within weeks in a case that NOM is playing a crucial role in supporting (the Masterpiece Cakeshop case);
  • State and federal legislation protecting the rights of people to live out their beliefs about marriage in their daily lives and at work must be enacted. We are working in Congress and in the states to pass such legislation; and
  • Executive orders by President Trump and key federal and state officials can and must be issued that would provide a measure of protection for marriage supporters. We are actively pursuing these orders.

This is an ambitious agenda. We are up against enormously well-funded opponents from the LGBT community, while we are dependent upon grassroots marriage supporters for help and support. We are being massively outspent, but we're able to prevail in many battles because we have truth on our side, and because we have passionate supporters like you.

We are in the midst of a critical mid-year membership drive that will set the stage for what we can accomplish during the balance of this year. Thanks to a faithful supporter, every membership gift we receive will be matched dollar for dollar. This is a great blessing, which is why I am personally asking you to make a sacrifice by making an immediate membership contribution of $35 or more knowing that whatever you give will be matched dollar for dollar. Will you help?

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There's so much at stake. This isn't some obscure policy debate where people have the luxury of discussing the nuances and fine points of an issue in a dispassionate and academic way. This is personal for so many people. When the Attorney General of your state tells you that he is determined to use all his power to ruin you financially, it's personal. When federal regulators tell you they won't inspect your plant until you remove pro-marriage material from a work room, it's personal. When you are hit with a fine of over $100,000 because you declined to bake a gay 'wedding' cake, it’s personal. When you are ordered to let a gay couple sleep together in a bedroom in your own home even though you wouldn’t let you unmarried children do that, it's personal.

I have talked personally with many victims of the LGBT jihad against marriage supporters, and I feel for them. I feel the pain and anguish that they experience. And that is why I am so committed to fighting through every difficulty to stop these attacks from occurring.

We’re fighting with everything we have, but our resources are modest, especially in comparison to our opponents. That is why this mid-year membership matching gift opportunity is so critical.

Please help us today by making a mid-year membership contribution of $35 or more so that we get the full benefit of the generous matching grant that has been made available to us.

Thank you for your support – we truly appreciate it. Please know that any gift you can make today will make a huge difference.


Brian S Brown

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