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Dear Friend—We're a week into our critical mid-year membership drive, and we've fallen behind of where we need to be. Our goal was to have raised $11,667 by now, but we've only raised about half of that amount. Please help us get back on track with an immediate gift, which will be matched dollar for dollar by a generous donor.

Our team at NOM is hard at work fighting for marriage, religious liberty and the truth of gender. We're actively engaged in working with Congress, state legislatures, the courts and in the court of public opinion. We’re fighting for legislation, pro-marriage judicial nominees and presidential actions to protect marriage and the right of people to live out the truth of marriage at work and in their daily lives. But our success is dependent on the support of our members, and that is why this 30 day mid-year membership campaign is so important. A NOM supporter has stepped forward with an offer to match every membership contribution we receive up to a total gift of $50,000!

Please help us get back on track with an immediate membership contribution of $35 or more, knowing that whatever you give will be matched dollar for dollar.

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Working together, we've won some remarkable victories, and we've got some big opportunities in front of us. If Justice Anthony Kennedy retires from the US Supreme Court, as many people expect, we will have one of the most important battles in our history – the fight to convince President Trump to nominate a pro-marriage conservative like Neil Gorsuch, and then the fight to get that justice confirmed.

With so much at stake, we can't afford to fall behind in our critical mid-year membership drive. Every membership contribution is important, especially so because it will be matched, doubling in effectiveness.

Please help us today by making a mid-year membership contribution of $35 or more so that we get the full benefit of the generous matching grant that has been made available to us.

Thank you for your support!


Brian S Brown

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