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It's happened again. A pro-marriage conservative has been blackballed by a liberal Democrat, told he can't serve in government because he believes that marriage is the union of one man and one woman!

Remember when the LGBT crowd promised…swore!...that there would never, ever be any consequences if people just allowed loving gay couples to marry? Well, we've long known that was a lie. The idea of 'gay marriage' was quickly weaponized and is today being used against people of faith on an unprecedented scale.

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The latest case involves Gordon Giampietro, a distinguished former federal prosecutor and devout Catholic who has been nominated by President Trump to the federal bench in the eastern district of Wisconsin. He's pro-marriage and pro-life, and has been highly critical (as have dozens of prominent legal scholars) of the US Supreme Court's Obergefell decision imposing same-sex 'marriage' on the nation.

But in the view of uber-leftist Senator Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, being pro marriage disqualifies Giampietro for service on the bench. She's decided to blackball Giampietro, denying him the Senatorial courtesy of a "blue slip" (a formal approval required by Senate custom by the nominee's state's Senators) and by this means Baldwin hopes to derail Giampietro's nomination.

We only just recently dealt with a similar attack on President Trump's nominee for Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, by liberal Senator Cory Booker. But we responded quickly and effectively to that attack, and that's part of the reason Pompeo is now Secretary of State! Well, we made a difference before - we can do it again!

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Let me make two critical points:

  • First, Tammy Baldwin is engaging is rank religious discrimination, drawing a line in the sand that no faithful, orthodox Catholic could ever cross. The teaching of the Catholic Church is crystal clear – marriage is only the union of one man and one woman. Under Baldwin's doctrine, being a faithful Catholic thus disqualifies anyone from service in the federal judiciary!
  • The second point is this – why in the world do we allow Senators like Tammy Baldwin the ability to control the federal judiciary by invoking some arcane privilege of "withholding a blue slip"? This is insane!If Baldwin wants to vote against a judicial nominee because of his views about marriage, that's her prerogative (as wrong as she may be). But she has no right to single-handedly derail the nomination and prevent it from advancing to a confirmation vote simply by withholding a mere customary courtesy nod that was never intended to be such a tool of discrimination!

If you agree with me that it's wrong to let liberal Senators like Tammy Baldwin hold the judiciary hostage and then deny the American people the opportunity to be served by strong, conservative judges who believe in the Constitution, it's time to take action. Please sign our petition to Senate Leader Mitch McConnell to stop Baldwin's bigoted attack on believers!

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell has done some good things when it comes to judicial confirmations. For instance, he was instrumental in putting an end to the ability of a minority of Senators to block a vote on a Supreme Court nomination through filibuster. By using the so-called "nuclear option," the Senate confirmed Neil Gorsuch to the US Supreme Court.

Now it's time for Sen. McConnell to take the necessary steps to move forward with President Trump's nominations of conservative, constitutional originalists like Gordon Giampietro. Sen. McConnell must put a stop to Baldwin's unconstitutional religious test and confirm these judicial nominations immediately! Please sign our petition today.

Our work to support President Trump's nomination of Gordon Giampietro as a federal judge is an example of the critical projects that we take on day in and day out. You've made this work possible by your support of our recent emergency fundraising appeal to erase a $25,000 budget shortfall. And I've got some great news – thanks to the generosity of hundreds of supporters, our $25,000 emergency appeal was successful and we have raised the funds needed to avoid major cuts in our program! Thank you for your support!

With the financial emergency behind us, we have the opportunity to focus now on major projects that will support the cause of marriage and defend the rights of people of faith to continue to live out their beliefs about marriage at work and in their daily lives.

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There is absolutely no reason why believing in the truth of marriage as the union of one man and one woman should disqualify someone from being a federal judge – but that's exactly the position that Senator Tammy Baldwin has taken.

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Brian S Brown

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