Our hope is Jack's hope


Dear friends:

I hope that everyone saw Brian's email from yesterday and that any of our supporters who are reading this, if they haven't donated already, will make a gift today and help us to keep fighting on for marriage and religious liberty. We still need desperately to make up for our urgent fundraising shortfall.

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The importance of the work that we do here at the National Organization for Marriage was brought home to me recently when I read an opinion editorial piece in the Washington Post last week. The piece makes the stakes of our fight very clear, and the urgency with which we need your help to continue doing that work.

It was written by Jack Phillips, the plaintiff in the Masterpiece Cakeshop Supreme Court case Brian mentions below. The piece was entitled, "I’m the Masterpiece Cakeshop baker. Will the Supreme Court uphold my freedom?"

In it, Jack wonders about the outcome of his critical case, which is expected to be delivered soon. Musing on what should happen if the Supreme Court rules against him, Jack reflects grimly on the future:

I shudder to think what I’d say if my granddaughter one day tells me that she wants to design wedding cakes like I did. I guess I’ll tell her that she must choose between the faith we taught her and the wedding-cake artistry I showed her.

But Jack then turns to the hope that the Supreme Court will rule in his favor, as we urged the Court to do in our amicus brief supporting Jack:

But if the court upholds my freedom to serve all people while declining to design cakes that celebrate certain events, that would welcome me back into the community from which I’ve been estranged. Those who are opposing me in court have compared me to racists and argued that I’m deserving of their fate — social marginalization. But a ruling for me would reject all that and declare to the world that my faith is not a scarlet letter. [...] We all want to belong. I’m no different. The Supreme Court’s decision in my case will say a lot about the First Amendment. But I sure hope the court makes it clear that I belong, too.

Friends, our hope is the same as Jack's. But even if the Court does rule in his favor, the fight to ensure that our faith and belief in marriage belongs in the public square will continue. As Brian's said in yesterday's email, there will be more legal battles, elections, and possible confirmation hearings for a new Supreme Court Justice, and in every one of these contests, marriage and religious liberty will need a strong and clear voice of defense. We hope to be that voice, for you and countless Americans like you. But we can't do it without your support.

Please make a contribution to the cause today so that, whatever the future holds for Jack and the rest of us, at least the defense of marriage and of the values we hold dear will be sure.


Joseph L. Grabowski
Director of Communications, National Organization for Marriage

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