Oscars So Strange


Hollywood and the left were on full display last night at the 90th annual Academy Awards show. From beginning to end, it was a bizarre presentation, something that can only be described as unwatchable. It was a powerful reminder of how out of touch and disconnected Hollywood and the left are from mainstream America. They spent nearly four hours in primetime celebrating themselves and managed to make most of America — the people who buy movie tickets and finance the lavish lifestyles of the left's rich and pampered — feel marginalized.

Help Us Stand Up For Average Americans

After a year in which Hollywood's dark side of sexual violence and serial harassment finally emerged into full public view, they decided to showcase their wonderful and amazing diversity. Special presentations were aired featuring every manner of what Hollywood considers the oppressed - illegal immigrants; gays, lesbians and the transgendered; muslims and those who follow obscure religions; and of course women: women of color, immigrant women, 'trans women,' and women fighting for leftist social causes.

To put an exclamation point on how strongly Hollywood's newfound commitment to the plight of women is, Frances McDormand, sometimes rambling incoherently and looking homeless, called on all female nominees in the audience to stand. One can only presume that McDormand meant it as a show of strength and protest against Hollywood's culture of oppression against women. Unfortunately, she called on Meryl Streep to lead the women to their feet even though for decades Streep was Harvey Weinstein's chief promoter and defender. Then, at what could still have been a moment with some drama, instead of calling on the women to keep the #MeToo movement going, McDormand said that women need their projects to be financed. Huh? This of course was touted by the left as an amazing moment.

As much as I would like to just tune out the left and their idiotic sycophants in Hollywood, we can't afford to do that. Sadly, these people have a powerful influence in shaping the culture, and culture eventually has a powerful influence in shaping America's public policies and laws.

Help Us Fight Against Hollywood Values

Sometimes it feels as if we at NOM are facing a firehose of assaults from Hollywood and the left. We have to fight just to take a breath amidst the sheer onslaught of damaging ideas being advanced. But even though we can be consumed in defending against terrible proposals, we also have to devote considerable attention to advancing positive narratives about marriage and family, promoting the good of marriage, illuminating the beauty of mainstream religious practice and life, and the highlighting the immense and unique contributions that both genders make to human flourishing.

That is what NOM's First Freedom Initiative is designed to do. Through the First Freedom Initiative, we produce videos, design grassroots educational programs, conduct public speaking and informational tours, engage with people via social media, interact with young people on college campuses and advance public policies.

We would be grateful for your generous financial support so that we can continue to push back against the left and Hollywood's values. We are a lean and efficient organization and your contributions to us go a long way. For example, because of the incredibly talented members of our team, we can produce a professionally created and inspiring educational video for as little as $1,000. A $2,500 investment allows us to reach a huge audience with our content via social media. A $5,000 investment will allow us to mobilize tens of thousands of people to contact a policymaker's office.

We would be very grateful for your support in this fight. Please consider a gift today.

If you are able, may I ask you to also consider becoming a Sustaining Member of NOM. Sustaining Members help form the backbone of our organization by making a monthly contribution of any amount of their choosing, Knowing that we have a stable abuse of funding month in and month out.

To put things into perspective, a single studio-sponsored party after last night's unbearably bad Academy Awards celebration cost way more than NOM's entire budget for the year! That's what we are up against.

And yet, we are able to win critical battles and advance our cause because we have you, and we have truth, on our side.

Thank you for considering whether you can make a donation to help us continue to take on Hollywood and their dangerous agenda. I would be especially grateful if you can step up to become a Sustaining Member.

May God richly bless you for your love, friendship and support.


Brian S Brown

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