Help Me Expose The Truth About Roe v Wade


One of the most horrific tragedies to befall our nation was the U.S. Supreme Court's infamous decision imposing abortion on the nation in the Roe v. Wade case. Some 60 million unborn children have died as a result of that monstrous decision.

What many people do not know is that the Roe decision is based on a pack of lies, manipulations and outright misrepresentations. Now we have an opportunity to bring the truth behind the Roe v. Wade decision to the attention of the American people with a full-length feature film starring Jon Voight, Stephen Baldwin and Stacey DashRoe v. Wade, the Movie.

Please check it out.

I am honored to be an Executive Producer of the movie, along with Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King. A top production crew is behind the movie, and with Academy Award winner Jon Voight in a starring role, Stephen Baldwin, star of Usual Suspects to Born on the 4th of July, and Stacey Dash, star of Clueless and Renaissance Man and former Fox News Contributor, it's certain to attract much attention at the box office.

I ask you to watch the introductory video from Alveda King, and then act to help make sure that we have the funds needed to complete production. You can donate directly to help ensure that this life-changing movie comes to theaters across the country.

The Roe v. Wade case is the most corrupt court case in American history. This is the first time that the Roe decision has been presented as a feature film, one that captures the drama of the rank manipulation by abortion advocates to mislead the American people, and our court system, about the push for abortion.

This movie can change lives, and alter history. If enough Americans come to learn the truth about how the Roe case was decided, there will be an unprecedented push to repeal it.

Please join me, Dr. Alveda King and Jon Voight, Stephen Baldwin, Stacey Dash in supporting Roe v. Wade, the Movie.


Brian S Brown

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