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If you've followed the news from Washington the past couple of weeks, you'll know that Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has come under fire in the liberal media for supposedly "attacking transgender rights."

Thank Betsy DeVos today!

What the Department of Education has actually done is to clarify the position that it has taken for almost a year now, since February of 2017: that claims of sex discrimination in schools based on Title IX include only biological sex, and not "gender identity." This is simply a sane, common-sense, and legally sound reading of the law which is meant to protect women and girls in the education system.

You see, the Obama Administration in 2016 had the Department of Justice and the Department of Education issue an outrageous instruction that the prohibition against sex-based discrimination in Title IX must now be interpreted to include the right of biological men to use women's-only facilities, like showers and locker rooms, based on "gender identity." This was a preposterous and illegal move by the administration that put the safety and privacy of all students at risk. The rights of girls in schools to feel safe in intimate spaces like bathrooms and changing rooms were thrown aside in favor of the right of "gender nonconforming" students who could simply claim a gender identification with the opposite sex, and then attain access to those spaces without question.

Secretary DeVos deserves our thanks for standing up for the privacy and safety of all students. You can be sure that the Department of Education is hearing from angry, radical LGBT activists who see this as a major set-back to pushing their progressive agenda.

Please sign this petition today, and we'll deliver an email on your behalf to Secretary DeVos expressing support and thanks for ensuring safety and privacy in our schools.

There will be lawsuits coming from radicals who want the transgender agenda enforced at all costs, and the Education Department will need to stand its ground in court as it faces these challenges. They need our encouragement to stay the course!

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Too often in Washington it's the squeaky wheel that gets the grease: the noisiest minority drowns out the silent majority. Most people in this country recognize that boys are boys and girls are girls and that this isn't bigotry, but biology. Most parents in this country don't want their daughters exposed to biological males in the locker room without notification, recourse, or accountability. But if that message is to make it to the halls of power, you need to add your voice today.

Take a moment to sign our petition to send a letter of thanks to Secretary DeVos and her staff.

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Brian S Brown

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