They Cheat


The memo released last Friday detailing some of the disturbing and extraordinary lengths to which the Obama administration went to surveil members of the Trump campaign and transition team are all too familiar to social conservatives. It reinforces one of the most profound conclusions about President Obama's administration that has been made obvious time and time again: They cheat.

The American people have a right to expect that their government will treat them fairly and impartially. They expect the laws to be enforced uniformly without regard to creed, color or political ideology. But President Obama, and leaders of his administration at the highest levels, did not treat Americans fairly and impartially. When it came to conservatives, they regularly cheated, putting a thumb on the scales of justice, issuing countless illegal orders to advance their radical agenda.

NOM has been at the forefront of fighting against President Obama's radical LGBT agenda. We've had some great victories, but much more remains to be done. Please help us continue to fight.

Not only did Obama oppose what conservatives support, his administration systematically targeted conservatives for scrutiny, punishment and even banishment. His Internal Revenue Service under the leadership of Lois Lerner systematically targeted conservative groups for abuse. NOM was the target of IRS harassment when they illegally leaked our confidential donor information to a gay activist who immediately turned it over to one of our chief political opponents, the so-called Human Rights Campaign.

But what Obama never counted on was that NOM would fight back. We sued his administration in federal court, and forced them to admit to their illegal leaking of our confidential tax return information. And they also had to pay a substantial monetary settlement.

We are committed to holding elected officials to account, and making sure that our laws are applied equally and without bias, and undoing Obama-era actions that were illegally or unfairly taken. We need your financial support to do so.

Some of the actions that President Obama took were not only illegal, they were brazen. After months of declaring (correctly) that he did not have the legal authority to unilaterally change immigration policy to protect so-called Dreamers, he turned right around and did just that. After being elected as a supposed supporter of traditional marriage, Obama then reversed course in office to declare marriage to be unconstitutional. And then he took perhaps the most brazen act of all: unilaterally and illegally issuing orders rewriting federal law to declare that "sex" means "gender identity" and not biological reality.

Help us unravel Obama's LGBT agenda!

But he didn't stop there. Obama issued "guidance" to every public school in the country that they must give boys access into intimate areas of school reserved for girls, including showers, locker rooms and restrooms if the boys claim to identify as female. No girl can object to losing her privacy or to concerns about safety when confronted by a biological male in the shower. The girl would be considered guilty of "discrimination." And then Obama went even further, ordering our military to become a laboratory for the so-called transgendered, who could not only openly serve in the military but could force taxpayers to pay for expensive medical treatments, including gender reassignment surgery.

Once famously called "America's first gay president" by Newsweek magazine, Barack Obama used the full power and prestige of his office to press the radical agenda of LGBT extremists wherever possible for eight long years. It won't happen overnight, but we are committed to reversing his radical LGBT actions. Please help us begin to unravel Obama's extreme, often illegal LGBT agenda.

NOM has been working with the Trump administration to restore common sense and the rule of law to our nation's federal government. Already President Trump has issued orders reversing the transgender bathroom rules illegally imposed on public schools, and he's ordered a cessation of transgender people serving in the military (an order being challenged in federal court, meaning our fight is not yet completed on that issue.) We've also helped achieve meaningful religious liberty protections for people of faith, and worked to ensure that pro-marriage, conservative justices are appointed to our courts, including the extraordinary appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the US Supreme Court.

Our work over the past year proves that we can turn around the Obama years if we work hard, and smart. But we need financial help from our supporters to be successful.

If you have not yet made a 2018 gift to NOM, please do so today. And if at all possible, please consider becoming a Sustaining Member of NOM. Sustaining Members make a monthly pledge or any amount of their choosing, which is a huge benefit to us.

Increasing the number of Sustaining Members is a top financial objective for us this year. Doing so will provide added confidence month in and month out that our finances are on a stable foundation, which will allow us to be more effective, strategic and opportunistic being in a position to immediately take advantage of opportunities and deal with challenges that unexpectedly occur.

I thank you for all the support you have given us in the past and look forward to working with you throughout 2018.


Brian S Brown

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