Arrested for praying in America


Not too long ago, a teenager in Tennessee who wanted to deliver a prayer at graduation was threatened by the school principal with being physically removed from the ceremony and arrested. This shocking development is but one example of what is going on in America today when it comes to the trampling of our constitutional rights to religious liberty. In fact, a report by our friends at the Family Research Council found that there was a 76% increase in incidents of government intolerance of religion under President Obama's administration.

NOM is fighting to protect our religious liberty rights, including the right to believe in marriage as God designed it, the union of one man and one woman. But to be effective, we need your support and financial assistance.

In today's culture, LGBT activists and their allies in entertainment, media and corporate boardrooms seek to portray marriage supporters as bigoted, hateful people who want to discriminate against the LGBT community. While they acknowledge that the constitution protects religious liberty, they wish to cabin the exercise of religion to the four walls of the church, transforming religious liberty into a "right to worship." This view asserts that Americans are free to hold whatever beliefs they may wish, but they are not free to act on those beliefs if they are counter to the prevailing views of the elite.

We at NOM will never stand for this diminution of our constitutional rights.

America was founded on the premise of religious freedom. Those who risked their lives to come to this land did so to pursue this bulwark of freedom. Our nation's founders realized an eternal and extraordinarily important truth, that men and women are endowed with inalienable rights, rights that are not a gift from government or an entitlement from the state. They are an endowment from God, the creator of the universe and the source of what makes America exceptional among all the nations of the earth.

And our founders also realized something else: religious freedom is so central to our existence that it must be fought for and defended against those who would suppress it and ultimately seek to extinguish it.

Fighting for and defending our religious liberty is a critical element of our 2018 Strategic Plan. Recently, NOM launched a major new initiative, the First Freedom Initiative, to create a cohesive, compelling, consistent case for the right to act on our deeply held beliefs about marriage and traditional biblical morality. Please watch our important video about this initiative, and check out our new website.

Continue the Fight for Religious Liberty

We are working with the Trump Administration to protect our rights, and have enjoyed several high-profile victories. Recently, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a government-wide directive that the religious liberty rights of all Americans must be protected to the maximum extent possible. We're urging President Trump to add teeth to that directive by issuing a formal Executive Order, and we are working with Congress to pass the First Amendment Defense Act to enshrine legal protections into statute. We're also working at the state level to enact local protections, are active in the courts and are hard at work to shape attitudes about these issues in the court of public opinion.

But if we are going to be successful in fighting for religious liberty and pursuing our Strategic Plan, we must be able to count on your continued support. Defending our constitutional rights to act in concert with our deeply held beliefs is a foundational battle, one requiring the investment of substantial resources. Thanks to the generosity of some supporters, for the rest of this month your entire gift will be matched dollar for dollar, so please give generously.

There's another way you can help us as we ramp up our work in this new year.

Would you consider becoming a Sustaining Member of NOM by making a modest monthly contribution to support our work? If you will agree to step up with a monthly pledge, your monthly gift will be matched not one time but twelve times over! Your $10 monthly pledge as a Sustaining Member will result in NOM receiving $120 in matching funds. But please hurry because this amazing matching gift opportunity will end on January 31st.

Whether you can become a Sustaining Member or prefer to make a one-time donation to support our work to fight for our constitutional rights to religious liberty that are under such aggressive attack by the left, please act today knowing that your gift will be matched.

We are working hard to pursue on all the elements of our agenda that are outlined in our Strategic Plan, and are excited about what we can accomplish by working together! Thank you for your continuing support.


Brian S Brown

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