Protecting the Truth of Gender


Dear Marriage Supporter — After LGBT extremists were successful in redefining marriage in the law, stripping it of its essential character as a gendered institution, they then pivoted into a headlong rush to redefine gender itself. A key element of our 2018 Strategic Plan is to fight this attempt to deconstruct gender, because it is unalterably connected to the fight for marriage as a gendered institution bringing the two halves of humanity together. We are one of few national groups pushing back against this "gender identity" phenomenon through public education, grassroots organizing, legal action and administrative, regulatory and legislative activities.

Please help NOM continue the fight for the truth of gender, working to protect innocent children and families from being damaged by this dangerous "gender identity" ideology.

The new orthodoxy being spread by the LGBT community and their allies is to portray laws and cultural mores that segregate areas such as restrooms, changing rooms, showers and locker rooms based on sex to be discriminatory, bigoted and harmful to those who claim to be "transgendered."

Make no mistake about it – there is harm to the "transgendered" (and many others) inherent with this agenda, but it comes from those pushing it, not from groups like NOM who are resisting. The harm is visited upon many constituencies, but first and foremost are those young people who are confused about their gender. Most parents of gender-confused children are truly concerned about the child's well-being and don't know what to do. They are not told by medical, psychological or educational professionals that almost all children who experience gender dysphoria will grow out of it by the time they go through puberty. They just need love and support, not medical intervention. Instead, parents are influenced by the headlong cultural push to channel these kids into "gender identity" programs and clinics. Once that happens, the odds are very high that the child's life will be radically and permanently damaged.

The causes of gender dysphoria are not biological; nobody is born trapped in the wrong body. The causes of this condition are often complex and difficult to ascertain. There is little doubt that cultural developments play a major factor. We have seen the incidents of claimed transgenderism skyrocket in the past couple of years as the media has flooded the culture with portrayals of transgendered people.

Continue the Fight for the Truth of Gender

Here is an example: A prominent pediatrician recently shared the story of her patient, a young boy, who insisted that he was really a girl. He demanded of his parents that they treat him like a girl. The pediatrician decided to have the child undergo an independent psychiatric evaluation to understand what was happening to cause this situation. Over time what they learned was that when the boy's parents had a second child – a girl with special needs – the boy felt the loss of their affection and witnessed the parents shower the girl with attention. The boy concluded that his parents did not love boys, they loved girls – and he decided he wanted to be a girl.

This tragic situation is playing out with increasing frequency today. The incessant push by the media, Hollywood and the entertainment industry of all-things transgendered has resulted in a skyrocketing of claimed incidences of transgenderism. Britain's National Health Service reports a quadrupling of children under age 10 who have been referred for treatment related to gender dysphoria.

Please help us present the truth of gender to the American people and spare countless children from this dangerous gender-identity ideology.

Unfortunately, many medical professionals today would not seek a truly independent evaluation of a child presenting as transgendered; they would refer the child to a gender-identity clinic that exists to help facilitate the "transition" of the child from their true gender to the one they have chosen. The child will begin to "present" as the opposite sex, choose a name representing the opposite sex, and eventually start taking powerful hormones and drugs to suspend normal physical development.

This situation is tragic for all involved, but it is more than that because there are more people impacted than those who are personally experiencing this problem. Society as a whole is impacted.

Every child in public school must deal with the situation of a student who one day is their true gender, but the next is said to be the opposite gender, with a new name, different clothing, and unfettered access to intimate school facilities of the opposite sex. A child who uses common sense and observes that the student has not really changed genders will soon find himself or herself in trouble with school officials, subjected to discipline and punished, perhaps expulsion, for expressing the obvious truth of his or her observation. The young girl who is uncomfortable showering next to a student with male genitalia will be told that her discomfort is her problem, and she will not be allowed to make the transgender student feel like there is something different about him. Her concerns for privacy and modesty are pushed aside as irrelevant, or worse, signs of bigotry and hatred.

And so it goes.

The LGBT extremists have been joined by powerful groups and organizations that seek to align themselves with the LGBT community including representatives of sports, medicine, the law, and major corporations. For the most part, these groups do not attempt to present a compelling argument that gender is fluid and based on emotions and identity, but rather seek to impose this cultural perspective through intimidation and force. They had a powerful ally in President Barack Obama, who used his power to direct the federal government to institute a widespread policy of "gender identity" affirmation, including in the public schools and the military. Other Democratic leaders, from Governors down to local officials, have adopted a similar posture. Thus, the push to redefine gender has gained tremendous momentum in a short period of time.

NOM is one of few national groups pushing back against this phenomenon. We are active in fighting for the truth of gender through a variety of activities, including:


Public education. NOM co-sponsored the #FreeSpeech bus tour to highlight the truth of gender, that it is based on biology and not feelings, emotions or politics, which generated a huge amount of media coverage. The tour graphically illustrated the intolerance of LGBT activists who often resorted to violence to prevent a civil discussion of the issues. We also aggressively have promoted credible medical research that undercuts the push for transgenderism, including the ground-breaking work of scientists last year that established that transgender treatment protocols such as puberty blockers and hormone treatments are not safe, accepted and fully-reversible, as activists claim, but in reality are "drastic and experimental" and often result in serious medical harm and irreversible consequences to children, including infertility. We continue to publicize important medical and scientific research into transgenderism, as well as undertake public events to bring attention to these issues.


Administrative Action. NOM has enjoyed tremendous success with the Trump administration in reversing the President Obama's complete embrace of attempts to redefine gender. We successfully urged President Trump to rescind Obama-era guidelines to the public schools to treat gender as meaning "gender identity." As a result of rescinding the redefinition of gender in the schools, countless school children will be spared the imposition of being exposed to the biological opposite sex in the most intimate areas of campus. We also successfully urged President Trump to end Obama's use of the military to advance the transgender agenda, and he's restored policies that prohibit the transgender from serving in the armed forces. We will continue to look for administrative and regulatory opportunities to rollback advances in the transgender movement.


Legal actions. NOM has also successfully fought for the truth of gender in the courts. We filed an amicus brief successfully urging the Supreme Court to uphold the right of a public school district to protect the privacy and security of students by limiting access to intimate sex-segregated facilities to members of the appropriate biological sex. The Supreme Court did so. We are also urging the Supreme Court to accept another important case that would establish it is not "sex discrimination" or "sex stereotyping" for a school district to require that boys and girls use separate bathroom facilities that correspond to their biological sex. The case is currently pending review. NOM will continue to be a forceful advocate for the truth of gender in the courts.

As I have said, NOM is one of the few national organizations to make the push for truth in gender a main focus. It's important work, but it can be very difficult. Quite literally, members of our team have been physically threatened simply for trying to discuss the issues, and we are regularly disparaged and harangued on social media and in the mainstream press. We will stand strong for the truth, but we need to know that you are standing with us.

I hope I can count on your continued support as we pursue our 2018 Strategic Plan. Defending the truth of gender as fashioned by our Creator, is a foundational battle, one requiring the investment of substantial resources. Thanks to the generosity of some supporters, for the rest of this month your entire gift will be matched dollar for dollar.

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Whether you can become a Sustaining Member or prefer to make a one-time donation to support our work to fight against the attempted redefinition of gender, please act today knowing that your gift will be matched.

We are working hard to pursue all the elements of our agenda, and are excited about what we can accomplish by working together! Thank you for your continuing support.


Brian S Brown

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