Two days to close our budget gap


Dear Marriage Supporter — I apologize for interrupting your weekend, but we're in the final two days of our year-end $250,000 matching campaign. For the next two days, every donation we receive will double in size thanks to this match. Right now we are facing a budget gap of tens of thousands of dollars, so we really need to work hard over the next two days to close that gap.

Can you help us at this critical time?

If you have been considering becoming a Sustaining Member of NOM, there is simply no better time to do so than now.

As a Sustaining Member, you agree to make a modest monthly donation to support our work of any amount, with a minimum donation of $7 per month. And the great news is that thanks to the special year-end matching gift opportunity that is underway, every new monthly pledge we receive will be matched not once but twelve times over! Your pledge of $15 per month, will result in NOM receiving $180 in matching funds – a twelvefold return!

Let's max out these last two days of the year. Whether you can step up and become a Sustaining Member or prefer to make a one-time donation, please act today knowing your gift will be matched dollar for dollar.

Thank you so much.


Brian S Brown

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