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Dear Marriage Supporter — Last week, one of the most important cases in years involving the religious liberty rights of people of faith came before the U.S. Supreme Court. NOM has played an important role in fighting to protect the rights of Americans to live out their faith about marriage and other issues. We filed an important legal brief that was widely covered by the media in support of Christian baker Jack Phillips and others who decline to participate in celebrating a gay 'wedding' that violates their religious beliefs. We also organized a nationwide push to educate Americans about the importance of the case.

I am cautiously optimistic for a victory in the Supreme Court, but win or lose we've got a lot of work to do. We need your help to be successful. There are three critical steps that we need to take right after the first of the year:

  1. We need to work with the White House to encourage President Trump to issue a formal Executive Order giving additional teeth to the directive that was issued by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to all agencies and departments of the federal government that they must protect the religious liberty rights of Americans, including the right not to be forced into conduct that violates their beliefs.

  2. We need to work with supporters in Congress to urge the introduction and passage of the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA), which will put into statute the legal protections needed to safeguard our rights.

  3. We need to work with leaders in the states to enact laws that similarly will protect the rights of people of faith to live out their biblical beliefs about marriage in their daily lives and at work.

I'll be honest, this is an ambitious agenda that will require significant resources to accomplish. LGBT extremists are betting that we will fail, but I have confidence in our supporters that working together we can get this done.

Right now, our resources have been nearly exhausted with this latest Supreme Court battle. So the first step that is needed is for us to organize supporters to ensure that we have many people doing their part to help. The way to do that is to become a Sustaining Member of our organization.

As a Sustaining Member, you agree to make a modest monthly donation to support our work of any amount that is right for you, with a minimum donation of $7 per month. Some supporters contribute the minimum of $7, while others are able to give more. Whatever you can contribute, please act today.

One of our major supporters has stepped up with an incredible Matching Gift opportunity: Every person who becomes a Sustaining Member by the end of the year will have their monthly pledge amount matched dollar for dollar for an entire year! Your pledge of $10 per month, will result in NOM receiving $120 in matching funds thanks to this incredible offer!

I am hopeful that there will be many supporters who feel the call to make this modest commitment to our cause by making a Sustaining Member pledge. It truly is the best way for people to grab an oar and give us a hand.

But if you would like to help and for whatever reason can't make a monthly pledge, please consider a one-time, year-end gift today. Every donation we receive through the end of the year will be matched!

Whether you can step up and become a Sustaining Member or prefer to make a generous one-time donation, please act today. We have less than three weeks left in the year, and it is critical that we replenish our resources if we are to have any chance of moving our aggressive agenda forward. Whatever you decide to donate, your gift will be matched dollar for dollar.

Thank you for your support.


Brian S Brown

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