Tomorrow is Critical


Dear Marriage Supporter — Tomorrow is a critical day in our quest to protect supporters of marriage from discrimination and harassment at the hands of government. Tomorrow is the day that the case of Jack Phillips, a devout Christian baker and cake artist, is argued before the US Supreme Court.

Jack is the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado. He's operated his business for over two decades as an extension of his faith, using it to honor his love for Jesus. When he was asked by a gay couple to design a custom-cake for their same-sex 'wedding.' Jack politely declined because it conflicted with his religious beliefs about the nature of marriage. For that, the state of Colorado put him in their sights, ordering him to start celebrating gay weddings if he participated in any wedding, and forcing him to undergo a reeducation program and file quarterly compliance reports. Since the order of the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, Jack's business is off by 40% and half his employees have lost their jobs.

What happened to Jack Phillips is wrong, plain and simple. No American should be forced by government to abandon their religious beliefs in order to maintain their business. NOM filed an important legal brief with the Supreme Court in this case, and now we are focused on letting people know what is at stake. We still have time to educate more people about this case. That's why I am asking for your help with three quick things:

  1. First, please watch our new video that explains the importance of this case, not only for Jack Phillips but for all who believe in marriage and for all people of faith. Then please share it with all your friends, family and contacts on social media and by email.

  2. Sign our petition to thank Jack for his courage and let him know that you are on his side.

  3. Pray for Jack and his family, for his attorneys who will present his case, and for the Supreme Court justices who will decide his fate. We need incessant prayer to overcome the forces seeking to imperil the freedom of faithful Christians to live out their biblical beliefs in their daily lives.

If you live near Washington, DC, there will be a rally to support Jack tomorrow at the US Supreme Court building.

This is such an important case that we need to do everything we can before the hearing tomorrow to let people know what is at stake. We'd be grateful for any financial support you can provide to help us spread the word.

Thank you for your help. Again, please keep Jack, his lawyers and us in your prayers.


Brian S Brown

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