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Dear Marriage Supporter — The other day, USA Today wrote about NOM's legal brief in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case, one of the most important religious liberty cases to ever come before the US Supreme Court. USA Today quoted our position accurately – that as a matter of constitutional law, the Supreme Court has declined to force many types of people to engage in particular conduct and it should not force a Christian baker like Jack Phillips to participate in a gay 'wedding' that violates his deeply held religious beliefs.

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Interestingly, USA Today contrasted our legal argument, which is based on solid constitutional principles and precedent, with the position of Lambda Legal, a prominent LGBT legal advocacy organization. In their brief, Lambda Legal argues that allowing people of faith to refuse to participate in a same-sex ceremony would hurt the feelings of gays and lesbians. Seriously…that is their position. They couch it in the context of causing humiliation and "dignitary harm," and use other high-minded language, but the core of their argument is that it hurts the feelings of gays and lesbians when someone doesn’t wish to be part of their 'wedding' ceremony.

It wasn't long ago that a legal organization wouldn't dare dream of basing an argument in a case this important on its impact on people's emotions and feelings. But these are the times we live in. In the Obergefell case redefining marriage, Justice Kennedy's majority opinion was devoid of constitutional authority and instead relied on this exact type of emotional appeal. Moreover, we live in a time where feelings trump science – despite all scientific evidence to the contrary (including biological, physiological, chromosomal and cellular) a man can claim to be a woman if he feels like it, and vice versa.

We think we've made a very solid case in support of Jack Phillips. What Colorado has done to Jack is outrageous -- forcing him to abandon his religious principles about marriage, fining him, ordering him to undergo a reeducation program and directing him to file quarterly compliance reports. It's as if George Orwell has taken charge of the legal system.

So NOM battles Lambda Legal over whether people of faith should be forced to participate in same-sex ceremonies against their wishes. And here's another sign of the times: Lambda Legal has an annual budget of nearly $20 million and has assets on hand valued at over $22 million. And they are but one of many similar exorbitantly-funded LGBT groups fighting against us. We are dwarfed by their wealth, and yet we are able to present a strong and compelling position in the courts.

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Brian S Brown

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