Hold The Date – 2018 March for Marriage Announced


Dear Marriage Supporter — I'm pleased to announce that the 2018 March for Marriage has been set! Please mark the date – Saturday, June 23rd – in Washington, DC.

The annual March for Marriage is an important milestone in our ongoing efforts to restore marriage to the law. It provides us an opportunity to remind the Supreme Court, our elected officials and the American people that marriage was wrongly redefined in an illegitimate, anti-constitutional ruling in 2015. It also gives our supporters the opportunity to come to DC to stand strong for the beauty and truth of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. It's this foundational institution that forms the glue to hold couples, families and our entire society together, binding men and women to each other and ensuring that any children born of their union have the opportunity to know the love of their mother and father.

Please plan on joining us in Washington, DC on Saturday June 23, 2018. We'll have many more details and ongoing communications in the future. You can keep track of developments and sign up for updates here.

Putting on the annual March is an expensive undertaking, and we would appreciate any support you can provide. If you are able, please also consider becoming a Sustaining Member of NOM by pledging a monthly donation to us of any amount you choose. The revenue from Sustaining Members provides a stable base of funding that helps us plan for activities like the March for Marriage.

As an added incentive, your gift to NOM today will be matched dollar for dollar thanks to a generous offer from a top supporter. So not only will your donation help us with the March for Marriage and our other activities, it will double in effectiveness. Additionally, those who become a Sustaining Member by pledging a monthly donation will have their pledge matched for an entire year under this offer! By pledging $10 per month, for example, NOM will receive $120 in matching funds.

Thanks for all your support.


Brian S Brown

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