A big victory in hand...more on the horizon


Dear Marriage Supporter — Have you heard the great news? President Donald Trump's administration delivered a huge victory for NOM and our fight to protect religious liberty with a new government-wide legal directive to protect people of faith so that nobody is forced to choose between living out his or her faith and complying with the law. This is a very big deal, protecting supporters of marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

This latest victory shows that our work is producing real and tangible dividends, and we hope it will result in you making a tax deductible donation supporting NOM.

NOM has for months been urging President Trump to forcefully protect the religious liberty rights of marriage supporters. The directive to all federal agencies and departments is a big step in that direction, and makes it clear that government officials should not take adverse actions against any American for refusing to abandon support for traditional marriage or participate in gay 'marriage' ceremonies.

President Trump followed up his administration's action with a speech to the Values Voters Summit, pledging, "We are stopping cold the attacks on Judeo-Christian values." Now we must act aggressively to encourage President Trump to take the additional step of cementing the new directive and give it the force of law by issuing a formal Executive Order. We need your immediate help to do so.

Can we count on your help with a tax deductible donation?

And here is some important news to encourage you to give a generous gift today: your donation will be matched dollar for dollar as a result of a generous $250,000 year-end matching gift opportunity made available to us by a top supporter.

This is an amazing opportunity for us. What this means is that your donation will double in effectiveness. Your tax deductible gift of $35 will result in NOM receiving $70, while your donation of $50 will mean NOM receives $100!

And on top of matching your one-time donation, if you are able to pledge to make a modest monthly gift of any amount you choose, you'll become a Sustaining Member of NOM and your monthly pledge will be matched dollar for dollar for an entire year! Your pledge of $15 per month will result in NOM receiving $180 thanks to this incredible year-end matching gift offer.

Whether you would prefer to make a one-time tax deductible donation, or become a Sustaining Member with a monthly pledge, please act today. Your gift will be matched dollar for dollar, giving us twice the support we'd otherwise receive.

With your support we can look forward to continuing to work with President Trump's administration to cement our religious liberty rights into law so that no American is ever penalized for standing for the truth of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Thank you for your help.


Brian S Brown

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