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Dear Marriage Supporter — As you know, NOM has a great deal of momentum as we enter into the fall, with our tremendous victory in the GOP US Senate contest in Alabama, where we played a key role in helping elect Joy Roy Moore. We expect Moore to win the run-off election against the Democrat in December, and go on to be a champion for us in the US Senate.

In order to take advantage of our momentum and ensure that we have the resources we need going forward, today we are announcing a major new Sustaining Member campaign, asking supporters to make a modest monthly commitment to support our work. I explain more below.

In addition to our victory in the Roy Moore race in Alabama, NOM also recently filed two critical briefs in the US Supreme Court on issues of immense importance:

  • Last week we filed a brief asking the Supreme Court to review a case (Kenosha Unified School District v Whitaker) and reverse the decision of an activist appellate court that redefined "sex" to mean "gender identity" and then found that a school district was guilty of discrimination on the basis of "sex stereotyping." Their offense? They have policies that limit intimate sex-segregated school areas like showers and bathrooms to actual members of that sex. In other words, no boys in the girls' showers.

  • We filed a brief in what could be one of the most important cases in our lifetimes, Masterpiece Cakeshop v Colorado. In this case, we make a powerful argument for the right of people of faith to decline to participate in things like gay 'weddings' if doing so violates their deeply-held religious beliefs. This is an immensely important religious liberty case that impacts individuals, small businesses, pastors, churches and nonprofit groups.

Our most important objective, of course, is to restore the truth of marriage to our nation’s laws. NOM will work ceaselessly towards that objective, and we may be only one new Supreme Court justice away from being able to achieve that result. But in the meantime, a critical objective for us is to protect people of faith from being targeted for persecution, forced to participate in the lie of same-sex 'marriage' against their wishes.

For NOM to be successful in pursuing our agenda we must be able to count on a reliable source of funding month in and month out. We're not supported by billionaires and big corporations; we rely on the support of individuals like you to continue our important work.

To ensure that we have the funds we need to be successful, the Sustaining Member program we are today announcing will become a critical element of NOM's overall financial base of support. As a Sustaining Member, we ask you to pledge a modest recurring monthly donation to support our work. We make it easy for you to give, and your support will form a key element of the backbone of our work.

And I've got some great news: A top donor to NOM has made a $250,000 matching gift opportunity available to us through the end of the year! Not only will your initial Sustaining Member donation be matched, but every single Sustaining Member donation you make for the next year will be matched! Your pledge of $15 per month will result in NOM receiving $180 thanks to this generous year-end matching program. Can we count on you?

How will we use your support? In addition to our ongoing work to restore marriage and promote the truth of marriage, we have a three-part plan currently underway to protect marriage supporters:

  1. Convincing the US Supreme Court to prohibit the kind of discrimination experienced by Jack Phillips, the devout Christian owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop (and so many others like him).

  2. Urging Congress to introduce and pass the First Amendment Defense Act to codify legal protections for supporters of marriage.

  3. Urging President Trump to issue an Executive Order to protect the religious liberty rights of people of faith, including the right to live out the truth of marriage in their daily lives and at work.

As you know, NOM is also one of the leading voices in the country in support for the truth of gender. God made human beings male and female. The complementary of the two genders is one of His greatest gifts to mankind. This complementarity is also at the root of the institution of marriage, so the issues of gender and marriage are intimately intertwined. We will fight to prevent the lie of gender insanity (the so-called 'gender identity' movement) that is such the cultural rage from being mandated on Americans by the courts or the government. Our work with the Supreme Court, the Trump administration and Congress has already paid major dividends as Obama-era gender policies are beginning to be unwound. This work must continue.

So while we are thrilled at the momentum we've achieved, we are also realistic that we have a tough agenda to enact, and that we face very wealthy and powerful adversaries. It won't be easy, but we know that you and the American people are on our side. This gives us the confidence and encouragement we need to keep fighting.

Please act today by accepting our challenge to become a Sustaining Member of NOM. The Sustaining Member program is essential to our success, forming the financial backbone of our organization.

Remember, every monthly Sustaining Member contribution that you pledge for the next year will be matched, dollar for dollar, thanks to the amazing year-end Matching Gift opportunity.

I am incredibly excited about our work, and our prospects for continuing success. Thank you for making that possible with your prayers, and your ongoing financial support.


Brian S Brown

PS – Becoming a Sustaining Member of NOM is important, and it's easy. You decide what monthly pledge amount is right for you, and we'll make sure that your wishes are carried out according to your instructions. Please join us today as a Sustaining Member!

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