BREAKING: Big Win As Trump Bans Transgendered in Military


In a major announcement, President Trump announced this morning via Twitter that he has banned so-called transgendered individuals from serving in any capacity in the military. NOM has helped lead a nationwide grassroots movement to oppose the gender ideology of former President Obama and the left, which has attempted to force the transgender agenda on the military, public school children and all institutions of government. Recently, we helped mobilize a massive grassroots push back against 23 Republican members of the House of Representatives who opposed efforts to stop saddling taxpayers with the huge cost of sex changes surgeries and other treatments for transgendered people who join the military.

This is a great victory for taxpayers, and for common sense. The medical science is clear, nobody is born such that they are the opposite sex "trapped in the wrong body." Those who feel this way suffer from a disorder called "gender dysphoria." They deserve our concerns and prayers, but they are not entitled to force all of society to abandon reality to accommodate their disorder, and they are not entitled to force taxpayers to pay for sex-change surgeries and other expensive 'treatments.'

President Trump cited "the tremendous medical costs and disruption" that transgendered individuals would cause the military. Kudos to him for having the courage to stand up to the left on this issue, who have relentlessly used the power of government to push the transgender agenda on society.

Mr. Trump is correct to cite not only the costs but the disruption that the transgender agenda causes. These gender-confused individuals are a tiny fraction of the population, yet everyone else is expected to succumb to their demands or risk being labeled a bigot, homophobe or worse. They expect school children, women and victims of sexual abuse to risk their safety and privacy by allowing biological men into intimate areas reserved for women and girls. Massive fake outrage has been manufactured by LGBT extremist groups and their allies in government, media, large corporations and big-time sports leagues against anyone who resists.

We’re encouraged by this development and call on President Trump to also protect individuals, churches, nonprofit groups and people of faith from the same cost and disruption that he is concerned about transgender individuals causing in the military. As a candidate, he repeatedly promised to sign an Executive Order to protect the religious liberty rights of people of faith, including the right to continue to uphold the truth of gender, marriage and the sanctity of life. We urge him to act to fulfill that promise and we commend him for the actions he’s taken today.

Brian S Brown

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