Join Thousands of Others to Hold the 23 Republicans Accountable for Their Transgender Vote


Americans who believe in the bible and in science were dealt an insulting blow recently when 23 incumbent Republican members of the US House of Representatives voted to force taxpayers to pay for transgender sex-change surgeries for members of the military.

This is a shocking betrayal of both science and the Created Order, not to mention just plain dumb. There is no way that our military should be forced to accept a gender-confused individual who can then turn right around and demand that taxpayers pay for a sex-change!

And yet, that is the position that these 23 foolhardy Republican lawmakers have taken, and the GOP leadership of Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy have done nothing to stop it.

If the Republican leadership won't put a stop to this gender insanity, it's up to us at NOM to do so. NOM is fighting the transgender ideology at every level – in the military, in our public schools, in the courts and in the court of public opinion, but we need your help to be successful. Can I count on your support today?

Our push back against the 23 Republicans who voted to force taxpayers to pay for transgender sex changes for military personnel is beginning to have an effect. Over four thousand people have signed our petition to these Republican lawmakers letting them know that we intend to hold them accountable for their betrayal. They are being inundated with emails and calls, but we need to keep the pressure on.

Please sign our petition today to let these 23 Republicans know that you oppose their vote and will hold them accountable.

The science is clear: Nobody is born such that they are the opposite sex "trapped in the wrong body." People who believe they are the wrong gender suffer from a disorder called "gender dysphoria."

The Created Order is clear: God made us male and female. He knew us even before he formed us.

Common sense is clear: Taxpayers should not be on the hook for sex change surgeries, period.

You can help us today to hold the GOP accountable and to defend the truth of gender by taking two simple steps: make a financial contribution to support NOM so that we have the resources we need to be successful; and sign our petition to the 23 Republicans who need to get the message that it's not OK to ignore science, scripture and common sense to saddle taxpayers with the massive expense of sex-change surgeries for transgendered military personnel. Please act today.


Brian S Brown

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