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Marriage Supporter — Most likely, you are familiar with our major national initiatives — the March for Marriage, our successful work to repeal President Obama's illegal transgender bathroom rules, our fight for religious liberty, the #FreeSpeechBusTour in support of gender sanity, our work to confirm Neil Gorsuch to the US Supreme Court, etc. But you may not be aware of smaller, more localized battles where we are asked for help in places like Minnesota, Maryland, Georgia, Indiana, Houston and many other locales. Whether national or local, our ability to carry out these battles during the balance of the year all hinges on how successful we are in the next 72 hours when the Spring Matching Campaign comes to an end.

We need to raise more than $18,000 in the next 72 hours to hit our goal. Every donation through Saturday will be matched, dollar for dollar. We need 200 heroes to step forward today with a gift of $25 or more — will you be one of them?

Your entire donation will be immediately doubled during these final 72 hours of the Spring Matching Campaign. If you can give more than $25, that would be awesome, but whatever amount you contribute, please do so today.

As examples of the important regional, localized battles that we regularly undertake, we are currently working in Minnesota and Maryland at the request of local and state allies. In Minnesota, we're supporting the Minnesota Family Council and Hands Across the Aisle Coalition to stop the Minnesota Department of Education from adopting a "Transgender Toolkit" for public schools that will result in boys being able to access intimate areas reserved for girls such as showers, locker rooms, bath rooms and girls' sleeping quarters on overnight trips. In Maryland, we have launched a petition asking citizens to push back against the Frederick County School Board which is attempting to institute a policy that schools must accede to the demands of so-called transgender students "without question." Under this policy, a male who wants to take advantage of young girls by exposing himself in the girls' showers must be allowed to do so without question. What insanity!

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One of the great blessings of being a large national grassroots organization with supporters across the country is that we can influence policy at the national level, and also at the local level. But our ability to be effective is dependent on us having the resources to get engaged. Right now as I look at the balance of the year, we don't have the funds to be able to effectively fight these battles, not to mention our major national initiatives like the upcoming March for Marriage on Saturday.

We need to raise $18,000 in the next 72 hours to stay on track and avoid cutting important elements of our work.

That's why we're counting on marriage heroes — many of whom have already contributed to us in recent weeks — to step forward at this critical time with a contribution of at least $25. It's a lot to ask, I know, but these next 72 hours are critical.

Please be one of the 200 people we need to step up today with a contribution of $25 or more. Thank you for your consideration.


Brian S Brown

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