Minnesota Schools to get "Transgender Toolkit"?


The Minnesota Department of Education's "School Safety Technical Assistance Council" (SSTAC) has produced and is in the process of considering a "transgender toolkit" that would advise Minnesota schools to adopt policies advocated in the Obama administration's now infamous "Dear Colleague" letter from the Department of Education and Department of Justice. That guidance letter, based on junk science and radical ideology, was officially rescinded and withdrawn by President Trump's administration earlier this year, but the Minnesota Dept. of Ed. seems to want Minnesota's school to adopt its dangerous policy suggestions anyway.

You can read more information about the SSTAC's "Toolkit" proposal here. The article notes the objection of our friends at the Minnesota Family Council. Spokeswoman Stephani Liesmaki said the toolkit "threatens student privacy, safety and dignity, attempts to erase differences between the sexes, which has a profoundly negative effect on women and girls and drastically undermines parental authority."

The toolkit - a copy of which is provided here (PDF) - ranges from absurd but relatively benign guidance on things like pronoun usage to much more ominous policy ideas, like the opening of normally sex-segregated spaces to students of the opposite biological sex merely because they 'identify' as belonging to a gender other than the one reflected on their birth certificate and in their anatomy.

Altogether, this policy is dangerous, and the Department of Education and SSTAC need to hear from you today that these kinds of policies are dangerous and that they don't belong in Minnesota's schools!

Our friends at Minnesota Family Council have put together a letter to MDE and SSTAC policy-makers opposing this dangerous "guidance" package, and we encourage you to go sign the letter today.


maintaining a certain amount of secrecy, and so it may be voted on as early as this month! The MED and SSTAC need to hear from Minnesotans that object to this secrecy and demand a more deliberative and circumspect process.

The letter designed by MFC notes, in part:

While compassionate accommodations can and should be extended to students who struggle with biological realities, such accommodations must be made in a manner that does not compromise the privacy, safety and dignity of all students. This toolkit is not the solution. The toolkit would privilege students who struggle with biological realities above all other students and at the expense of all other students. It is your responsibility to ensure the privacy, safety and dignity of all public school students and I am urging you to embrace this responsibility by preventing final approval and distribution of this toolkit.

The vast majority of parents and students in Minnesota do not want to attend public schools where girls shower alongside boys, where boys can house with girls on overnight school trips, where boys can observe girls inside changing rooms after gym class. Privacy is a basic right and one that parents take very, very seriously when their children are concerned. Please, I am urging you to take it as seriously as parents.

Additionally, taxpayers do not want their dollars spent printing, distributing and implementing recommendations that strip minors of basic provisions every person should be extended - privacy, safety and dignity. Please respect taxpayers in Minnesota by demonstrating that you conduct yourself with integrity - fiscally, procedurally and professionally.

This is a message the MDE and the SSTAC need to hear from you today!

Please take time to visit the MPC's website and sign their letter right away.

Faithfully,Finally, please share this email with your friends and family in Minnesota, and alert as many people as you can to take action in this urgent matter!

Brian S Brown

Copyright 2017