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Marriage Supporter — There are just five days left until the critically-important March for Marriage and the end of our Spring Matching Campaign, and we're behind. We've got five days to raise $25,724 to save the March, and save the momentum we've built in pursuit of our entire agenda.

We have so much riding on these next five days. Will you step up to help? Whatever amount you can contribute will be instantly doubled by a generous supporter during these final days of the Spring Matching Campaign.

It's important that we succeed to send a message to the Trump administration that the American people continue to support marriage as the union of one man and one woman, and strengthen our ongoing efforts to convince the administration to issue strong rules protecting marriage supporters from discrimination. Without these rules, individuals, pastors, churches, religious groups, faith-based schools and small businesses will continue to be at risk of being targeted for punishment by the government for failing to pledge allegiance to the radical agenda of LGBT extremists and the left.

It's imperative that we raise $25,724 in the next five days. The success of the March for Marriage depends on it. The protection of marriage supporters depends on it. Our fight for religious liberty and the truth of gender depend on it. Our work to educate Americans on the issues through videos, pamphlets, electronic communications and other means depends on it. Our ability to spring into immediate action in support of the next pro-marriage Supreme Court nominee depends on it.

We have five days left to save this. Will you stand with us at this critical time? Please prayerfully consider what you can contribute and then act today, realizing that your donation will be immediately matched dollar for dollar.


Brian S Brown

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