...worried we won't make it


Marriage Supporter — We have just eight days left before the Spring Matching Campaign ends on June 17th, and we are $31,000 short of our goal. I have to admit, I am worried we won't make it.

It's a tough situation – we need to raise almost $4,000 every single day, which is why I am worried -- but I also know that NOM's members have stepped up in the past when we needed them the most. And right now we need you, because something else that is only eight days away is the critically important 2017 March for Marriage.

Will you step up to help? Please give whatever amount you can manage, recognizing that the amount you contribute will be instantly doubled by a generous supporter during these final eight days of the Spring Matching Campaign.

One of the most important things we need to do right away is get our new video explaining the importance of this year's March for Marriage distributed to more people. If you haven't yet watched this important video, please watch it today. Then share it with all your friends and family, and consider making a contribution today so that we have the funds to distribute it to thousands of others.

The upcoming March for Marriage is one of the most important events of the year to promote marriage, defend religious liberty and fight for the truth of gender. It's doubly important this year as the Trump administration is considering new rules to protect supporters of marriage from discrimination, and as we await a new potential vacancy on the US Supreme Court.

Please give generously so that we have the $31,000 we need by June 17th. Thank you!


Brian S Brown

PS — Your contribution will be instantly doubled because of the Spring Matching Campaign. Please act today!

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