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Marriage Supporter — Nearly five months through 2017, I can't tell you how excited I am with NOM's resurgent and important role in this age of the Trump presidency. The opportunities we have to shape the future are amazing – something our adversaries simply cannot handle – while the challenges posed by these times require deft decision making and strategic action. It's a fantastic time to be working with you on behalf of marriage, gender and religious liberty!

We've already accomplished so much in such a short time, but as much as we've done together there is so much more that needs doing. We need to raise significantly more resources to continue to be successful.

Will you join with me in making an urgent financial contribution to support NOM's work at this important time? Every dollar you give will be matched by a generous donor, meaning that your donation will go twice as far in support of our cause.

NOM has two immediate top-priority matters that require significant focus and investment:

  • First, we've launched a response to push-back against President Trump's failure to meaningfully protect religious liberty in the recent executive order he signed. Already, thousands of people have signed our petition to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, whom President Trump has tasked with the job of writing new religious liberty rules for the federal government. (We will have a major announcement about our work on this next week.)

  • Second, we are working hard to plan and execute the upcoming 2017 March for Marriage, which will occur on Saturday June 17th in Washington, DC. This year's March takes on tremendous importance as a show of support for marriage for the new Trump Administration, and given the likelihood that we could have a pro-marriage majority on the Supreme Court sooner rather than later.

Our resources are low; we do not have reserves we can tap to help us get through this pivotal time. We're counting on you and other strong supporters to step forward with a financial contribution that will allow us to continue to pour all our energies into the fight.

Please give generously knowing that your donation will be matched, and NOM will thus be doubly blessed.


Brian S Brown

Your donation of any amount will help us continue to press hard for religious liberty protections. If you haven’t yet signed our important petition in support of religious liberty, please do so now. And then share it with all your friends and family members. Thank you.

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